Fertile futa: bred by coach
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[align=justify]Fertile Futa: Bred by coach 

Deep underground 
underneath the city of Blackwater 
July 16, 2060

"Did you get the final ingredients that I acquired?" This shady group only knows this thin older man as Number One. He was dressed in a white lab coat, turned, and asked the other white-coated man who just entered the darkened room illuminated by the glow of numerous TV screens mounted to the far wall. 
"Of course I did! Don't forget that I am a co-creator of your little illegal project. You would still be stuck on how to create the vector for the hormone molecules without me!" the second man, Number Two, said. 
"I know, I know. I'm sorry for the outburst. You know how I worry about everything needing to go according to plan. Was there trouble with the shipment from the docks?" 
"No, not really. It was easy enough to bribe the customs official at the dock; besides, the chemicals are not illegal. It is just how they are combined to create precursors to the hormones we are attempting to create," the second scientist replied. 
"Finally, I can create my masterstroke, what I have been researching for 15 years, hormones to reactivate human's inactive genes controlling heat, their breeding cycle. The establishment laughed in my face when I brought my proposal to them for approval for testing and human trials. The fools!" 
"Those assholes advising "that it was unethical and immoral to reactive those genes" when they have been pushing for direct gene modification on humans when I do not need to make any modifications to the human genome when mother nature did all that work for me." the old man replied. 
"Let's begin then."

On the streets of Blackwater, several weeks later 
August 5, 2060, 

No one in Blackwater noticed the additional white steam from the sewer utility holes and drains. But they soon would as that steam was the evil, misguided scientists underground releasing their hormone mixture to the population of Blackwater. And the unsuspecting people breathed it in. This story is the first in a series of stories about the effects of that gas on Blackwater's people. 

Coach Jula Smiit walked through a large cloud of whitish smoke, breathing it in as she ran late to meet the rest of her first class. 
Damn Traffic, it made me late. And why am I getting horny? I jacked off this morning so my extra appendage would not appear during the university course I was teaching this year. Jula thought to herself as she coughed from the smoke getting in her lungs. 

Meanwhile, Mia Carter finally made it to campus in another part of the city. She headed toward the campus swimming pool for her physical education 2001 course, emphasizing swimming, running, and biking to help her train for a triathlon in May. She ran through a whitish cloud of steam while on the way into the enclosed swimming pool complex huffing and puffing a bit, and her medium-sized breasts were still heaving from the exertion. She glanced around and noticed there were primarily students but no professor yet. Mia thought it was odd, and Coach Smiit was rarely ever late. 
Mia had had several of Coach's classes as a freshman and was now a sophomore at the Middleburg University campus in Blackwater. She stifled a moan as to why she was so horny suddenly. She could feel her panties growing damp. 
"Sorry, I'm late for class. Welcome to physical education 2001. This slot focuses on swimming, running, and biking to prepare you for the triathlon in May." The coach said, a bit out of breath.
"Looks like everyone followed the directions to be wearing swimming wear. Good, let's get started. everyone get into groups of five and start swimming three laps of the pool to get warmed up." The coach said as she blew her whistle  
Coach looked a bit flustered and sweaty, all red in the face. 
Mia thought she should check on her later as the Coach blew the whistle for her, that first group of students to jump into the pool and swim some warmup laps. 

