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Whats the point of buddy's? I keep getting notifications of people who want to be my "buddy" and then there's an option to accept or decline. What's the point of that?

Does it just alert other members who are my "buddy" to get notifications everytime I post? Cause that would real annoying, real quick.

@tomostrife I believe that's the extent of it. It's a basic feature of the script and we never bothered tweaking it, so as far as I'm aware it just provides notifications when somebody you're following makes a post. If there was a way to make the buddy system more useful for networking and messaging that's something I'd undertake.

As an aside, did you notice pretty bad performance issues last week? The forum seems to be loading normally now. I've been dealing with some family stuff and haven't been able to do much (beyond checking out flagged posts.) Flagging is essential, thanks for helping out in this area.

tomostrife (Edited)

Figured as much. Been getting some lately, guess I got groupies. Did notice it hard to load a few times but always temporary. I'm just happy flagging works, some stupid ass posts here and there.

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