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The Internship: Part 1 - The First Day

“Madison Station. Now approaching: Madison Station.”

The subway screeched to a halt and a flood of people poured out of the steel doors of the subway car. Only one more stop to go. This had been the first time I’d ever been on the F-Line; normally I take the R-Line from my apartment to school, but today was the first day of my new internship.

I was both excited and nervous. This is the first job I’ve ever had, although it was just an unpaid summer internship. Either way, this was going to be a great experience for me, and the best part was I didn’t have to worry about school and taking classes I didn’t care about whatsoever. I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be doing for this internship, but they said that they needed someone who was good with numbers, and that happens to be my specialty.

A bunch of people in business-casual clothing were starting to rush onto the subway. I usually tried to get one of the seats, and luckily I was able to get one today because there were a number of pregnant women who I’ve spotted. Although the subway is probably not the best place to let my pregnancy fetish get to me, I'd normally take my phone out so it looked like I was on my phone, so that I was able to stare without getting caught. My fetish made things pretty difficult whenever I encountered pregnant women, since my brain would just automatically tell my body to stare and get hard as hell, but since I was in high school, it wasn’t often that I would be forced to engage with pregnant women, so that made things easier.

The doors started to close, but one last last person managed to get on: a rather large pregnant brunette. I could feel my heart start to race just looking at her; she looked like one of the girls I would fantasize about in my dreams. She was young and beautiful, and her belly looked like it carried full-term triplets. She wore a button-up, light purple blouse with short, puffy sleeves tucked into black slacks that honestly looked more like yoga pants than slacks.

One of the men across the way gladly gave up his seat for her. As she sat down, the very front part of her blouse untucked from her slacks and her popped out navel stuck out in the gap. I was fortunate I had my satchel across my lap, otherwise I’m sure everyone would see my raging boner. The subway started to take off again, and the woman placed a hand on her stomach and slowly rubbed her belly.

“What luck,” I thought to myself as my eyes started to drift down to her toned legs. She looked like she must’ve been a runner in high school with her legs, and they surprisingly hadn’t gained much padding from her pregnancy. Her breasts were softball sized, which was also a bit surprising. Overall, she looked like any other pregnant woman, just with a much larger belly. That wasn’t a bad thing however, because she made up for a lot of that with her beautiful face and wavy brown hair.

I looked back down at her belly, and it seemed like I looked back at just the right time because I saw something move under her clothes. Fetal movement. Oh that really got me going. I felt my face flush red as I saw some more moving kicks across her belly. She paid the kicks no mind, keeping her one hand on top of the dome of her belly. God she was one gorgeous pregnant woman.

Suddenly, she looked my way. I quickly looked back over at my phone, praying that she didn’t catch me looking. After a few seconds, I peeked back and she was still looking at me. I could feel my face turn red in embarrassment; she caught me red-handed. I turned away slightly to make it look like I was occupied with something on my phone. Out of the corner of her eye, I saw her chuckle and look elsewhere. I lightly sighed, relieved that she didn’t make a bigger commotion out of that.

“34th Street Station. Now approaching: 34th Street Station.”

The overhead speaker couldn’t have come any sooner. As soon as the doors opened I tried to get out as fast as I could; I didn’t even bother looking at that woman again. As I came up to the surface, I got caught in the middle of the morning rush of pedestrians, cars and buses. I knew that I was looking for Ollett Plaza, but it was difficult to see any of the buildings’ names or addresses because of the crowd. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, I was able to find someone in a police uniform facing away from me and I decided to ask them which building was which.

“Excuse me,” I asked the cop. They turned around, and my eyes widened when I noticed that she was a female cop… and she was pregnant.

“Yes?” she replied. My face was starting to get red again. Her black uniform was skin-tight to her belly, and while it wasn’t a very large pregnant belly, the fact that her uniform was so tight is what got me going. I tried as hard as I could not to stare.

I gulped. “W-which one of these buildings is Ollett Plaza,” I asked.

“Oh man, you’re about nine blocks off,” she said, “Ollett Plaza is at Hudson and 43rd Street.”

“What?!” I exclaimed in bewilderment. I got off at the wrong stop. Of course. The cop pointed up down the street, showing me which way to go. At this point I was so angry at myself that I didn’t even care about the pregnant beauty right in front of me. I sighed loudly. I had no time to wait for another subway to come by, so my only option was to book it.

I started running as fast as I could through the crowded streets, trying as hard as I could to not get hit by traffic as well. By the time I got down to 43rd Street, I was completely exhausted. I was gasping for breath, and of course I was starting to sweat through my nice dress shirt. I looked up at a nearby clock and saw that it was 8:05. I’m late on my first day.

Sure enough, Ollett Plaza was right where that cop said it was, marked in silver and gold letters for everyone to see. The fifty-some story building looked like a monolith of glass and steel, with no defining characteristic other than looking like a big rectangular prism. After catching my breath, I made my way into the building and headed right to the front desk attendant.

“How can I help you, sir?” the woman attending said. I scoped her out relatively quickly, as much as I really wish I didn’t: glasses, a mole by her left eye, looked like she was in her mid forties, relatively unattractive. Definitely not my type. She was eying me down like I looked like some sort of weirdo, which I guess makes sense since I’m dripping in sweat.

“Yeah, today is my first day at O.S.S.,” I said quickly, “I’m running a bit late.” The woman started typing away on her computer monitor as I spoke. “Oh, yes, Mr. Rose, right?” she asked. I nodded, and she proceeded to type away on the computer. “Alright, I let them know you’re here. You should find them on floor 55.”

“Thank you,” I said, “and also… where can I find a bathroom.”

The woman directed me to the nearest bathroom so I could quickly make myself presentable. Luckily I happened to bring an extra shirt in my bag just in case. I tried to dry myself off with paper towels and toilet paper in the bathroom stall as fast as I could just to avoid being more late than I already was. Finally, I was able to get to the elevator and make my way up to floor 55, the highest floor in the building. The doors opened up and once again I was greeted by a receptionist behind a desk, the wall sporting O.S.S. in gold lettering.

“You must be Mr. Rose,” the young receptionist said as I approached the desk.

“Yeah,” I replied, “sorry I’m late, I got off on the wrong station and I had to run all the way over here, and-”

“Don’t worry about any of that,” she said nicely, “Madame Ollett will understand. She’s waiting for you right now in her office. Right this way.” The receptionist stood up from her chair, and I was taken aback immediately as I saw her sporting a big pregnant belly. She had no shame about covering it up either, her stretched belly skin was completely exposed for everyone to see. She clearly noticed my reaction as well, as she had stopped walking before she even began leading me to my new boss's office.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. I was still bewildered at the sight of her. She had undone all of the buttons on her white button-down shirt below her breasts, and her black slacks didn’t even make an effort to cover her belly either. As I stood there gawking at her, she started to laugh. “Have you never seen a pregnant woman like this before?”

“Well… I…” I was struggling to find my words. I didn’t want to come off as some preggo-fetish creep to her, but I also didn’t want to lie right to her face. This was a tough predicament. Suddenly, she approached me, grabbed my hand, and placed it right on her bare pregnant belly. I initially wanted to pull away, but my limbs seemed to stop listening to my brain for some reason.

She started rubbing my hand across her distended pregnant belly. It felt so weird. I had always imagined what it would feel like to touch a pregnant belly before, but to feel it now was just so unreal. Suddenly, I felt something under her skin, causing us both to jump. She chuckled. “One of the twins likes that,” she said with a smile.

“Twins?” I repeated. She nodded back at me. “You’ve got a lot to learn, new guy,” she said. I didn’t know what she meant by that, but my brain was so scattered at the moment that I didn’t really give it a second thought. She turned away, ending the short moment they shared. “C’mon, follow me.”

She led me to a set of double doors that she knocked politely. “Come in,” we both heard from the other side. She opened the door and revealed a large office room with big glass windows near the far side of the office. On either side were luxurious couches, bookshelves, ornaments, and paintings. The secretary closed the doors behind me as I stepped in. In the middle of the room sat a dark oak desk with two chairs on either side, and in the occupied seat sat my new boss.

“Welcome, Mr. Rose,” she said eloquently, “you go by Jordan, correct?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied as I took a seat on the other side of the desk. “I’m sorry I’m late. I got off on the wrong stop this morning.”

“Not a problem, Mr. Rose,” she said, “I am happy that you could be here today.” I just realized that she was pregnant, and even seated I could tell that she was far more pregnant than any other woman I had ever seen. The arch of her belly was above her breasts. I placed my satchel across my legs to try to cover up my erection.

