Exciting things in my upcoming lineup of stories! Free to Read Pregnancy Fantasy
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Please feel free to leave me some stars. It will help me grow. 

I've started writing 'Full of Good Intentions'
Our dearest acolyte, Lyrica, named for her sweet voice,  has been hand picked by the high priest of their fertility goddess. He swears the crops will come full this year and many babies will be born if she is to be selected. Her reverent parents agree and on her 18th birthday, she is given to the temple, completely willing to accept their goddess' gift. It features a harem style multiple-women impregnation scene, birthing, rapid pregnancy, cum inflation, body growth and magic. 

I have another story that will be running concurrently called 'Full of Failed Internships'
It features a young intern and her boss that's secretly an Incubus! He's bed and bred every secretary that's come through his office, but our coy little Stacie May. Can this upstart little college sophmore resist the wiles of an older and more dominant man with the powers of hell at his back? Let's hope not in this thrilling short that I will be breaking into two parts. The second part will be the birth scene, because I know not everyone's into that.
Features: Rapid growth, uppity, hard-to-get, and more.

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