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#1 is a wonderful japanese pregnant website,  
I downloaded the film from the website.But it’s ‘rar’ not ‘wmv’.And it has been locked.I don’t know how to do
Who can know the password of "rar", if tell me,  I must give you a  gift(pic or viedo).

.rar is a compressed file and you just need to uncompress the file using winrar or unzip should work unless it's password protected.

The links I saw all directed you to request file access to what I'm guessing is a paid site or links to a file hosting site called

Looks like it could be a fun site. It's just really hard to navigate unless you know Japanese.

the file is password protected.
And I download files from, now I DONOT know password, so these files areNOT open.
thanks for Neo__hec

They are paid P2P site streaming..

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