Poll: Is the site loading faster (and crashing less)?
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I can't tell.
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Feedback on performance
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We've recently migrated to a new server. It's costly, however our previous arrangement wasn't sustainable, crashed frequently, and the hosting company wanted the site off their service due to resource usage. Importantly, this new setup should allow for serious script improvements (features, possibly a different script altogether).

How would you score the site's performance compared to > week ago? The migration took place on May 15. I don't know that it's perceptible, however there should be fewer crashes/503s.
Liked by Velorum (Sep 5, 2021)
I've never experienced a crash/503 on the site before, as for loading times it was never slow at least for me, so its the same: fast. But if this server migration can allow for things like disabling the 90 second search penalty, which I'm assuming was because of lack of resources, I'm all for it. The site in terms of speed/crashes is a 10/10, I more so have issues with some internal things which the old server may have been at fault for.

Hope that's helpful :/
Liked by Velorum (Sep 5, 2021), Admin (May 19, 2021)

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