“My name is Nastasia Ollett. You may refer to me as Madame Ollett.” She had some sort of British accent, the kind I think of when thinking of rich and affluent people. She had blonde hair that was done up in some sort of elaborate braid, as well as red lipstick, eyeliner, and a small beauty mark right above the left side of her lip. She sported a white blouse tucked into a bright red skirt., and the skirt was tucked in on top of the dome of her belly, which only reaffirmed how massive her belly really was.

“Y-yes Madame,” I spoke hesitantly. I was pretty nervous at this point. Not only was I encountering a massive pregnant woman, but this pregnant woman was my boss now, and I was late on my first day!

“Now then Jordan,” she said as she flipped up a piece of paper from her desk and held it out to read, “we received a number of applications for this… unpaid internship, but your resume stood out to us. You are an honor student, a top performer in your school’s academic and mathematics teams, and… that’s about it…”

I felt my face get red from embarrassment. I was not qualified in any manner for an internship, not at the age of eighteen, that's for sure.

“To be completely honest with you, Jordan, there are far more qualified and worthy candidates for this internship. However, you possess a number of traits that I believe make you ideal for this position.”

She stood up from her chair, and my jaw almost dropped to the floor. Her belly was absolutely massive, the largest I had ever seen. It looked like she had stuffed an oversized yoga ball under her skin-tight red skirt. I was practically coming in my pants.

“Do you know what O.S.S. stands for?” the extremely pregnant Madame asked.

“O-... Ollett Shipping and Supply?” I said, unsure of my answer. The Madame chuckled at my answer. I definitely know that that was the name of the company I applied to, along with a dozen other ones. I had never even heard of the company before applying to it, but a quick online search told me that they were some sort of supply company based in the city. Whatever they ‘supplied’ was a mystery to me back then.

“Indeed, that is our name,” she said, “however, that is merely a front of who we really are. Our true name is Ollett Surrogate Service.”

“S-s-surrogate?” I stammered. I should've guessed as much, what with the pregnant receptionist and now my hyper-pregnant boss, but I’m still shocked. “I didn’t know such a thing existed…”

“Oh they do,” she said. She started to slowly strut towards me, her massive belly swinging left and right, bobbing slightly with each step. “Surrogacy isn’t exactly a money-making business at the moment, and that’s why you don’t hear about places like us so often. We have other services that help fund us in the background, that way we get to follow our passions with no worries.”

She chuckled and strutted closer and closer to me, strutting around where I sat. The closer she got, the more audible the contents of her womb became. I could only imagine how many babies she was carrying in there.

“You, Mr. Rose, are a perfect candidate for this internship. You’re eighteen. You’re good at numbers. And you are completely oblivious when it comes to interacting with pregnant women.”

“W-what?” I stammered. She chuckled again as she stepped around me, her belly coming into view like a sunrise. I could make out a few bumps on the underside of her belly. Fetal movement. Oh jeez.

“Many of the candidates we have apply to this service are young college kids who would rather gawk at the workers, drink their livers dead, or fuck whatever walks by. However, since you do not know how to interact with pregnant women, we will teach you how to do it. That way, you can overcome your… ahem… ‘social awkwardness’... and we actually get some sort of productivity out of an intern for once. How does that sound?”

I didn’t know what to say. For one, I am completely distracted by her pregnant belly. I didn’t even know it was humanly possible for a woman to get so big. Secondly, she had read me like an open book and called me out for who I really was: a shy, nerdy teen with a fetish for pregnant women. Third, I don’t know how I could possibly be productive at all with pregnant coworkers, nevermind being a male worker in a surrogacy service. And fourth, the way she talked about ‘teaching me how to interact with pregnant women’ made it sound more like they were trying to groom me for something. I had more than enough reason to be hesitant.

“I don’t know,” I said, unsure of myself. The Madame sighed. She plopped back into her seat, her belly bobbing up and down as its contents settled into the chair. She rested her hands on either side of her colossal bump, slowly stroking her tightened skin.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, “if you are willing to work and you can prove yourself for the first month of the job, we will offer you a salary for the last two months of the internship. How does that sound?”

Well, I have been thinking about getting some sort of summer job for a while now, so I suppose this wouldn’t be so bad. I’d still be unpaid for the first month, but at least I might be able to adjust to the job before I actually make a paycheck. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. I cleared my throat.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” I said calmly.

A smile creeped across the Madame’s lips. “Wonderful,” she said happily, “my secretary Serena will lead you to your desk and you’ll meet your supervisor there. Good luck, Mr. Rose.”

The secretary returned through the double doors. I nervously stood up from the chair and nodded my head to the Madame before walking out with the secretary. She led me to the elevator and we headed to the 54th floor, my eyes on her pregnant belly the whole time. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice me. She carried it so naturally, I would’ve thought that she must’ve been pregnant a million times before this one, but she looked so young that I knew that couldn’t be the case.

The doors to the elevator opened up to show an open room with desks scattered about the middle, each filled with a woman, and most of them were sporting pregnant bellies. I had never seen so many pregnant women in one place in my life. The secretary led me to a small room with a big glass window facing out towards the main room. There were unoccupied desks inside, and the one in the corner appeared to be mine.

“This is your desk,” the secretary said, “make yourself at home. This is where you’ll work for the next three months.” I pulled out the roller chair and sat down. It was pretty comfortable, and they gave me a pretty sizable desk with a nice computer and some office supplies. The good thing too was the way I was pointed, I couldn’t see my coworkers and their pregnant bellies, so it would be pretty easy to ignore everyone. Not a bad gig whatsoever.

“Thank you, miss,” I said. She chuckled. “You can call me Serena,” she said with a smile, “your supervisor should be back in a few minutes. I’ll let you get settled until then. Welcome to O.S.S.”

With that, Serena let me be, and I was alone in a nice confined office within the surrogacy service. Of course, I wasn’t exactly sure of what I’d be doing, but I knew that it had to do with numbers, which was my specialty. If that was the extent of what I had to do, then I could get through this no problem. I set my satchel down and started to get accustomed to my computer.

A few minutes later, I heard a pair of footsteps come into the room. “You must be the new intern.”

I looked up from my desk, and was immediately taken aback. It was the woman from the subway this morning; the one who caught me staring at her. She seemed to have recognized me as well. She frowned. “Oh… it’s you…” she said with an obvious tone of disappointment.

My face got red with embarrassment. I shyly smiled at her as well, not knowing how anyone would be able to deal with such awkwardness. She sighed. “Well, looks like you ended up getting an internship in heaven,” she snarked.

“Oh, no,” I rebuked, “I didn’t know this was a surrogacy service when I applied… so…” My face only got redder. If there was somewhere I could bury myself for the rest of my life I’d do that to get out of how embarrassing this all is.

“Riiiight…” she said sarcastically, “well you’re not here to gawk, okay? All you’re here to do is run numbers. I’ll be reporting on your work to the Madame, so you better not get too distracted by all… this…” She signaled to her pregnant belly. She still hadn’t tucked the little part of her blouse back in, so her popped out belly button was still exposed. I tried as hard as I could to not stare. “Understand?”

I gulped. “Y-yes, ma’am,” I stuttered.

She sighed. “Well, everything you should need is on your computer,” she said, “my name is Charlotte, by the way. I run H.R. in this room, so holler at me if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” I said as I turned away to my computer. She waddled back to her desk, leaving me to figure out what I was supposed to do. And so commenced my first day of my internship at a surrogacy service.

After a few hours of work, I was finally able to get somewhat comfortable. From looking over what they left me on my computer, it seemed like O.S.S. has never had an accountant, so all of their documents are just scattered all over the place with no assemblance of order. This was going to be really tricky, as now I was responsible for basically starting this company’s accounting department.

I started filing through all of the company’s documents, finding anything with a number basically, and started inputting it all on a massive spreadsheet. This was going to take forever, but I had to get started somewhere.

I heard somebody start walking into the room, and turned away from the computer to look.

“Hi there.”

It was a young woman, and surprisingly, she wasn’t pregnant at all. Her attention was on Charlotte, who turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see this young woman standing before her. “You must be Jane,” Charlotte greeted the young woman. She nodded. “Nice to meet you.”

“Same with you,” Jane said with a smile. She was young and pretty. A cute face, long brown hair, not much of a figure however. She wore a knee-high dress with a brown leather sash right across her midsection, with the top half being cream colored and the skirt being black.

Charlotte pointed to the last remaining unoccupied desk in the room. “This will be your desk,” she said, “I’ll fill you in on all you need to know, okay?”

Jane nodded. Just before she took her seat, she noticed me looking at her and looked right back at me. She smiled and waved at me. “Hi there,” she said sweetly. I felt my cheeks blush a bit. I waved back at her and gave her a little smile.