Jula was having some definite problems. As soon as she saw Mia back in her class again, she was struggling. She could feel her cock trying and straining to release from inside her. She was flushed and sweaty; this was a result of the smoke reactivating her dormant genes, and since Jula had some unvoiced feelings for Mia. The hormone therapy affected her by directing her body towards Mia rather than a stranger. 
Though that was not starting to stop the other guys and girls in the class from pairing up. Of course, Futas were still pretty rare in the US. So Coach being the only Futa in the class was not too uncommon. It was 2040, and FAD (Futa Active Dominion) had gotten laws protecting futas from lawsuits. The courts deemed that Futa could not be sued for paternity if they were the father of a baby. The cases were treated as civil cases as the laws were written to stop hate crimes against men that the first generation of futas had cuckolded. When futas were less able to control their impulses and breeding with girls whether they were married or not, it was more a kin to rape than sex if you believed what the men were spouting, but the courts disagreed. 
Mia watched as Matt Craver, a popular jock and easily 6 foot 5 inches tall, had started to kiss and grope Sarabeth Hud, a busty but nerd and shy goth girl. The two would not have been together outside of class, but they were both single currently. So they were going at it hot and heavy in the opposite corner of the pool after completing their warmup laps. And they were only the first of several such groups, but they were the only two Mia knew by name. 
Mia finished her laps and walked over to where Coach was standing. Mia noticed that Matt and Sarabeth had progressed to outright fucking in the water, and Matt had pulled down the top of Sarabeth's one piece. 
Damn! Where had Sarabeth been hiding those sweater puppies? Her tits were easily an F cup on an 18-year-old freshman too. Depending on the brand, I am a large C cup, borderline D cup, but not as big as Sarabeth. Mia thought.
Mia walked over to Coach and asked, 
"Are you okay, Coach Smiit?"
a shaky reply came back. "Yes…"
Mia touched Ms, Smiits as she was still very flushed and sweaty. Mia heard a loud rip and looked down, and under Coach's dress was a huge bulge! She had never seen anything like it before. Mia gently reached down, placed her hand on the mound, and wrapped her hand around the hard bulge. The coach didn't try to stop her but only groaned in response. 
Emboldened by Jula's lack of response, Mia kept stroking Jula's bulge. After a couple of minutes, Jula could not stand the foreplay anymore. Her instincts were screaming at her to mate and breed, and Mia was right there since she was attracted to Mia. It was time to feast. 

Things between the two seem to escalate quickly. First, clothes and Mia's one-piece seemed to fly off the two lovers. Soon both women were naked in front of each other. Mia with her curves and medium-sized breasts, and Jula's curvy but more muscular physique and larger chest. Mia was a bit shellshocked as the bulge that she had been groping and stroking earlier was a huge cock that was attached to Jula. that it was fucking thick and 15 inches long pale spear that looked attached to her. 
"Oh God, it's so big! how is it attached?" Mia asked, thinking it was a sex toy but one way more advanced than she had ever seen in person. She reached down to grasp it again. 
"It is not a toy if that is what you are thinking. It's a part of me. I'm a futa, hon. I have both male and female parts. My cock is hidden inside of me unless I release it. It is like having to flex an internal muscle to release it. But today has been weird. I have not lost control of my cock in years! At least not since I awakened at 20." Jula replied. as she kissed the top of Mia's head. 
They both stopped as they heard a loud groan coming from the far side of the pool. Matt hit his limit and bellowed as he dumped his load into Sarabeth's fertile body. And it was followed by others as the other guys in the class fucked and came inside of their partners. There was a pretty even split of boys and girls in the class this semester, 24 in total. 
There were no gay guys or girls, which was odd, as there were almost always several in my classes. Maybe none of them was interested in the triathlon this year? Jula thought.      
It was her turn to groan as Mia had dropped to her knees while Jula was thinking, and Jula felt Mia use her mouth to engulf the head of her cock. Mia started to pump up and down slowly at first but then faster and faster. She could not take more than nine inches inside of her mouth at a time. 
"Oh fuck! What are you doing to me?" Jula said as she threaded her fingers through Mia's long and thick black tresses.  It was not long before Jula came inside Mia's greedy mouth. The overwhelming need to breed seemed to hit Jula the hardest as shortly after that blowjob, Jula had Mia bent over and leaning against a thick steel post supporting the two-story enclosed space. 
"Oh! It's so fucking huge! Go slow." Mia moaned out 
"It's okay. My cock will easily stretch you out," Jula said as she pressed forward into Mia's tight, velvety insides. 
"Oh fuck, you're so fucking tight!" 
 "I haven't had sex in a while, and I'm bi and swing towards guys and girls. My last several partners have been girls, so I have not had a lot of live cock in a couple of years. Plenty of silicone and rubber cocks and other toys, though. My parents are pretty traditional and not very understanding." Mia said with a smirk. 
They both groaned as Jula managed to sink a solid foot of her girl's cock into Mia's puss Jula's cock stopped as it pressed against Mia's cervix. 
"So full, ugh!" Mia groaned as Jula pulled back out and shoved back inside slowly at first and then faster as Mia got used to Jula's size. Mia's drenched pussy made it easier for Jula to start to increase the speed of her thrusts. Jula's need to breed this gorgeous 5-foot-tall Hispanic hottie only seemed to grow as they began to fuck hard and fast.
Thanks to the hormone treatment, they both lost their minds while they were fucking and resorted to their long-buried animalistic instincts. To an outsider observer, all they would see was an entire group of 24 students, all fucking with animalistic passion, all lost in the throws of their desires. Groans, animalistic groans, and bellowing all came out of the group like a hive of bees. For the rest of the day, the class fucked their chosen partner, not understanding why. 

