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Over the years, many pregnancies have been featured in the hit ABC show “Lost.” The Island is a particularly dangerous place for a pregnant woman as explained in the wiki page below.

Claire Littleton played by Emilie de Ravin was shown pregnant at the beginning of the series for most of the first season. She was 8 months pregnant at the time of the crash. And if your thinking what I’m thinking, yes she’s a pregnant teenager.

[Image: 6x03-whatkatredid458.jpg]

[Image: kateandclaireflashsideways.jpg]

[Image: 215-claire-01.jpg]

[Image: claire-littleton-claire-littleton-698325_960_1200.jpg]

[Image: lost_emilie_de_ravin_claire_littleton_dvdbash_142.jpg]

[Image: claire-losts1e02-pilot.jpg]

Claire really doesn't have any real definitive style in the series, but she doesn't really need any. She looks like this through most of the series. Well, not the pregnant part – just the casual cotton clothes (including the kind that clings to her massive glowing frame) part. She reminds me somewhat of a younger Kristen Bell with her pregnancy. Since the survivors were on a very warm deserted, I'm surprise she didn't have any bare belly content aside from the sonogram posted above. The scenes with her in the black tank top makes it really seem like her "beach-ball" wanted to burst out.

There's not really an sense in remaking this long lasting series over in order to get a feel of another actress to portray a pregnancy like Claire, but if I had to choose a doppelganger or different blonde actress my choices would be...

Busy Philips (given her real pregnancy on the Terminator series; a recommendation is coming up)

Hayden Panetteire (just check out the bikini pictures that were taken towards the end of her pregnancy to see what I mean)

and if there's the possibility of a porn parody, I don't know, "Princess Diana"? "Pregnant Candi"? Even though both are a helluva lot bigger than Claire.

Aside from the beautifully glowing Claire (pictured below once again), there’s another short but sweet pregnancy worth mentioning from the show that I enjoy.

[Image: Lost_EpisodeStills_Season1_1x03_TabulaRasa_0010.jpg]

In the episode "Across the Sea", we open on some wooden wreckage floating in the Ocean. A woman named Claudia surfaces a grabs a floating piece of wreckage. She looks behind her and sees the island not too far away.We next see her laying on the beach where she is awoken by the water coming in. She stands up supporting her humongous belly, and we can see that she is pregnant, and quite far along.She ventures into the forest where she meets a woman who brings her into a cave. The island woman tells Claudia that every question she asks will lead to another; mysterious.

[Image: Claudia.jpg]

Later on, Claudia gives birth to twins in rapid fashion during the episode.

[Image: 25.jpg]

[Image: 26.jpg]

[Image: 27.jpg]

[Image: 29.jpg]

[Image: 41.jpg]

[Image: 32.jpg]

[Image: 34.jpg]

[Image: 36.jpg]

[Image: 41.jpg]

I know how one could have a birth fetish, especially to a natural delivery, that's why I brought this moment up; I do. I can't really explain why I enjoy this.

Is it the moaning or grunting and the look on the woman's face? Is it the pushing part of it all? Is it maybe the sight of a sweat covered huge heaving belly whether it's in a home bath tub or uncovered from beneath a hospital gown?

For me I love watching the belly on a woman tighten during contractions and raising every time she pushes.I enjoy a twin birth as well; just the idea of a woman giving birth once and then having to do so again right away afterward is kind of hot to me. The red dress that Claudia is wearing is a Roman stola which was the accepted dress for married civilian women from the 2nd century BC until the late 3rd century AD. It surely adds to Claudia's already massive size.

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Remember when I said certain Hispanic actresses, such as Rosie Perez and Salma Hayek, must have a contract clause for any film portraying them as pregnant should only "show them off" a few minutes at a time; here’s example. This is not a bad film (cheesy/dated maybe), but as far as the pregnancy content goes it’s kind of a wasted opportunity.

In the stale but watchable "Fools Rush In", two virtual strangers--a stuffy, upwardly mobile white Manhattan and an intense Chicana artist--impetuously decide to tie the knot Vegas-style after their rash one-night-stand results in an unanticipated pregnancy. But can they survive the pressures of their worlds-apart backgrounds and fall in love for real? Basically in a nutshell, this could be a PG-13 “Knocked Up” minus the presence of raunchy humor and R-rated attitude that movie had. If I had to choose between which “pregger” I would've went along with I probably would choose Salma; despite how great Katherine Heigl looks.

[Image: fri-1651.jpg]
[Image: fri-1648.jpg]
[Image: fri-2191.jpg]
[Image: fri-2192.jpg]
[Image: fri-2193.jpg]
[Image: fri-2444.jpg]
[Image: fri-2488.jpg]

Not the best. Most of the film follows Matt Perry and Salma Hayek winds up on the back burner when her character is at her biggest.