“Hi,” I shyly replied.

“That’s Jordan, he’s our new intern,” Charlotte said to Jane, “Jordan, this is Jane. She’s new to the H.R. department.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said with a smile. She nodded back at me as she took a seat at her desk, which sat on the other side of a divider between my desk and hers, so I couldn’t see her from my angle. I resumed my work, searching for numbers and inputting them into the spreadsheet. Quite unremarkable stuff I must say, but if this is all I gotta do to eventually earn a paycheck, it’s not so bad. A decent amount of time passed by, and out of the corner of my eye came Charlotte right between my desk and Jane’s. I swiveled my chair to face her, feeling much more comfortable this time in the presence of her pregnant swell.

“It’s noon, so we’re on lunch break,” she said. “Alright,” I replied. I grabbed my satchel and got up from my chair, stretching my legs out a bit.

“Oh,” Jane muttered, “I forgot to pack a lunch this morning. Shoot.”

“That’s alright, you can go out for an hour to get something,” Charlotte explained, “but try to get back here by one, okay?” Jane nodded and proceeded to stand and grab her handbag. I didn’t bring lunch either; I was honestly expecting them to provide food for me like they do in school. Oh, the adult world.

“I didn’t bring anything either,” I told Charlotte.

“Why don’t we grab something together then, Jordan?” Jane recommended.

Oh boy. Lunch with a pretty girl like her is practically a dream. I know that she’s a coworker, and she’s probably older than me and already has a boyfriend, but she was practically asking me on a lunch date. I gulped.

“Y-yeah, sure,” I accepted her offer. Charlotte nodded at the both of us. “Just make sure you get back by one,” she repeated, “and next time, bring your own lunches. We barely make money as it is and the last thing you guys want to do is blow it all on lunch everyday.” We both nodded and proceeded to walk to the elevator. We both stood idly as we waited for the elevator to get all the way up to our floor, an awkward silence hung between us.

“So…” she started, “what made you decide to take an internship here of all places?”

“Oh… I um…” I stammered. I was trying to find the best way to explain my situation to her, and especially in a way in which I don’t embarrass myself in front of her. “I applied here thinking that it was a shipping and supply company, and then I turned up today and… I guess it’s not…” She looked at me with confounded eyes. I felt my face start to get red with embarrassment. Suddenly, she started laughing at me.

“Oh my god,” she chuckled, “you didn’t know you were applying to a surrogacy service? That’s hilarious.” My face was still red from embarrassment, but I felt strangely a lot more comfortable after I managed to get her to laugh. The elevator finally arrived at our floor and we both got in.

“So what did they ask you to do, then?” she asked. The doors closed and the elevator started its descent. “Accounting, basically,” I answered, “it doesn’t seem like they’ve ever had someone run numbers for them before.”

“Really?" she questioned, "so you’re basically their entire accounting department then? Kind of weird that they’d leave all of that responsibility to an intern.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

The elevator doors opened and we headed out for the street. They were busy once again with people also on their lunch breaks, probably another reason why Charlotte told us to bring our own lunches next time. We walked down a couple blocks to a corner sandwich place that wasn’t crazy busy. We placed our orders, got some drinks, and grabbed one of the tables inside, making small talk all the while.

“So, what brought you to O.S.S. then?” I asked her.

“Well, I needed some extra cash this summer to pay for my tuition,” she said, then taking a sip of her sweet tea. “O.S.S. pays very well for an H.R. position, and being that not a ton of people apply here and they want a lot of younger workers, this seemed perfect for me.”

“Why don’t a lot of people apply?” I asked.

“Well because you have to be a surrogate,” she said, “Charlotte told me all about it. They hire workers and they act as surrogates while working a normal day job. It’s how they save money.”

“I guess that makes sense,” I said. My mind suddenly was flooded of images of Jane sporting a nice pregnant belly, my cheeks were already starting to turn red. I took a sip of my soda, trying my best to clear my mind and to think of ways to divert the conversation away from work. “So, you’re a college student?”

“Yep, just finished up by first year,” she answered, "Metropolitan University. What about you?”

“I’m a… high school student,” I said hesitantly. I knew saying that would probably ruin my chances with her being that she was in college. She gazed at me, almost as if she didn’t believe what I said.

“Wait…” she said, “you have an internship at a surrogacy service where you run all of their numbers and you’re just a high school kid?”

“Yeah…” I answered hesitantly. She took another drink of her drink.

“Wow, I’m pretty impressed,” she said. I definitely was not expecting that answer. “You doing all of that as a high schooler sure does make me look bad.”

I laughed. “And I’m broke too,” I added, which made her laugh too. I was surprised that she wasn’t weirded out by any of the things that I had said to this point, and not to mention she’s been really nice and funny. I could tell that there was something special about her.

Our food came and we wasted no time diving into it and devouring our sandwiches. We could tell why the line for the place wasn’t out the door, but it wasn’t too bad. Afterwards we headed back to the office and returned to our desks, a few minutes early to just for good measure. I started to get back into my work, but not long after my pregnant supervisor Charlotte came right up to my desk. I looked up at her.

“Jordan,” she said, “Mitsugo has some tax documents that you should probably have.” She said that like I had any idea who this person was.

“Mitsugo?” I asked.

“She’s one of the surrogates here,” Charlotte said. She pointed out into the main room, which made me get up and see where she was pointing. “She’s got the nearest desk to document storage. Black hair. Asian. You won’t miss her.”

I nodded and walked out into the main room, trying my best not to stare at all of the surrogates, but oddly enough, they were all staring at me. I shouldn’t have been surprised given that I was probably the only man employed in the company, but they looked at me like I was an alien or something.

The closer I got to the desk and the more I looked the more confident I was that this was Mitsugo. Black hair. Asian. And… sporting a rather large pregnant belly… definitely a surrogate.

“Are you… Mitsugo,” I asked hesitantly. She turned and looked at me. She looked stunning. Her face was beautiful with her expressive amber eyes and she had silky and long black hair. She smiled at me.

“Yes I am! Hello!” she said enthusiastically. “You must be Jordan! Welcome to O.S.S.! We’re so excited to have you here!” I gave her a half smile back.

“I’m glad to be here,” I said, giving her the best smile I could. “You probably want all of the company’s tax documents. Let me show you where they all are.” She stood up from her desk, giving me a much better view of her pregnant stomach. She was wearing a tan, long sleeve suitcoat-like jacket over a black top that cut off right above her belly, leaving her stretched, yellow-tinted belly skin exposed. A short black skirt covered her lower half before cutting off just after her knees. Judging by its looks, she was probably carrying quads.

She opened the door and led me into the document storage room. “I used to be in charge of all of the company’s taxes back in the day,” she said, “but of course, I didn’t know what I was doing. I would just see what they were asking for and write a check. Not sure why they asked me to do all of this. Probably because I’m Asian and they think I’m good at math.”

We both laughed at her joke. She led me to the farthest back part of the room and opened up one of the filing cabinets. It was filled to the brim with different files and papers, and she pulled out one of the thicker files and started thumbing through the pages.

“This should be the past couple years’ worth of tax documents here,” she said, “that should be enough for you to start.” She suddenly dropped the folder on the floor, sending the papers flying about. She moaned and started clutching her pregnant belly in distress. “What’s wrong?” I asked her nervously.

“Aahh!” she cried out as she pressed up against the wall, clutching her belly even harder. I looked down at her belly and was shocked to see how much movement there was. Her belly was covered in lumps and bumps, all moving in different directions and causing her belly to distort into odd shapes. I had never seen anything like this before.

She slid down to the floor, too in pain to stand. Without even thinking, I placed my hands on her belly, for some reason thinking that I would be able to calm her rambunctious babies. I tried the best I could to rub in soothing circles, but I’ve never done anything like this before. It seemed like it was working too, as the movements started to slow down a bit.

After a few more seconds of rubbing, it looked like the movements had stopped. I took my hands off of her belly, keeping my eye on it and her face. She sighed in relief. Just as I thought it was over, she yelped in pain again and her belly erupted in movements. These ones were far more violent than before, and as I tried rubbing to calm them down again, it appeared that nothing I did was working. I was sure that she must’ve been going into labor or something.

Then, I felt a big wave of movement. Her entire belly contorted, and I could feel the babies inside her flip around all at once. A few more movements and kicks followed that, but that seemed to have been the end of their activity.

Me and Mitsugo sighed at the same time. I took my hands off her belly.

“Are you okay?” I asked her. She nodded. “Yeah,” she said quietly, “sorry about that.” We remained on the floor as we both tried to catch our breath after that episode. I had completely forgotten about the documents that I was supposed to get, but I couldn’t just leave this poor pregnant woman here like this.