Deep underground in the disgraced scientist's lab/lair 
Later that same day

"Excellent! Most Excellent, Look at these results, number two!" The older man exclaimed 
"I see them, number one. It looks like the gas dispersement of the hormone test was a complete success."
"Look at this," number one said as he tapped into the cameras at the enclosed swimming complex at Middleburg University, which he had hacked months ago to pull some of his old research off their servers. He deliberately left a backdoor in the server to gain access to their security cameras precisely for this moment to watch his test once he released it.      
Number Two leaned in to look at the screen, looking at the screen that Number One was pointing at excitingly as Number One was also writing furious notes in a large notebook of what looked like his observations of the test. 
"Ah, I see. It looks like a good test group, a class of 19..20..22..24, and the teacher. It looks like the hormones activated the genes successfully, and they are going a bit overboard with the breeding or mating frenzy." 
"Correct, this was unforeseen based on my math, an unexpected turn of events. It looks like the orgy is finally over now. They all fucked to exhaustion. Wonder how well the other part of the gas worked. Are you sure of your part of the formula?" Number one asked Number two. 
"Bastard!" Number two said as he smacked him on the shoulder hard, 
"Stop doubting my science; the formula should work according to plan. The girls should have force ovulated as a result of the gas." Number two stated. 

The following morning, the students finally woke up sore, stiff, and not smelling too fresh. The students left in groups to hit the showers and pull on their clothes instead of their swimming gear. Their swimming wear was all coated in dry crusty cum and girl cum. Only two pairs were slower to wake up. From being entangled together. Jula and Mia and Matt and Sarabeth. As they were sleeping nearby each other. 
"So fucking stiff!" Sarabeth said as she woke up. Her long flame-colored hair was tangled and draped over half her face and her substantial left boob. 
"Yes, we are both stiff, too," Mia replied, waking up and extracting herself from Jula's still-sleeping form. 
"So Coach is a futa? And you all still seem to have a bit of a crush on each other?" Sarabeth asked 
"Yes, and yes, I was not expecting to fuck her. So that was a bit of a surprise. What about you?"
"Umm, yes, I have had a crush on Matt since I first saw him during orientation over the summer. I, too, had not expected to fuck him. I mean, he's a junior, and I'm a freshman. He's pretty big. Twelve inches, Coach is a fucking monster through, what 15 inches from what I could see."
"Yeah, she's pretty fucking big but more flexible than a guy would be. But I still can not take all of her. So come on, and we should shower. It looks like the shower is free now," Mia replied. As she pointed toward the showers, a large group of white, brown, and black girls came out of the girl's side of the showers. They both got up off the rubbery coating covering the entire pool deck.  

