Dreaming of it
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(It's a story i wrote this evening, a little improvisation of mine! I hope you'll enjoy!)
(Contains rapid pregnancy, belly rubs, body description)

I was there, in my room, dreaming of it. I was thinking about myself, Julie, already 21 years old with no kids. I was there, liying on my bed, looking at myself in the mirror. I see myself, my long brown hair, my green eyes, my favourite orange tank top covering my B cup breasts and my pretty hips and legs covered by my jeans.

I was feeling good, like a young girl shoud feel, but something was missing... I had everything. I had a beautiful room in my parent's house, lot of space, a big wardrobe with all the clothes i want, my computer... but that wasn't enough. I was missing something that wasn't buyable... a baby, or babies!

I took my diary and started to write on it how much i wanted to feel life growing inside of me, how much i wanted to see my body changing during nine months! I was wishing to see myself changing at different stages of a pregnancy! I wrote that last wish with a pink shiny pen and kissed the page. I put the book on the night stand.

A couple of minutes later, i was feeling something funny inside of me, as if i had butterflies in my stomach! Then, when i lifted up my tank top, i saw it! My stomach wasn't flat anymore! There was a little bump, there, right under my navel! My hands were rubbing it slowly, as if it was a treasure!

I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I was proud of it! I was proud of that tiny little thing that was growing inside of me!

I returned on my bed and took a picture with my phone. And then, right under my chin, i saw my cleavage getting deeper, as if my boobs were growing to a C cup or a D cup size! They were so beautiful, but they were so sore and sensitive!

My belly bump was still growing, i was almost 4 months pregnant, it was pushing like a swelling little balloon! I took another picture to keep a souvenir of that moment.

My boyfriend was sending messages on Facebook, so i told him what was happening! He thought i was joking, but i knew he liked my description!

Then i felt it growing bigger! My belly was reaching the bottom of my breasts. As it was blocked by my thorax, it started to grow larger and rounder! I felt my belly button becoming flat as the pressure was growing inside of me!

My tank top was lifting up by itself and soon, another thing was changing. My jeans were too tight as my hips were getting wider. I opened the zipper and the button. My belly dropped a little, conquering the space under the waist of my jeans! The waist of my black panties was drawing a curve under my growing skin!

I tried to get up again, but this time, i lost my balance! I walked in direction of the mirror, but now, i was waddling! I felt so huge! My belly was getting bigger now! It was now so round and firm! My bellybutton popped suddenly, as my pants cracked under my tight jeans! I was now nine months pregnant! I put off all my clothes and returned on my bed.

I looked at it all over, i saw a dark line crossing my navel, and a strechmark, only one, was visible on the left of my round belly! I took a last pic and rubbed it during some long minutes, on the sides, on the bottom, on the top, on the middle, i was rubbing those wide hips, those beautiful breasts! I was feeling complete! As if i always wanted to be like this!

Then, i decided to turn off the light, still rubbing my body...

The sun rose as i woke up suddenly! My belly wasn't big, my breasts were small ... what happened yesterday, was it a dream?! I took my phone to take a look at the photos ... There was some photos of my belly ... my flat belly!

Yes, it was a dream ... or it wasn't... there's a stretchmark on the left of my belly...


I hope you liked this story! Sorry for my english, i try to improve my skills everyday! Smile


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