“What was that?” I asked her, my eyes still on her belly. She looked down at her stretched womb, placing her hand on the side of it. “The triplets flipped over,” she said, “it means I’m getting close to birth.”

“Triplets?” I repeated, looking at her belly,  “I thought you were carrying quads?”

Mitsugo chuckled. “I’m not that big, am I?” she teased. We both laughed. I suppose it was sort of rude to talk about a woman’s size right to her face. Mitsugo looked around and started collecting the papers she dropped on the floor, which prompted me to help her out. After getting all of the papers back in the file, I stood up and offered her my hands to help pull her up. She almost fell forward and I had to help her stand straight up again. She pushed her hands into her back and leaned back.

“Yeah, my belly definitely dropped,” she said as she stretched her back out. With how big she was, I’m sure she had a lot of body pains from carrying such a large pregnancy.  Her belly definitely dipped a lot lower than before; her popped-out belly button was now pointing to the floor and her belly hung below her hips. She straightened her clothes out quickly and parted her hair again in an attempt to make herself look presentable once again.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” I said back. We looked at each other’s faces, no words spoken between us. When I realized what was happening, I blushed in embarrassment.

“Uhh… I should…” I stammered, “I should get back to work.” She chuckled at me.

“Charlotte told me you were really awkward around pregnant women,” she said, “I can see what she meant.” Well, now I was even more embarrassed than before. “You don’t have to pretend that the belly isn’t there. I mean, everyone here is pregnant, you know? Just act like you’ve seen a million pregnant women, okay?”

I gulped. “Okay,” I said shyly. She chuckled again. “You know, you’re a really nice guy,” she said, “a lot of people would love to be friends with someone like you. You’ve got to be willing to actually interact with them, okay?”

I nodded. “Also…” she added, “you give really nice belly rubs…”

I turned away to hide how red my face was. “See you.”

I walked out of the document room with the tax files, feeling a lot more comfortable than before. In fact, I felt less stressed than I had in a long time. Mitsugo’s words really stuck with me, and honestly it might’ve been the best advice I’ve been offered on how to deal with my shyness. The end of the day came a lot faster than I was expecting. I could see all of the ladies starting to gather up their belongings and log off of their computers. I followed suit, shutting down my monitor and grabbing my satchel. I headed towards the door, but stopped short as I saw Charlotte swivel around from her computer. She had a hand on her belly, gently rubbing it.

“Good work today,” she said, “don’t be late tomorrow. And bring lunch as well.”

I smirked and turned for the door.

“Wait!” Jane exclaimed as she grabbed her bag. “I’ll head down with you.” I nodded and proceeded to lead us out the door. Jane waved at Charlotte one last time and we made for the elevator with the rest of our coworkers. We didn’t say much to one another, just some idle chatter. We made it down the elevator and started heading to the subway station together. Just as I was heading to the gate for the F-Line, I saw her start to break off from me and towards the K-Line.

“Jane!” I called her out. She turned and looked at me. My cheeks were red, hell my entire face was red. I knew that there was no reason for me to do this, and it definitely wasn’t the right time or place for it either. But something inside me forced my hand.

“Can I… get your phone number?” I nervously asked. We looked at each other for a few moments, my face completely red, hers looking like she was trying to internalize what I had said.

“Jordan…” she started, “I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about going out with a coworker... and especially one that's a high school student…”

I got rejected. I felt my heart sink deep into my stomach. I knew that was a stupid thing to ask, and look what happened because of it.

She stepped closer to me.

“You’re not like a lot of the guys that try to pick me up though,” she said, “you’re a lot… sweeter… and a lot cuter…”

She took out her phone and started typing something into it.

“I’m free tomorrow night. What’s your phone number?”  I couldn’t believe what was happening. Without even thinking, I told her my phone number. She must’ve picked up how excited I was by the tone of my voice because she chuckled as she entered the digits into her contacts.

“Let me know what your schedule is like,” she said with a smile. She turned away and started heading to her platform. “See you tomorrow.”

“Oh… yeah! See you tomorrow!”

I can’t believe what just happened. I just got my first date ever... and she's really cute too!

This has got to be the best internship ever...
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The Internship: Part 2 - Double Date

It was another busy day on the subway, and luckily for me, I managed to get a seat once again. This time, my eyes weren’t on the lookout for pregnant women, but on my phone texting Jane. We had been texting each other back and forth since yesterday, mostly just talking about where we should go tonight for our first date.

“Madison Station. Now approaching: Madison Station.”

A large crowd of people flooded off and onto the crowded subway car; I continued to type away on my phone. Jane was recommending a few restaurants that I had never even heard of before, which forced me to look up some of them. They looked like good, cheap places to get food, which was good since I essentially was living on whatever money my parents left me to spend in the city.

“Good morning.”

I looked over to my left and sitting there was my pregnant supervisor, Charlotte. I jumped a bit, surprised that she had shown up without me noticing. The guy sitting right next to me must’ve given up his seat.

“Oh, good morning, Charlotte,” I said, setting my phone down. Although I had become a bit more comfortable around pregnant women since yesterday, the sight of her pregnant belly really got me going, especially being right next to me in all of its spherical glory. She wore a mid-thigh high dark dress that clung to her belly very tightly as well, which did me no favors at all.

“Who are you so eagerly texting this early?” she asked. The subway started moving along, and she placed her hand on top of her belly. I could feel my cheeks blushing, but I tried as hard as I could not to look at her belly.

“I’ve been texting Jane,” I said, “we’re going on a date tonight.”

“Oh really?” Charlotte said in surprise, “I’m surprised about her taste.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she waved off my question. I suspected that she was talking about my whole pregnancy fetish thing, but the more time spent lingering on the topic I think she was teasing her for going out with a high schooler. “You guys have barely known each other and all of the sudden you guys are going out on a date. That was fast.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “I’m not sure what it was about yesterday, but something clicked very quickly.”

“Well, make sure you guys stay safe tonight,” she said, “don’t get her pregnant on the first date.” I really wish she didn’t say that because now all I could think about was Jane with a nice big pregnant belly filled with… my babies…

Oh jeez. I could feel my cheeks getting red just at the thought.

We got off at the 43rd Street Station and made our way to Ollett Plaza. A flood of other pregnant workers were doing the same, sporting bellies of differing shapes and sizes. I kept my head down for the most part, trying my best not to get caught staring. I was certainly starting to feel a bit more numb from the amount of pregnant bellies I’ve been seeing over the last two days, but the urge to look was still very much there. As I got into the elevators with all of these women, I thought that I would most certainly be squished up against all of these bellies, but the elevators were nice and big, so they were able to stuff a lot of pregnant women in here.

Getting up to the 54th floor, me, Charlotte and a bunch of our coworkers stopped real quick in the break room to drop off our lunches in the fridge. As I waited my turn to do so, I looked over and saw a very pregnant Mitsugo standing by the coffee machine. She spotted me out of the corner of her eye, and turned to smile and wave.

“Good morning!” she said enthusiastically. I smiled and waved back. “Good morning,” I repeated.

“How are you this morning?” she asked. She had managed to pull me into a conversation by the coffee machine like magic. My eyes were split between her beautiful face and her pregnant belly, which stuck out beautifully under a knee-high, skin-tight, velvet-colored dress. I could tell that she must have been wearing some sort of support for her belly because I vividly remember from our incident in the document store room that her belly had dropped significantly. It looked as round as bubbly as ever, and her popped out navel poked out from the farthest curve of her belly like it did before her babies shifted head-down lower into her poor hips.

“I’m doing well, thank you,” I said. Mitsugo poured a cup of coffee for herself and blew some of the steam off. “I’m surprised you’re drinking coffee, while you’re… you know…”

She smiled and waved off my question. “It’s just decaf,” she said. She patted her belly with her free hand. “Besides, these little guys are practically done cooking. A little caffeine wouldn’t hurt them.” I nodded as she took a gentle sip of her hot coffee. The other workers had already finished putting their lunches in the fridge and had cleared out to get ready for the day’s work at their desks.

Mitsugo subtly recoiled, placing her hand on her belly. “Ooh,” she moaned, rubbing her hand over her pregnant stomach. Even through the fabric of her dress, I could see the imprints of feet and other limbs against her stretched skin. I could feel my heart rate start to pick up and my cheeks blush.

“Are you okay?” I asked, unsure of what else I could say.