End of September 2060

The two can not keep their hands off each other. As the weeks passed since the original orgy, as the group had started to call it informally, Jula ended up with her girl cock buried inside Mia's pussy repeatedly. It was not too surprising to Jula, at least when Mia started to get nauseous during the day and, in her case, especially in the mornings. Jula went out and bought a pregnancy test and presented it to Mia the following evening. Mia got all weeping as she was worried about her degree that a baby would derail. Jula flicked Mia on her forehead for saying that to Jula's face as if Jula would not assist her in completing her degree, pregnant or not. Jula pointed Mia towards the bathroom.
"Go, get to testing," Jula said, pointing towards the bathroom until Mia stood up from the kitchen table, marched herself to the bathroom, and shut the door with a flourish. Several minutes passed, the air thick with tension, until Jula heard a sob and a loud wail from the bathroom. 
Jula rushed over as Mia came out shakily, holding a positive pregnancy test. Jula gathered her up in her arms tightly as Mia sobbed a bit at the unexpected shock while inside, Jula was in shock herself. She had not expected to knock up anybody since she had been so careful when she was younger. 
Mia was not the only girl pissing on a testing strip that night. Most girls exposed to the gas that day started feeling off and decided to test. One good example was Sarabeth, who was pregnant, eight weeks along, and was worried as she was already showing a baby bump at only eight weeks!!   

Months pass, December 15 

All twelve girls from Mia's physical education 2001 class looked to be pregnant—18 weeks along if the timing all lined up and in various sizes of pregnancy. Mia and Sarabeth were huge for being four and a half months along. Multiples, maybe? Jula thought, referring to Mia and the 11 other girls in the class, was starting to show as she waited for Mia to join her in the kitchen from taking a shower. Jula was not pregnant, as no guy had fucked her during the pool orgy incident, as it was named. 
The university could not do much as so many of the teachers and students on campus had. Everyone had gone crazy and started to fuck each other all over campus. The administration had deemed larger groups of these sex outbreaks as "such and such orgies" in referring to the incident in official documents. It was not until later, in the months that followed, that doctors could sample the gas that so many people had breathed in on that day in August. 
The doctors were puzzled as the chemicals did not make much sense. The original chemical compound was designed to be broken down quickly by the victim's body when hours of inhaling or ingestion. So the substances they looked at were the byproducts after the effects had caused the changes and reactivated those dormant genes. And what is worse, per the doctors, was since the genes were active again, they could not be turned off, so once the affected women gave birth, their instincts would drive them to breed again. So the city was in for an unfortunate baby boom in the coming years. 
"Ready to go, Mia?" Jula asked as her now pregnant girlfriend waddled into the room as they were about to head to the Doctor for a check-up and ultrasound. 
"Yes, so ready to discover why I am huge for only being four months along! I still say you knocked me up with multiples, bitch!" 
 "Maybe, it’s not my fault that you probably produced a bunch of eggs for me to impregnate. Let's go. The Doctor's office is expecting us. I called and confirmed our appointment already." Jula said as she helped to guide Mia towards the waiting car. Her bump was already so big that it made the short Hispanic girl have balance issues. 