If it wasn't a pain to endear such a short onscreen pregnancy in one film, she did it again in “Once Upon A Time in Mexico”. If I had any ideas to chime in for a pregnancy film involving a fully pregnant Salma in which she rapidly grows pregnant as the film or short goes along it would probably be the cause either of aliens or a mythical voodoo pregnancy. For inspiration, I could always fall back on one video from the early days of TaylorMadeClips, “Carolyn Pierce’s Voodoo Belly inflation”, as well as a story from Cheviot’s Place involving an actress who is made pregnant during a film audition. Maybe the actress grows to not only Lacy Luck's size in proportions in contrast to her real life pregnancy but her other symptoms go off of the charts.

[Image: Salma-Hayek-e1377784836636.jpg]
[Image: eddef26d9fa21288e485e62ada367510.jpg]
[Image: 190451d1180940803-pregnant-celebrities-salma1.jpg]
[Image: salma_hayek_070511_17_cbb.jpg]
[Image: salmahayekPA1801_468x779.jpg]

Maybe the actress grows to not only Lacy Luck's size in proportions in contrast to her real life pregnancy but her other symptoms go off of the charts. The pregnancy essentially breaks her body down. The over the top increase in breast size, what ever she's pregnant with giving off a barrage of weird gurgling from inside of her sloshing amniotic fluid filled stomach, cravings that go far beyond anything normal. Being oblivious to her rapidly growing size; check out the image of her about to seemingly burst out of her overcoat. A watermelon sized belly accompanied by a pair of grapefruit sized breasts. Ideas are pretty much welcomed.

[Image: Salma-Hayek-Feet-1582954.jpg]

In addition to her breasts and feet being shown off in this nice aerial shot, I cannot shake the idea of seeing a pregnant belly shot or belly expansion from this angle.

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The ultimate R-rated movie pregnancy; Tatiana from "The Change Up." What more can I say about this scene?

A hot pregnant blonde (sigh) woman takes off her jacket and is shown wearing only a thong; she places her bare breasts in the hands of a man, she shoves the man backwards on a bed and straddles him, shoves one of her breasts into his mouth, makes a crude remark about the man's sexual performance, and then gets up.

While the actress in question, Mircea Monroe, isn't really pregnant (her belly fx created utilizing prosthetics and a CGI kick for good measure) her breasts are real.

If I had the opportunity to see this scene with a different actress, of all the people I would pick I would pick Kim Kardashian. Do you think it could be done?

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I can never find any pics/clips of it, but one of my favorite pregnant horror films is a 1990 movie "The Evil Within" (originally released in France as Baby Blood I believe)

(April 18, 2015, 1:10 am)minibaraka Wrote: I can never find any pics/clips of it, but one of my favorite pregnant horror films is a 1990 movie "The Evil Within" (originally released in France as Baby Blood I believe)

Here's a link for some pictures. To be honest, I would love to see this film remade because the belly scenes are not much to run home about. No bare bellies but a large heavily clothed pregnant woman for the last half hour of the film. It seems like the film I reviewed earlier, 'Born', ripped off a bit of this film. The bloody bits are a bit of much to enjoy the pregnancy content and this is coming from someone who actually likes the AVPR birth scene, the belly expansion in 'Species 2' and the gratuitous sex scene in 'Born.'


Unfortunately a lot of the pictures I posted for my Juno recommendation have disappeared; here's the site where most of all of the come from.

One of my favorites is from Roseanne. Even though it wasn't a belly expansion scene, I always thought it could be. After playing around, I made a short belly expansion clip. It's a little crude, but it was something I was playing around with.

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If only there could be more Belly Expansions in both Shows and Movies... Also, FORGET the off-screen stuff, I think its on-screen ones we like.

(January 24, 2015, 8:31 pm)THEBLACKSPANTHER Wrote: On the hit FOX show "Sleepy Hollow", a recent episode (season 2, episode 7) titled Deliverance gives us a nice rapid pregnancy/belly expansion. This showing got me thinking about other displays of pregnancy in film and tv, past and present. For example Sarah Rue being hugely pregnant on "Two and A Half Man" and the classic belly expansion scenes of classic horror such as Warlock 2, Class of Nuke Em' High, and Xtro. Until the day we could get another genuine pregnant belly expansion (supernatural/alien) in film or television, what are some of your favorite film/tv belly expansion's and impregnation's from over the years? Also, if you were given the chance, what actresses of the entertainment industry (porn actresses as well) nowadays would you want to see in scenes like these or just simply reenactments?

My choices for actresses to play in belly expansion scenes are...

Victoria Justice
Elizabeth Gillies (imagine her in a dark sort of supernatural impregnation)
and probably Kim Kardashian

[Image: nukem1.jpg]

My favorite rapid pregnancy in movies is the one in Warlock 2 where the woman in the black dress huffs and puffs as she watches her expanding pregnant belly rip threw her dress. Then she gives birth.

Olivia Munn is the one who I would want to remake this scene but there are a few who I would love to see have a rapid pregnancy:

Kaley Cuoco
Jennifer Aniston
Cobie Smulders
Jennifer Lawrence

This are the only ones I can think of right now.

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