She nodded. “Yeah, the babies have been really active lately,” she groaned. She winced again. The activity seemed to have picked up, the imprints turning into much more noticeable bumps. Suddenly, Mitsugo grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly. At first I wanted to pull away from her, but as she started to lead my hand across her skin, I stopped resisting the mesmerising feeling of her pregnant stomach. Soon, both of my hands were resting on her belly, rubbing gentle circles into its tightened surface.

I felt a few kicks against my palms. It was such a strange sensation, almost alien-like. Mitsugo shushed her kicking babies as she too tried rubbing her middle to calm them. After a few more moments of rubbing, the kicking seemed to have subsided. Mitsugo sighed a breath of relief.

“You give some really good belly rubs,” she said with a smile. Even in a moment that felt eerily reminiscent of yesterday’s incident in document storage, I couldn’t help but become red in the face, and hard elsewhere.

I took my hands off of her belly. Our eyes met for a brief moment, but I quickly looked away, wanting to seem like my attention was elsewhere. I could see her grin, almost as if she was taking pride in playing with my fetish in this way.

“Let me have your phone number,” she asked with a smile. My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe she just asked me that, just a day after I had given my number to Jane. Me, the guy who had never gone on a date in my life, who somehow got a girl to agree to go on a date already, was suddenly having another girl want to date me.

“S-s-sure!” I stammered. I don’t know why I was agreeing to this. My mind was doing things on its own. She took out her phone and I mindlessly gave her my phone number. “All done,” she cheered, “I’ll stay in touch with you. Never know when I might need one of your belly rubs again…”

I awkwardly laughed. She then turned towards the door and waved at me as she headed for her desk. Meanwhile I was still completely overwhelmed by what had just happened that I still couldn’t process it all.

Suddenly, Jane came trailing into the break room as well. She smiled as she saw me.

“‘Morning Jordan,” she said sweetly. She placed her bagged lunch into the fridge, meanwhile I was all red in the face still. She looked up at me with a look of confusion. “Are you alright?”

“Oh! Yeah! I’m fine!” I proclaimed. I could tell that what I said was not very reassuring because her face had not changed. Now I had embarrassed myself in front of her, and we hadn’t even gone out on our first date yet. “I was just… talking to Mitsugo a second ago!”

“Oh, yeah,” she realized, “I did see her walk out of here as I just came in. What were you guys talking about.”

“Oh… uh… I was just… telling her how excited I was for… my date tonight with you!”

“Ohh…” She seemed to finally get on board with what I was saying, thankfully. “You shouldn’t go spreading gossip around about that kind of stuff,” she explained, “people may get the wrong idea, you know?”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I agreed. My body finally felt like it was cooling down a bit. “Have we made up our minds yet on dinner tonight?” I asked. I opened the fridge and placed my lunch inside right next to hers.

“I was thinking about that little pub on 25th and Elizabeth Street, Laverne’s,” she said, “they’ve got some really good burgers, and the guy who runs the place gives me and my friends drinks!”

“Aren’t you… underage?” I asked her. She smirked. “That… is something that we don’t let other people know about when we’re there. Got it?” I nodded. I was only eighteen, so I knew that drinking at my age was not healthy. However… I’m sure a few drinks wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Jane smiled. “Well, shall we?” she said, turning towards the door. I nodded and we headed to our small glass room, joining our pregnant supervisor Charlotte in another long day of work. It was largely uneventful, with me continuing to plug numbers into large spreadsheets. It was arduous, but I was slowly making some progress. A couple more weeks of work and I may finally get all done with getting all of the paperwork digitized.

Of course, the only thing on my mind for most of the day was my date with Jane later tonight. My mind was racing with images of how things would turn out, things I would say, moves I should make, and all sorts of things like that. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so excited. So when work was over and I saw Jane and Charlotte off at their respective stops, I got into my apartment as quickly as possible and prepared myself.

I had to get myself in the right mood for tonight: not too excited, but not too laid back. I had to be cool. I had to make her feel comfortable around me. And maybe, if I played my cards right, I might get to see a second date, and maybe a third, and maybe… well who knows!

I took a long, hot shower with music blasting the whole time, trying to keep myself pumped up. The good thing about living in an apartment all by yourself was that you could get away with doing things like this that would normally drive my parents crazy if they weren’t busy with their overseas work all summer.

I opted for clothes that was far more business casual than I anticipated, however, the navy button-down tucked into khakis looked good enough in my opinion that it worked well for a date, and the tiny white dot pattern on the shirt also differentiated it enough from the drab whites that I wore to work.

After making my way over on the S-Line, I managed to find the pub that Jane had told me about. It certainly didn’t look like anything special, but with my experience, the worse the place looked, the better the food. I waited outside for several minutes, looking in either direction down the street to see if I could see her coming. I had texted her a bit since we got off of work, but she had gone largely silent. Of course, I didn’t want to bombard her with texts and make me look like a creep, but I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling that she had rain-checked our date without telling me.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.”

I was startled half to death by Jane’s voice coming from right behind me. I turned around and was stunned. She wore a knee-high, floral dress, which was a minty-teal color with purple, cream, and light green flowers all over. The dress was not skin tight, not like she was very busty in any particular area, but she made up with it with her beautiful face. She was wearing red lipstick and a light amount of makeup, and she had even made the effort to curl her hair.

“Hey! I’m so glad you’re here,” I said enthusiastically. I still couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked. “You look… amazing!”

She pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, her cheeks blushing a bit. “Thank you,” she said sweetly, “you clean up pretty well yourself.”

“Thank you,” I said. I led a hand towards the door. “Shall we?” She nodded and we both headed into the pub, grabbing one of the booths standing opposite of the wooden bar. The pub was mostly empty, which meant that we were bound for some quick service. One of the servers, a big, portly man with a moustache, came up yielding menus and a big smile directed at Jane.

“Well! Look who’s back!” the man bellowed. Jane chuckled. “How’ve you been, Jane?”

“Just fine and well, Gus,” she replied with a smile. She looked over my way and nodded at me. “This is Jordan. We’re on our first date together.”

Gus turned over to me and guffawed. “Well, you, Jordan, are a man of excellent taste!” he boasted, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Jane is one of the sweetest and kindest patrons I’ve had set foot in this place. You better not go breaking her heart, young man!”

I nodded at him while a dumb grin stuck across my face. Gus was such a loud and boisterous man that it didn’t seem like someone like him could exist outside of a Hollywood film. Judging by his relationship with Jane, I could tell that they had known each other for a while now, which probably meant this place was a favorite of Jane’s.

“Well Jane, what’ll it be? The usual?” Gus asked as he set down the menus on the table. I picked up one of the menus and quickly realized it was just a single page of simple bar foods with some good-looking burgers, and a list of drinks on the other side that I legally couldn’t have.

“Yes, I’m going to have the mushroom-swiss burger,” she said, “and top that off with a pint of the summer lager.”

“You got it!” he said, not even bothering to write it down. He looked over at me. “How about you, young man?”

“I’ll get the chile verde burger,” I read off the menu, “and I’ll get the same drink as hers.” Gus grabbed the menu out of my hand. “Well, I can’t give you any booze, young man,” he said, “Jane here at least looks like she could pass as a 21-year-old, but if a state guy came in and looked at ya’, I’d lose my liquor license. I’ll get you a large soda, on the house.”

I sighed, yet another glaring example of the age difference between me and Jane. She didn’t give that thought any mind and was instead laughing at me, probably because of Gus offering me a soda instead of a beer. My face felt a bit red from embarrassment.

After a few seconds, we got our drinks and took a few sips. “Mmm, this is good stuff,” she said, licking the foam of her beer off of her upper lip. She looked at me, casually drinking my bubbly soda with a bit of a frown on my face. “Don’t feel too bad. I’ve got some stuff back at my apartment that we can have if you’re down after dinner.”

“You want me… to come over to your place?” I asked, unsure if I heard her correctly.

“Yeah, why not?” she said, “it’ll be fun, trust me! Plus, my roommate will be there and I’m sure she’ll be happy to have some drinks too!”

I nodded. “Okay, sure!”

We continued to burn through our drinks as we awaited our burgers. Jane just about demolished her beer within what felt like a few minutes, and was already demanding refills. All the while, we were talking about all sorts of things: our interests, our hobbies, our likes and dislikes, and even some tidbits on our own families. We were still really hitting it off well, and the longer this date went on, the more that feeling I had yesterday - that we had something special - felt like more than just a fluke.

When we finally got our burgers, Jane was starting to get a bit tipsy. Nonetheless, the both of us mowed through our burgers, and I can agree with Jane fully that these were some absolutely outstanding burgers. After paying our check, we walked out the doors of the restaurant and onto the busy city streets. The sun had long fallen, and yet the city was alive with light and sound.

