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First try Fan fic
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First try Fan fic
This is my first story in English, I know it's quite short and it must contain grammar mistakes but I hope some will like it (I know labor and birth are not the main fetishes here but I already saw stories about it here, so I give it a try). I've other ideas in mind so I'll maybe post them
If you have recommandations and critics I'll read them carefully to improve myself, thanks

My name is Natasha Romanov and this is my story, I'm an Avenger and I'm obviously pregnant. Most exactly I'm 44 weeks pregnant, I should have taken a maternity leave but you know supervillains never take holidays.
Ah yes I always forgot this point the father is Steve Rodgers but he doesn’t know, I don’t want him to overprotect me, so I said to the other Avengers the father was a one night stand, which is not completely wrong by the way.

Ultron was attacking us so here I was in the Quinjet in my black leather suit ready to jump out on Sokovie to fight the evil bots of Ultron. This suit was not designed with pregnant women in mind thanks Tony, I looked like I was expecting twins this baby is so huge like his father. Ohh he is kicking, we can see my belly and my suit ripping. I was so big you could see my belly button even when my suit is on.

“You sure you want to take part on this Mission Nat “ says Barton to me
“Yes, you need me, I’m not sick I’m just pregnant “
“Be careful, it’s dangerous and we don’t want you to be hurt”

“Jump in 2 minutes “ says Steve
I experienced cramps for the 10 last hours but it was just Braxton Hicks like every day I think.
“Take care of that baby Nat” Clint tell me rubbing the fabric on my belly and kissing my forehead.

Now is jump time, It’s hard to stand up, I feel more pressure on my hips, I jump. I feel 2 contractions during the jump, there are more painful than the last ones, I may be in labor, but mission comes first I won’t tell the others they must stay focused on the mission.
I land, I’m already out of breath both hands on my belly, another contraction just hit me. I hope nobody saw me. Now I must find a cover to give birth to this child.
“oouch another contractions” I see a house 10m away I will go into this. I walk painfully holding my belly. Each step is more difficult than the previous one. Oh no a drone is coming in my direction, I try to aim, oh no another contraction, I shot him, “ouf it was close this time”.
I enter in the house, I begin to breath slowly. “Not now baby” I say as I rub the fabric covering my belly.
“Natasha where are you ?” I hear at my radio, it’s Clint
“I’m here, just secured a home” I use all my focus to make my voice sound calm as another contraction hits me
“We need you, next to the school, teachers are attacked by drones and we can’t deal with them”
“I’ll be here as soon as I can” I say before ending the conversation.

I moan heavily, “ok baby stay here, I should have known when I saw my belly dropped, mommy needs to save people and then I will take care of you” I was rubbing my belly gently.
The school was 400m away, it’s gonna be long. I began to walk between contractions, my water did not broke now, I have plenty of time for this.

I arrive at the school, 3 women were under the fire of 2 drones. I go to a shooting position to aim for the two drones, I feel baby moving in birth canal, I moan, hopefully no one can hear me. I shot the two drones, “oh another one” I see my belly changing shapes during the contraction.
I go to meet the women.
“You are safe now, go hide you in a house until everything is…. Ouch .. is fini-nished” I say as hit hard by a contraction.
“Thank you madam, be safe, it must be hard to do this in your state” as they run in the direction I pointed just before
“oh oh “ another one, I must find a place to have this child, the nursery of the school maybe
I begin to walk to enter the school, I was covered in sweat, holding my belly with two hands, waddling in pain.
“Natasha are you alright ?” asked Clint, he was just behind me
“Yes, I’m perfectly fine, the people are safe “ I say, trying to hide my pains
“Ok, come with me we need all the help available to fight Ultron”
“The teachers told me other people were trapped in here too, I’ll help them and the join you” I lied
“Come as quick as possible, I feel lost without you on my side with all the gods on the team” he said, coming to rub my belly which was hard as rock
“I know, don’t worry, I’ll be back soon and they need you, go !”
“Ok Nat take care of you”
“I wi-will” I say as he was leaving during a strong contraction.

I entered in the school, the pressure on my hips was intense “wait a bit baby, mom needs to find the nursery”, I was waddling and saw a map of the school on a wall. I began to look at, while a contraction hit me, I had to lean on the wall moaning. “Ok, I know where the nursery”. After 10 minutes of waddling through contractions I was at the nursery’s door. “Here I am” and as soon as I entered in it “Pop”, water gushed between my legs, “no not my waters”, I said moaning with no one to hear me. I waddled to the examining table, I felt the urge to push. I touched the fabric near my vagina, I was beginning to bulge. “Aahhh why is it so painful”. I got on the table I began to push and saw my suit bulging with the head, I needed to take this suit of, but I was too much in pain, contractions were on top of each other, pain was unbearable.

The head was pushing against the fabric “ouch, no it’s too quick”, I was here lying on this table legs open with my suit bulging with the head of my baby. I was covered in sweat and grabbed a knife in my pocket to cut my suit around my vagina, I use all my willpower “aaahhhh, fuck it hurts”. I now had one hand feeling the head of the baby, one contractions came up and I pushed as hard as I can.
The head seems stuck it doesn’t progress by an inch, “I must do it while standing up. I stood up in great pain, and I was here standing with legs opened as much as possible, “Come on baby, please”.

“Nat where are you ?” it was Clint on the radio
“I…I’m st-still in the … ouf ouf the school, why ?” I answered during a contraction
“Ultron drones are going in the school, some people are back in, be careful”

“Oh no, what will I do, I cannot fight with a baby hanging between my legs” , my legs were weak, so I decided to squat, the baby was moving down, it was slow but not stuck anymore. After 20 minutes of pushing and moaning the head was completely out. “Ok, good, it burns but we are progressing, I should have induced earlier, one month overdue is too much I think”.

After clearing the cord around the neck of the baby, I heard drone coming in my direction. I waddled to the table to grab my gun. One drone opened the door and I used all my focus and destroyed it, but I was hit by a contraction before I could shoot the second one, I held my gun and the drone caught me by the throat, an other contraction was coming, I must protect my belly “ouf ahhaah” I screamed while I aimed at the drone and shot him in the head. We both fell on the floor. I stood up after the contraction ended “Come on baby” I was touching the head. Another contraction hit me, I fell on my knees under the pain, I pushed with all my remaining strengths, “arrrggh, off off”. The shoulders are out, “one last push and I’m done with it. After the last push I heard the baby crying in my arms, I was a mother.


English is not my mother tongue, I can make mistakes writting or reading. I don't mind if you spot my mistakes and show them to me.
I'm here to have fun
June 13, 2018 6:03 am
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