They drove to the Doctor's quickly as Jula watched the road and occasionally saw Mia rub and stroke her pregnant belly. Jula was still amazed that Mia had her kid or kids inside her. Jula got Mia checked in at the front desk. As Jula got Mia seated, the nurse opened the door and out-waddled Sarabeth, and Sarabeth was huge and even more significant than Mia. Sarabeth looked like she was eight months along, not four and a half months.  
"Sarabeth, wow! You're.." Mia exclaimed 
"I'm huge, yep! Triplets, two girls and a boy, per the ultrasound. Matt is coming out too. He's a bit shell-shocked. Nobody in his family has ever had multiples before, or in mine, for that matter." Sarabeth said with a hand on her huge belly. Several minutes later, the nurse came out again and called Mia's name. Jula got up with her and followed her into the exam rooms. Jula was stunned as they waited in the room waiting for Mia's name to be called for her exam. 
Sarabeth, Natalie, Briath, Jeneria, Gia, and Missy had all come out from their exams—all girls from her class showing clear baby bumps. Talking with them all briefly, only Sarabeth was carrying multiples so far.  Mia waddled into the room, carefully hopped onto the exam table, and leaned back as the nurse started the exam by checking her vitals. 
"These all look good. Let me go tell the Doctor; she will be in shortly." 
Ten minutes later and in breezes Dr, Kim Chapori. 
"And how are we doing today?" The Doctor asked as she came in and froze for a brief moment. Jula knew Doctor Chapori as one of her mother's on-and-off girlfriends, and she was on again as Dr. Chapori was about seven months along. Jula could tell by the smell that the baby was her mother's. Futas had a refined sense of smell, especially regarding other futas and their women or wives. Her mom had married the Doctor, and she recognized her wedding ring as it originally belonged to her great-grandmother before she passed—a blue sapphire with a set of two smaller diamonds flanking each side, very distinctive. 
As she told them to call her, Doctor Kim was kind and easygoing bedside manner Mia was nervous about the ultrasound, as she was worried about the baby regardless of what Jula had told her otherwise. 
"Let's check on the baby," and the Doctor nodded her head to the attending nurse to spread the cold gel onto Mia's belly. 
"Oh! That's cold!!" Mia jumped a bit 
"Sorry, it is cold coming out of the tube. It will warm up a bit as your skin warms it up," Doctor Kim said as she grabbed the wand and began to pass it over her skin in broad lines. They could hear the swift heartbeat of the baby, first one and then two—a dual sound of a whooshing. 
"Well, it looks like you are having twins Mia and Jula. A girl and maybe a futa, as I think that is a girl's cock on one, as you can't have a boy. You both do not have a Y chromosome." Doctor Kim pointed at the 4d rendering on the screen of two shapes and faces of two babies facing each other inside Mia's womb.
 "Congrats, perfectly healthy and growing well; some more tests to run, but that will be from a blood draw from Mia. Take care." Doctor Kim said as she shucked her gloves, and the nurse handed Mia several towels to wipe off the excess gel from her belly. And the Doctor left the exam room, and they soon followed out of the room as Jula partially paid for the visit, the part her insurance would not cover. 

Finals came and went later in the week. Christmas break was nice and quiet as Mia had told her parents before Christmas about the babies and Jula, and not surprising to her as she had said that her parents would disapprove, and she was right. Their response was to cut off contact with her, which Mia expected as her parents did not understand futa culture or that Mia was bi. 
The start of the spring semester started as Mia. The rest of the girls from her 2001 class took 2002, which Jula had decided to change into a maternity swimming exercise class as clearly the girls would not be able to run, swim and bike the triathlon in May when so many of them would be due to give birth in or around May.  
May 15, 2061