“So, off to your place then?” I said to Jane. Just looking at her, I could tell that those drinks must’ve hit her pretty hard. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was swaying left and right. She lost her footing all of the sudden and fell right into me. I reached over and grabbed her shoulder  to hold her up. She was leaning right into me, and even from just light contact the pleasure was raising the hairs on the back of my neck. She laughed hysterically.

“Let’s go, Yordan!” she said, saying my name with some sort of Spanish accent. She pushed off from me and marched forward unsteadily. “Off to my place! This way!” She started buzzing down the street with her arms out, imitating the sound and actions of an airplane. I could only chuckle at her antics, but I also made sure that she was being careful not to run into anybody or accidentally run into the middle of a busy road.

Much to my surprise, she correctly led us to her apartment building, one of the nice refurbished buildings that had had its interior stripped and completely rebuilt. We took the elevator up to the sixth floor and Jane led me to her apartment: 603. She unlocked the door and welcomed me into the cozy apartment room. I was surprised at how nice it was, with a well-supplied kitchen leading out into a larger gathering space.

“Welcome to mi casa!” she said excitedly, holding her arms out. I chuckled. “Maria! Come on out here!”

One of the doors opened up, and out came her roommate. “Hi there!” she said cheerfully.

“Hi,” I greeted her back. She pulled her silky, black hair behind her ears. She was a latina girl with slightly darker skin, but she had a very cute complexion. She was relatively built as well, and with her tight black leggings on, I could tell that she had some hips and a nice booty as well.

“Maria, this is Jordan!” Jane said, coming to hug my arm. “He came to have some drinks with us!”

“Oh boy,” Maria said with a tone of less enthusiasm than I expected. Jane ran to the kitchen and grabbed several bottles of clear and darker-colored liquor, while Maria grabbed a seat in one of the reclining chairs that was angled at the TV. I proceeded to join Maria in the living area, grabbing a seat on the comfy leather couch. Jane joined me on the couch with three bottles and three shot glasses. She filled them all up with one of the clear liquors, which I assumed was vodka.

“Okay, cheers!” she said as she raised her glass. We all raised our glasses and clinked them together. “To me and Jordan’s first days of work!” I first watched Jane and Maria to see how they went about drinking their shots. It seemed like a simple ‘throw the head back’ maneuver, so I put my lips up to the glass and did just that. I wretched at the foul taste of the vodka, but forced my body to swallow it all down. It tasted like hand sanitizer, and the taste continued to linger in my mouth. I was also coughing profusely, which didn’t make matters any better.

“Oh man, you have to just swallow that shit,” Maria said in reaction to my horrid drinking display. She stood up from her seat and started walking to the kitchen. “Here, let me get you a chaser.” While Maria was doing that, Jane was already queueing up more shots. She picked hers up and pushed mine closer to me, a clear sign of encouragement on her behalf. I picked it up, and we clinked our glasses together.

“To our first date!” she said, “may it be the first of many!” Those were some really touching words she said there, but before I could linger on them we both ripped our shots and I tried to do as Maria said. With my mouth still burning from the last shot, these didn’t feel as bad, but the taste definitely got to me. Maria thankfully came to the rescue with a diet soda to help wash the taste away. Jane was already reaching to fill our glasses one more time, but Maria quickly stopped her.

“Woah there, girl,” she said, “ease up on the shots, ‘aight? We’ve got all night to drink.” I’m glad Maria stepped in because I wasn’t sure my mouth could keep up with the taste. Jane pouted but let go of the bottle.

“Why don’t we find something to watch on TV?” I recommended. Maria nodded. “Yeah, that sounds good,” she said. She grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV, finding some comedy show that I had already seen a million times. Still, it was a lot of fun to rewatch some of our favorite episodes together, and with some drinks in our system.

We attempted to make a drinking game out of the show by taking a shot whenever one of the main characters of the show did his signature awkward-look at the camera, but the game didn’t last very long. I chickened out after two shots, while the girls knocked down three and called it quits. I was very much feeling the effects of the drinks, but was still relatively within my own. I could tell that Jane and Maria had likely gone over the deep end a bit.

After watching several episodes, the show stopped playing because of that dumb prompt that asks if you’re still watching. Maria, who had the remote, had passed out in the recliner, so it looked like we were no longer watching TV.

Out of nowhere, Jane’s head fell to my shoulder. I froze, not sure what I should do.

“Do you have a thing for pregnant women?” she asked quietly. I was surprised that she was still awake, but just as surprised for her to ask me that question. I didn’t know how to respond. A part of me wanted to lie to her out of fear that she would think I’m some perverted creep. Another part of me, however, felt like she wouldn’t judge me. After all, we both worked at a surrogacy service, and she definitely knew what that entailed for herself. At that moment, I didn’t know if she trusted me enough, or even liked me enough to accept me for who I really am.

I gulped. I wanted to say something… anything… but I couldn’t conjure up any words.

She chuckled.

“I’ve always had a thing for pregnancy,” she said calmly. My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe that she said that.

She placed a hand on her flat stomach. “When I was young, I watched my mom carry my younger sister,” she said with a smile, “I was always so mystified by her belly. It was so big, and she struggled to carry it. But something about it always stuck in my mind ever since then. I used to stuff blankets under my shirt to pretend I was pregnant. I always imagined how I would look with a big belly, and how small my clothes would look on my belly. I would rewatch scenes from movies and shows with pregnant bellies in them, and even look at art and stories on the internet about pregnant women.”

I was completely speechless. It was as if I was looking into a mirror and seeing myself. I’ve always had a thing for pregnant women, ever since I could remember. And finally, I’ve met a woman whose passions for pregnancy were on the same level as mine.

Jane placed her hand on my thigh, which sent shivers up my spine. Her other hand came to my chest, and she slowly stroked my chest up towards my neck. She lifted herself from my shoulder and met my eyes, her beautiful eyes burning with passion.

“I know you feel the same way, Jordan,” she growled, “I know I’ve only known you for a short time, but I feel a connection to you that I’ve never felt like with anyone before.”

She turned her body to face me, her legs straddling mine. My heart was starting to race, and I was starting to burn up from the heat between us. She tilted my chin up, and with tender lips she lightly pecked at my lips. It was such a bizarre feeling, unlike what I was expecting a kiss to feel like. She came in again, this time holding for a longer kiss. It was far more sensual, and this time I was able to react and return the kiss.

The kiss deepened. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pressing her body into mine. Her tongue started to wrestle with mine, as our sweet and sensual kissing became intense and passionate. I grabbed her lower thighs, and slowly started tracing my way up her dress, closer to her hips. Before that happened, however, she broke from our kiss. Her hands made their way up to my cheeks, our foreheads lightly touching one another. I was still gasping for air as my body was trying to comprehend all these new sensations that were overwhelming my body.

“I want you to impregnate me,” she growled. Suddenly, she stood up from my lap and pulled me up from the couch by my shirt. I didn’t even have time to react to what she had said or what she was doing. She pulled me into her bedroom, which was mostly darkened save for the dull holiday lights strung up around the room.

She quickly unzipped her dress and removed her underwear, revealing her naked body. I had seen plenty of naked women in porn and stuff like that, but seeing one in real life right before my eyes was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I quickly stripped as well, but got hesitant as I got down to my underwear. For some reason, I got self-conscious about my size and worried that she’d think I was too small.

She approached me, and without hesitation she reached into my briefs and wrapped her fingers around my cock. I moaned, the sensation of her fingers rubbing down the length of my fully-erect shaft sending waves of pleasure up my spine. She looked into my eyes, her eyes filled with the same ferocity as before. I grabbed her arms and pulled her against me, our lips meeting for another passionate kiss. I couldn’t help but moan between kisses as her fingers gently stroked my shaft and brushed the tip.

She suddenly wrapped her arm behind my waist, and in a swift motion turned my back to the bed and pushed me down, her body landing on top of mine. Our sloppy kissing continued as I took the chance to feel up her body. I cupped her naked breasts, the first time I had ever felt a woman’s breasts. I gently massaged her areolas, which caused her to moan. I continued lower down her body, slowly tracing my fingers down her toned stomach, and closer and closer to her waist.

Before I could even reach down there, she sat up, her legs straddling my lower body. She slowly lowered herself down, and I could feel my tip enter her vagina. She squealed, and the more of my cock she took in, her squealing got louder and louder. The pleasure was so great, yet I resisted the heavy urge to bust.

Then, she started pumping. My whole body tensed up from the intense sexual pleasure, the sensation of my hard cock penetrating her tight pussy. With every breath I took, I moaned loudly, and her squealing had intensified as well. She threw her head back, the pleasure clearly overwhelming her.

