DMCA Form:
A DMCA request should include your full legal name, legal address and a comprehensive description of your complaint. Please include the following:

1. The URL to the thread or, ideally, the post or posts in question;
2. The exact post numbers - these are found in the upper-right corner of a post;
3. If images are the focus of a complaint, you must specify the image numbers and posts to which they belong (e.g. images 1, 2 and 5 within post #55);
4. The reason the post might be potentially infringing.

To act upon the request, you must also include:

5. Your full and legal name along with a pseudonym if one is in use;
6. Your full legal address and telephone number;
7. If applicable, the full legal address and name of your organization.

If this request is being submitted by a representative, the information above must also be provided for yourself. Evidence of being authorized to act on behalf of the complainant needs to accompany any such request.

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