 Mia was now nine months and half months or 41 weeks along and having trouble getting around as the babies were now massive. But not as bad as Sarabeth. That poor girl was miserable; her womb was so distended with triplets. Matt helped as best he could, and luckily his parents were wealthy. Jula was amazed that Sarabeth made it to full term with those triplets. 
So many girls on campus were pregnant, and most, like the 12 girls in Jula 2001 class from the fall term, had reached full term by now. Jula groaned as Mia was horny again, and Jula helped the needy and horny teen to scratch her itch. Jula slid her girl cock into Mia's wet pregnant pussy. Mia was so large now with the twins that her belly hung down to the bed, and she had to fucked doggy style as missionary or girl on top was too uncomfortable for her given the now massive size of her womb. Mia's medium-sized breasts had grown along with the size of her belly; she was now an E cup up from a C cup before she got pregnant. 
"Jula, please hurry. I'm so horny I need some of your big fat futa cock!" Mia moaned, and it was her turn to groan as Jula slid her cock inside the very ready college-aged teen. Mia's pussy was still like a furnace, so hot and tight, but she had been able to take most of Jula's cock in the months since she first got pregnant. Jula was surprised that Mia wanted to be fucked in her pussy, this time this close to her due date, Jula had introduced her to anal after Mia hit her 6th month, and she started to get so big. And Mia tended to cum and cum as Jula plundered her now wider ass. 
"Oh, Yes! I needed this. Baby fuck me!" Mia said as Jula began to thrust in and out of Mia's puss. Her whole body started to shake. A week later, Mia was so big and having trouble getting up and walking, given the size of her belly in front, as her belly had transitioned to a lower position to get ready for birth. As a result, it was messing with her center of balance. 
Mia heard the ding of a chat on her phone. She grabbed the phone and opened the notification, then yelled out, 
"Baby! We need to go to the hospital," 
"What, it's time? Did your water break?" Jula asked as she stuck her head out of the kitchen into the living room, looking concerned. 
"Not for me yet! Sarabeth is in labor! So we need to go!" Mia replied that she wanted to be there for her best friend as they had bonded on getting pregnant simultaneously. 
They quickly rushed to the hospital and were concerned when they did not see Matt anywhere. 
"Hey sweetie, how's the pain? And where's Matt?" Jula asked.
"Don't mention that asshole to me! Fuck him! He fucks me, knocks me up, and ditches me. I discovered he had been cheating on me with Brit Sanders, and he knocked her up too. She's around six months pregnant! Busty blonde bimbo bitch!" 
Brit Sanders is the cheer captain for Middleburg University's cheer team. Or she was if she was preggers, the cheer coach would have kicked her off the team, which from what Jula had heard, was most of the team as they had gotten fucked and impregnated at one of the other campus orgies when the gas hit the campus. But Brit was not on campus that day. She was attending to a death in her family and was not on campus. 
"Eww! Ha, that one hurt!" Sarabeth moaned as her mom held her hand to help guide her through the pain of the contractions. Then, finally, the Doctor came in and checked how dilated Sarabeth was. 
"Okay, that was fast, especially for a first-time pregnancy! Now Sarabeth, with the next contraction, I want you to push as you are 10 cm and fully effaced." Dr. Brown, Sarabeth's OB, said. 
"Okay, holy fuck!" Sarabeth screamed out as the next contraction hit, and she stopped talking and just screamed as she started to push as the waves of pain increased from the contractions. 
"Ergh!" Sarabeth screamed nonsense until the contraction passed, 
"That was good, Sarabeth. I can see the head of the first baby and you're crowning. Keep pushing." The Doctor said several attending nurses came in with rolling tables for the babies. So that once they were born, the babies could be examined and then taken to the nursery. 
" again…." Sarabeth said through gritted teeth. So she bore down again, and with a gush of fluid, the first baby's head and shoulders were out, and then the rest body came out in a rush. 
"Congrats, it's a girl," one of the nurses said as she took the baby to get her cleaned up. Sarabeth grinned and then stopped as the next contraction hit. Once the first baby was out, the second and third came out rapidly, another girl and a boy. Sarabeth held all three of them swaddled in blankets after their cleanup and post-birth check-up by the nurses. 
"They are precious," Sarabeth said, still tired from the birthing and delivering the placentas. 
"They are gorgeous, sweetie, a bit of excitement and a lot of pain to birth but worth it," Jula said. 
"Umm, speaking of excitement, I..thought I peed myself in the excitement, but I am not thinking that was the case," Mia said as she pointed below her on the floor. 
"Oh dear, that’s not pee, it looks like your water broke. Come on, let's get you into another room before your contractions start." One of the nurses said. And the Doctor was informed by a page. And Jula quickly followed Mia and the nurse as Sarabeth smiled, waved, and yelled out, 
"Good luck Mia, congrats." 

May 16, 2061

The birthing process was the same as with Sarabeth, but it took longer than with Sarabeth. Nearly 24 hours later, Mia gave birth to two big twin girls, each 8 pounds. Sarabeth's babies were smaller at 5, 6, and 7 pounds each. 

