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For some reason, my mac obs is only displaying mic/aux as an option instead desktop sound, normally I would use my headphones to act as a recorder but lately sounds outside and around me are becoming more prevalent, any way to fix this? Here's an image to show
Any one know a good app for this i have some many vids that are stream only.
Trying to windowcapture with obs but can´t get a preview, all I see is a black screeen, anyone got some idea what I am doing wrong? Smile
In Chaturbate does anybody know how to keep the tip/token menu from popping up in front of the recording?
(December 10, 2018, 5:40 am)Neo__hec In Chaturbate does anybody know how to keep the tip/token menu from popping up in front of the recording?

honestly the only way i avoid it is by recording on my computer and then tipping through my phone(signed in on phone) then when i go into a private show that doesnt allow the recordings to be called into the collections, I just log in on computer and go into video there and record and attempt to piggyback on it through my phone(using computer to record then have phone sign in and refresh). Havent tested this enough but when i accidentally sign in on my phone while im in a PVT, it doesnt kick out my computer it just says "You've been logged in from another location" or something like that, i wont be able to see the chat feed on computer after that prompt but im still in the room with both my computer and phone.
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Thanks jester! Great idea. I have so many videos recorded, but afraid to share without some edits.
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What do you use if you've got a chromebook? All the programs I've used so far are complete shit and ruin any videos.
Hey guys! I'm a webcam model, and active on the forum here. I have a pregnancy fetish myself. I was wondering how to record my OWN cam shows? Does anyone know if this tutorial work if I was streaming myself? I feel like so much good sexy stuff happens when I am online, and I am only gonna be pregnant for 3 more months... I need to catch it!
You could use a similar application like OBS. Instead of capturing a window you could capture the video being sent from the camera (Video Capture Device vice a window or application). You just need to play with the encoding settings to capture higher quality video on your end and then convert it using something like handbrake to lower formats for uploading to a distribution site. You can always convert to lower quality and size, going back is the hard part.
I have a technical question. I use tubedigger to record videos, but sometimes 
the flv file it creates is "damaged" in that you can play it, but you cannot 
fast forward - it just goes back to the beginning and starts all over again.
Is there a tool to fix this?

I record too much stuff to keep it all, so I review the videos, delete most, 
but when the file is damaged like this, you cannot review the video, 
since you cannot fast forward and have to watch the whole thing from 
start to finish (or good portion of it).

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