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Family takes priority over everything but don't forget, it's $5 a month at a minimum for a HUGE amount of content PLUS permanent access to all previous content. Even if you've only subbed for 3 months so far and got no 'new' content, surely the sheer amount of past content more than makes up for it.
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Wait there's more?
(June 22, 2022, 7:57 pm)Stuka Wait there's more?
Oh yes, there is  P L E N T Y  more
Has he said when will he update the public mega link? I tried to support him but my cards didn’t work and there are no prepaid ones where I live.
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Honestly? Icarus' stuff is incredibly undervalued, for $5 you get so much content, let's just use laura and water 3 (which part 1 and 2 are free), that piece alone is worth $5
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When you consider the art quality, the sheer volume available so far, and the time it would have taken to create all that, the subscription fee is a pittance. 
I do not have money to waste, and waiting for the next instalment is almost painful, but it is worth the cost and the wait.

Icarus, whatever you are going through right now, I am here for you.
Do what you need to, then come back to us.

And for what it is worth, I wish that I could create this level of content.
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