September 10, 2061

Several Months passed quickly as Jula and Mia got into a rhythm with the newborns. Sarabeth moved into Jula's large house as well with her triplets. Not surprisingly, when Mia brought Sarabeth into Jula and her bed six months later for some loving as her relationship with Matt disintegrated. 
"Mia, what are we doing here? I am not messing around in Jula and your bedroom." Sarabeth said, trying to stall 
"Your pussy is needy. Did you think that I would not see that massive dildo that you bought off of Amazon that you have been using to jill yourself off with once the triplets are down to sleep?" 
"That's none of your business, and you know it. Quit being nosy. Mia!" 
"Oh really, if you are craving some dick, I thought we could share…." Mia said as she gently pushed Sarabeth into the bedroom where Jula was waiting nude and her futa cock at full staff underneath her impressive rack. 
"Mia? Trying to sneak Sarabeth into our bed?" Jula asked with her left eyebrow cocked up. 
Sarabeth crossed her arms under her impressive chest and pouted, not realizing the effect that had on her chest, pushing her unique H cups into a wall-like shelf of titty flesh much like a pushup bra would. 
Sarabeth inhaled Jula's pheromones that were permeating the room and was a bit overwhelmed by them, so after realizing it, she slowly walked towards Jula and sunk onto her knees as she started to suck on Jula's massive fuckstick. Sarabeth moaned as she could barely take very much of Jula's cock inside of her mouth, but she did her best and sucking and slurping up and down on her smooth cock. It did not take long for Jula to lean into the blowjob, and it morphed into a titty fuck and blowjob combined. 
"Oh fuck, Sarabeth! Look at the size of your tits wrapped around my cock while you are still trying to suck on it. Sarabeth, you are built for sex and breeding. Look at these curves," Jula said as Sarabeth slid Jula's fat cock up and down in the tunnel created by her massive boobs. 
"Oh, I'm gonna cum." Jula moaned out loudly as Mia, who had not been idle during this as she, inserted several fingers into Sarabeth's drenched pussy, fingerbanging her when Jula said she was close to cumming. Then, Mia pressed Sarabeth's head further down on Jula's cock as she started blasting thick ropes of cum into Sarabeth's mouth and throat. 
Jula was not done and ready for some more action, Sarabeth was still a bit dizzy, and Mia pulled her up off the floor and laid her on her back on the rumpled bed. Jula lined up and slid her rock-hard and saliva-coated cock into Sarabeth's wet puss. Jula groaned as Sarabeth was fucking tight after she had plenty of time to heal from her natural childbirth, and she had not had sex in 10 months as Matt stopped having sex with her when she reached seven months pregnant with the triplets. Naturally, this made her suspicious about the possibility of him cheating, which proved true. 
"What? I didn't say you can fuck me, Jula!" Sarabeth said, but her objections soon fell silent, and she just moaned as Jula shoved her 15-inch cock into Sarabeth. She took more of Jula's cock than Mia did their first time. Sarabeth took about 13.5 inches inside of her before Jula could feel her cock head press against Sarabeth's spongy cervix.  
"Oh….So stuffed," Sarabeth muttered. Jula grinned as Mia started to play with Sarabeth's enormous breasts, which had rolled to each of her sides, proving that her rack was natural. 
"Don't, Mia! I'm telling you, my titties are sensitive." Sarabeth said, but Mia ignored her complaint and was a bit surprised when Sarabeth came from her breast play and thick streams of milk shot out of her nipples, soaking the sheets around where she was lying. 
 "Oh!" Sarabeth moaned, and she shook as she orgasmed. Jula was starting to thrust hard and fast inside Sarabeth's pussy. 
"Oh fuck, so damn tight. Your pussy is fabulous, Sarabeth. How Matt could cheat on this, I don't understand.." Jula said. 
Jula lost count of the times Sarabeth came all over her cock while she was fucking her. It had to be at least 5 or 6 times before she felt the urge to cum. She felt her release, even more cum inside of her fiancee's best friend, who, unbeknownst to them all, was fertile. 
Her cum did as it was programmed and sought Sarabeth's eggs. If Sarabeth had been more attentive earlier in the day, she might have felt the slight pinch from both ovaries as they released an egg. It was that time of the month for Sarabeth, Mia, and Jula, as all cycles had synced up in the four months they had been living together. 
Not that Jula would have the want to get pregnant, and her mother had explicitly warned her against getting her cum anywhere near her pussy when she was fertile, as it was terrible when Futa managed to self-impregnate themselves. Making a clone of themselves. So, as a result, Jula had a device on that sealed her pussy for when she was fertile as she remembered several of her girlfriends that awakened in their late teens and, in the feverous lust of their awakening, had impregnated themselves by sitting in their cum as they kept jacking off and cumming on themselves if they did not have another partner to fuck or a sex toy.   
"Oh!!" Sarabeth moaned as she felt the cum hit inside of her womb. 
"Damnit, Jula! You shouldn't have cum inside, and I am probably fertile today as I am right in the middle of my ovulation window." Sarabeth cried out. Right as Sarabeth that Mia bodychecked her out of the way and pushed her further down the bed towards the foot of the giant California king that Jula had custom-built for this room.
"It's my turn. You had several orgasms with my fiancee. It's my turn now," Mia said as she spread her legs and wrapped them around Jula's thighs, and they both groaned as Jula speared her cock inside Mia's wet puss. 
And once again, it did not take long until Jula was steadily thrusting in and out in a steady rhythm of Mia. 
"Yes, Yes. I'm going to cum." Mia yelled out, and she wrapped her long legs around the top of Jula's thrusting hips. Jula did not last nearly as long with Mia as with Sarabeth, but Mia knew which of her futa fiancee's buttons to push. Mia came three or four times before Jula came inside of her when she fully seated her cock inside of Mia and dumped a second smaller but no less potent batch of cum inside of Mia's fertile womb. 