I could no longer hold back. With the pressure building inside me, my heart racing and my body slick with sweat, I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I came, harder and longer than ever before. Jane cried out as I shot ropes of my seed inside her. My body tensed up as wave upon wave of pleasure overwhelmed my senses, my cum filling her up.

Jane collapsed right beside me, her breathing still rapid and her body hot. I tried to lean over to kiss her, but right before I could she turned over quickly and grabbed her bedside trash bin, puking back up the drinks from earlier in the night. I placed my hand on her back to try to comfort her, but after a few more violent wretches, she fell back on her bed, her face covered in vomit and her hair in a complete mess. I tried to wake her up, but she had clearly passed out.

I suddenly got the urge to go back to my apartment. I fell out of her bed and tried to find my clothes, somehow managing to get them back on. I stumbled out of the door and found the elevator, and as the doors opened and I fell inside, I blacked out.


It was Friday, two days since my date with Jane, and I hadn’t seen or heard from her since. We both had too much to drink that night, so I wasn’t too surprised to not see Jane show up to work yesterday. Hell, I don’t even know what exactly happened after I left her apartment or how I got back to my place.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Jane said that night, her words have been rattling around my brain constantly. I couldn’t figure out if it was the booze talking that night, or Jane’s true inner thoughts and feelings. Not to mention… we had sex… unprotected. I kept assuring myself that she was on birth control and that there was nothing to worry about. After all, I was pretty sure there was birth control by her bedside, so there should be nothing to worry about… I hope.

By lunchtime, I decided to try calling Jane again. I waited for Charlotte to take off for lunch so I had the office to myself to make the call. I wasn’t expecting much, but this time, the phone picked up.


It didn’t sound like Jane on the other line, rather her roommate Maria.

“Maria?” I replied.

“Yeah, who is this?” she answered back.

“This is Jordan, that guy that was with Jane the other night.”

“Ohh,” she said, her voice trailing off on the end.

“I was just wondering if I could talk to Jane for a minute,” I pleaded, “she hasn’t been responding to me over the last couple days, so I was pretty worried about her.”

“Look, Jordan,” she explained, “Jane’s having a rough time right now with a lot of things. I think it would be best if you stopped trying to contact her.”

“What?” I replied, completely befuddled. “If it was something I said or did, I’m sorry. But I really just want to talk to her and straighten things out.”

“I’m sorry Jordan,” she apologized, “goodbye.”


The phone hung up before I could say anything else. All the while I couldn’t figure out what all went wrong. I don’t think I said anything, and she was definitely asking for sex more so than I. Regardless, it was clear that she didn’t want to talk to me anymore, and that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be between us. That made me a bit depressed, but I was only eighteen, and if I had so much luck with a college girl on my first try, I may have even more luck coming my way.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone come towards the room.

“Hey Jordan!”

It was Mitsugo, still as bubbly and jovial as usual. Her belly was still as big as usual, covered in a knee-high black dress with rose patterns on it, while her breasts were covered by a beige top part of the dress. The dress hung off of the farthest curve of her belly, leaving a tent-like area below.

“Hey Mitsugo,” I said, giving her a light smile.

“So…” she led on, “you have anything going on after work?”

“Nothing really,” I replied, “what’s up.”

“There’s a really good Japanese restaurant down a few blocks from my place,” she said, “do you want to try it out tonight?”

She was… asking me on a date? I completely forgot that I had given her my number, so she must’ve been under the impression that I was interested in dating her. With what was going on between me and Jane, it didn’t seem right to suddenly jump into dating another girl. But if things don’t work out between Jane and me, then Mitsugo wouldn’t be a bad option whatsoever. I mean, she was gorgeous… and pregnant… albeit a surrogacy pregnancy.

I smiled. “Yeah, that sounds awesome!” I answered. Her face lit up brightly. “Yay!” she cheered, “I’m so excited! I’ll text you where and when to meet, alright?” I nodded, and with that she briskly skipped away. I was a bit worried about what this would all mean if suddenly Jane came back to her senses, but at the same time, I was pretty excited to go out with Mitsugo.

When I got home from work, I followed basically the same routine as my date with Jane, except I decided to stay rather casual with this date. I felt like Mitsugo would be more understanding if I wore something like a t-shirt and jeans on a date than Jane would, plus I felt like she was probably comfortable enough with me that I didn’t need to do a whole lot to impress her.

I took the F-Line that I normally take to work, but had to get off and transfer over to the A-Line in order to get to Mitsugo’s. It was a fairly long trip compared to the normal one-way trips I’m normally able to make, so I had to be sure to plan my trip back accordingly.

Mitsugo told me to come to her place first and we could walk over to the restaurant from there. I was able to spot her waiting outside of her apartment building from a ways away, her big belly doing a lot to help her stand out more in the crowd. Her outfit was certainly eyebrow-raising, and made my face turn red just from how it showed off her belly. She wore a tight black pair of legging shorts that stretched up the length of her oversized triplet belly, ending just above her outstretched belly button. A green t-shirt was all the rest she wore, with it rolled up conveniently enough to show the fullness of her enlarged breasts and show a lot of her pale skin off. I was trying as hard as I could to not walk around with my erection showing.

Mitsugo smiled and waved as I approached her. “Hey Jordan!” she cheered. She never seemed like she was ever in a bad mood, which I found to be really cute. “Ready to get moving?”

“Yeah!” I said with a smile, “let’s go!” Together we walked down the crowded streets of the city. Being a Friday night, there was a lot more activity than usual, so we tried to stick close and pay attention. It was difficult to do so with Mitsugo’s large pregnant swell, not that it got in the way of anything, but I was too distracted by its sheer size and sexiness. It gently swayed side to side with every step she took, and she strutted with it like no problem whatsoever. That was impressive for someone carrying triplets.

We arrived at the restaurant, but it didn’t take long to realize that the restaurant was closed, with big health advisory signs all plastered up on the windows.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, her hands on her head. “Shoot! I really liked this place too!”

“Hey,” I spoke up, “why don’t we go back to your place and order some pizza or something?” Her eyes lit up at the suggestion. She clapped her hands together.

“That’s a great idea!” she said, “you’re pretty smart, you know?” I blushed. The two of us walked all the way back to her apartment building, one of the older buildings in the city. Luckily it had an elevator, which was perfect for Mitsugo and her heavy pregnant body. We got up to the fifth floor and to apartment 501: her apartment. It had a relatively similar layout to Jane’s place, but everything was a bit smaller. There was only one bedroom and bathroom, and the living area was more so a part of the kitchen rather than being a separate part of it. Nonetheless, it felt very comfortable.

“Why don’t you call in, like, three pizzas?” she suggested as she made her way for the couch. “One sausage and bacon, the other jalapeno and pineapple. The other is yours. I’m going to warm up the TV.”

Well, she certainly had quite the appetite. It made sense, after all, she was eating for four. I quickly found the closest pizza place that I could recognize and ordered the three pizzas, and made sure they were large just to make sure that Mitsugo would get her fill. After wrapping that up, I came over to the TV, finding Mitsugo preparing some sort of video game. I was a bit surprised to see that she was into video games at all, but the thought of having a girlfriend that was pregnant and played video games was very enticing.

“Did you order the pizzas?” she asked, her eyes filled with a look of hunger. I nodded, which was met with a sigh of relief. “Thank God. Now, sit down and let me kick your butt in UF6!”

“UF6?” I questioned, looking at the bright, dazzling colors of the screen. “You’ve never played Ultima Fighter 6 before?” she said, clearly stunned at me not having played it before.

“No, I don’t play a lot of fighting games,” I replied, “I mostly play RPGs and strategy games.” Mitsugo grabbed my hand and pulled me right beside her, thrusting a controller into my hands. “Well, I’m going to teach you how to play!” she said proudly. “Then, I’m going to kick your butt repeatedly!”

I laughed. It was so refreshing that she was so into things like this. I would assume most girls were into romantic comedies or those trashy reality TV shows, but having a girl that was into video games too meant that I could spend more time with her by doing that.

She tried showing me the ropes and even went easy on me the first few rounds. I started to get a better handle for it the more and more we played, and eventually I was able to learn certain moves and combos I could spam with a particular character, which seemed to tick Mitsugo off a bit given the outbursts she would lash at me in jest.

We both heard a knock at the door, which meant our pizzas were finally here. I returned to the couch with the three pizzas, Mitsugo happily clapping her hands together and licking her lips. I sat down right beside her, handing her her two pizzas. She quickly changed the TV to some anime she really likes, something having to do with a blonde haired kid and someone in a giant suit of armor.