November 10, 2061 

It was no surprise when not just Sarabeth's womb but Mia's started to swell again a couple of months later. Sarabeth found out that she was having multiples again, twins this time. Dr. Brown was pretty sure that it was a girl and a futa. And Mia was pregnant with a single baby girl. But she would find out that Jula planted big babies inside of her girls. Mia's next baby girl would ti[ the scales at a whopping 13 lbs at birth, and Sarabeth's twins were 8.5 and 9 lbs at birth. So both girls got tremendously large fast and were massive at the end of their pregnancies. So uncomfortable that Jula raised a nanny to assist with cleaning and taking care of five rambunctious toddlers that were starting to get into everything and the three upcoming newborns.

April 20, 2162 
Jula married Sarabeth and Mia in an early spring-themed outdoor wedding right before the girls gave birth to their second pregnancies at Mia's insistence and Sarabeth's objections. 

Jula kept getting Mia and Sarabeth pregnant on and off for the next 15 years, and a couple of oops pregnancies for the nanny Tria who was a pretty and busty 24-year-old graduate student studying data science. So she started to raise her four kids with the rest of Jula's brood of kids.  

The cadre of rogue scientists in their underground lair was not caught after the initial test, which was deemed an act of chemical terrorism, and while the scientists reaped tons of data about the unethical and illegal test of their heat hormone that they released on the unsuspecting city of Blackwater that day of august 2060. But the federal government and local authorities formed several task forces to hunt this group down, led by an ambitious young female detective and federal agent to track the unscrupulous scientists to justice for the illegal and immoral testing on the city. But that is a story for another time. 


 Stay tuned for the next story in the unethical hormones series to see what the test did to the people of Blackwater and what happens when an executive and his slutty, hot secretary are exposed to the gas and trapped inside their nearly empty building due the building protocols for hazardous chemical release, will Crysta be able to fight off succumbing to her divorced boss's advances and will she want to as her body demands to be bred.

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