While I took my time eating each piece, Mitsugo was scarfing down piece by piece, barely chewing on her food at all. I’m sure that she must’ve been starving with all of the energy her babies demanded, and she was acting quickly to feed them. I wouldn’t have been surprised if most of the food she was eating now went straight to the babies gestating in her expanded womb.

We managed to finish an episode of the show, and all of Mitsugo’s pizzas were gone. I had just gotten half way through it and was already starting to feel full. She patted her belly proudly and giggled. “That was so good,” she said with a smile. Her belly looked like it had swollen up a bit, perhaps from her stomach holding all of the pizza she ate. She let out a small belch. “I would’ve loved to have some of that food from the restaurant, but it's hard to beat a good pizza or two.”

I nodded. She handed me the game controller, and we got back to our fighting game. After a few more rounds of getting my ass handed to me, I finally was able to play somewhat competitively, and I finally managed to beat her for once. I celebrated and rubbed my win in her face obnoxiously, all in jest, of course. After that game, she went as try-hard as she could get, not letting me even snuff a victory again.

Suddenly, Mitsugo winced. She placed her hands on her belly, slowly rubbing soothing circles into its surface. She was clearly in quite some pain.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “The babies are moving again,” she said, wincing again at a sudden flurry of movement. Instinctually, I placed my hands on her belly, rubbing it as I had done so twice before. Sure enough, the babies were kicking pretty hard.

She chuckled. “Your touch feels so nice,” she said sweetly, looking down at her large pregnant belly. “I’ve got something that will make this feel even better.” She heaved herself up from the couch and made way for her room, I followed her closely, all the while entranced by her booty in her yoga shorts. It wasn’t very big compared to some of the girls that Jordan had seen in leggings at his school, but it looked nice and plump in the yoga shorts. One thing was for sure, she knew how to show off her pregnant belly.

Her room was very typical for the average video game loving person, with a desk and computer in the corner and a slew of clothes and other items strewn across the floor. She grabbed a jar of some type of cream and handed it to me. The label said “Belly Butter” in bold lettering. She sat down at the head of her bed and pulled down the waistband of her black yoga shorts, revealing all of her bare belly to me. She closed her eyes and rubbed up and down the length of her belly, wincing as her babies thrashed about.

I came to her from the other side of the bed with the Belly Butter. I took out a nice glob of the stuff with my hand and slathered it onto her belly, rubbing the stuff into her poor stretched skin. She threw her head back and moaned. I’m sure this stuff felt great, and probably relieved a lot of the pain she was experiencing with her belly skin so stretched out.

The more I rubbed her belly, the shiner and smoother its surface got. There was a lot of belly to cover as well, but I took my time gently massaging every part of her baby belly. The babies appeared to have calmed down quite a bit since I started rubbing, but once and a while the smooth surface of her belly would be disrupted by a kick or stretched out limb.

Even after I finished getting every part of her belly, I continued to massage it gently. The babies had calmed down now, so all I was really doing was just admiring her pregnant belly and all of its round glory. Mitsugo was not opposed whatsoever, and the few times I looked at her, she just laid back and smiled at me.

“You really love my belly, don’t you?” she asked softly. I looked at her, and slowly I nodded. I’m not sure I would’ve been so comfortable admitting that anywhere else, but I felt close enough to Mitsugo at this point that I didn’t have any problem admitting that. She smiled. “I love the belly too. I’m glad you enjoy it so much.”

“Do you… wish these babies were yours?” I asked her. Perhaps that was too personal a question, but I was genuinely curious what she must think, especially since she was undergoing such a physical change for other people’s babies. She sighed, and placed her hands on the dome of her smooth belly.

“Yes… I do,” she said, “don’t get me wrong, I love these babies a lot, but I don’t feel like the attachment is there, you know? Between mother and child?”

“I think I understand,” I answered. I’m not really sure I really understood what she was saying, but I’m sure it felt odd to carry a baby that wasn’t hers at all. “You know… after you give birth… if you want to have your own babies… I can help you out with that…”

I don’t know what brought me to say that. I was literally offering to have babies with this woman, and that was no small commitment. I was only eighteen and still in high school. Why I thought that making such a suggestion would be a good idea, I don’t know. It seems like my pregnant fetish is getting to my head.

Mitsugo smiled. “I wouldn’t mind having babies with you,” she said kindly. I was shocked to hear her say that, but at the same time… happy. “I know you’re still pretty young, but you are very kind and affectionate. I know you would take very good care of me and our babies if we had them.”


We both looked into each other's eyes, a similar look that we’ve shared over the last few days. I was starting to realize that this look may be a show of mutual affection, like we were saying to each other that we saw each other as more than friends. I had only known her for a short time, but I really cared for her, a lot.

I leaned towards her, pressing my lips to hers for a sweet kiss. It felt incredible, just as so with Jane the other night. My hand wrapped around her back to pull her closer to me, while my other hand rested on her belly, feeling the babies that had begun to kick up a storm with the kiss. Our tongues wrestled with one another as our kissing became far more sloppy and intense.

My hand drifted up to her breasts, which hid behind her green top and bra. My hand slipped under both, grabbing her bare breast and causing her to moan. My fingers massaged her nipples, so swollen from all of the milk that her body had to make for her babies. She started to lactate as I rubbed more and more, her sweet breast milk starting to soak her shirt and run down her belly.

I broke from Mitsugo’s lips, and trailed down her neck with more kisses before latching to her milky breasts, not letting of her sweet breast milk go to waste. Mitsugo rested her hand on the back of my head as I sucked. I could only imagine how pleasurable it felt for her.

After I got my fill, I started to trail kisses down her belly. They started off as quick pecks, but as I got closer to her popped out belly button, the kisses became slower and more sensual. Occasionally, I’d feel the gentle kick of a baby, and I would kiss those lumps as well, showing my affection to the babies that Mitsugo had grown inside her. I gently licked her sensitive belly button, which sent shivers across her body.

I continued kissing down the length of her belly, down to the sensitive underside of her belly. I pulled down her legging shorts, and her panties that had already been thoroughly soaked through. I started eating her pussy out, wiggling my tongue into her tight pregnant pussy. Mitsugo moaned loudly, her body tensing up from the pleasure. I could tell how much she wanted someone to fuck her, but of course I had never fucked a pregnant woman before.

I took off my pants and whipped out my rock-hard cock. Doing like they did in a lot of the porn I’ve seen, I grabbed a hold of her hips and with all of my strength I turned her over, forcing her face-down into the mattress, which meant her belly too pushed right into the mattress. I wasted no time penetrating her throbbing labia, causing her to squeal. I too, moaned loudly as her lips grabbed hold to my cock. I resisted the urge to come immediately, and started pumping in and out of her.

The pressure was already so great, but I kept on going, wanting to please Mitsugo in any way I could. I hunched over her, my hands grabbing a hold of her belly. They were kicking like mad, causing her belly to distort into odd shapes. I could tell that it was turning Mitsugo on because she continued to moan in pleasure as they kicked. I could hear her amniotic fluid sloshing around inside her belly too, sounding like water sloshing around inside a tank.

I started pumping harder and more forcefully. Her moaning only got louder, and the kicking got even more intense.

“Jordan! Jordan!” she yelled out in pleasure. It turned me on to hear her moan my name like that. I bet she would get turned on if I said something like that too.

“Take my babies! Take my babies!” I moaned. She chuckled a bit in between the rough pounding I was giving her and her loud moaning. “I will! I will! Give me your babies! Fill me with your seed! I want your babies inside me!”

I finally climaxed, and shot my warm seed inside for what felt like forever. She climaxed as well, squirting back on me. She clenched her body however to make sure she captured every single drop of cum that I shot out.

We both collapsed onto the bed, my body spooning hers. My hands immediately drifted to her belly, still contorting and moving with the incredible kicks and movements of her babies. Her hands met mine, and together we rubbed her belly in an attempt to calm her rambunctious brood. She hummed.

“I can feel them moving,” she said blissfully.

“Yeah, they’re really moving a lot in there,” I said, her hands guiding over her kicking babies.

“Not the babies, your seed,” she said, “I can feel them moving around inside me, trying to find eggs to fertilize.” I smiled.

“I hope they do,” I said, “I want you to carry a lot of babies, and have a nice big pregnant belly.”

“Yeah, me too,” she said, “I’m so glad you want to be the father to my babies. You’re so kind, you know?”


That’s right, I was going to be a father… eventually. Not right now, of course, since she was still pregnant. But now, I had entered a relationship with Mitsugo. There was no going back now. I didn’t want to worry about money or anything like that right now. All I cared about was Mitsugo and the babies we hadn’t even conceived yet. That would be all I needed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be that simple…
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