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Wink  Pregluv23
It’s preferably unique when a certain A-list actress “plays” pregnant for a movie, but three times (maybe four), with one of those times being real, Maya Rudolph is a treasure to behold.

If big time films aren’t really your thing, you can see her in the hipster esque film “Away We Go” about a couple looking for the perfect place to give birth to their baby. The belly content is decent enough (tight clothes/bare belly) for your time.

If you like in-between movies, Prairie Home Companion should be up your alley. Her being shown off wasn't the very best, but there’s a great scene (pictured below) that pops up middle ways in the film.

[Image: 171685_full.jpg]

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Some more reviews and recommendations on the way. I hope everybody is enjoying the thread.

(Not particularly pregnancy/belly expansion related, just yet, but I guess some have dreams of this happening one day.)

For a total of 57 episodes in all, Nickelodeon's hit series "Victorious" follows the comedic and obviously musical adventures of aspiring singer Tori Vega (played by Victoria Justice) navigates life while attending a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts. Like most shows produced by Dan Schneider, the show is known to have some innuendos and ambiguous actions or quotes even though the series is targeted for tweens and young teenagers. Unlike most of his shows, the show features four extremely beautiful female leads (in addition to Justice, there's Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Daniella Monet).

Since I mentioned at the beginning of this thread, if one were given the chance, what actresses of the entertainment industry (porn actresses as well) nowadays would you want to see in belly expansion scenes like the classics, new ones, or just simply reenactments, here's how I'll delve through these actresses.

To get the main star out of the way first, Victoria Justice (known for her midriffs) seems to be on a very slow road to building a somewhat interesting acting career, starring now in a MTV show "Eye Candy" and with a couple of small films on the way. Given her new found success and the amount of notoriety she has there's not a real chance of a belly expansion or pregnancy in her future. As you can see below she has a good enough body that is expected to fill out once she gets older.

Maybe a good idea for a belly expansion or pregnancy will come to me, just give me some time.

[Image: 1792801542.jpg]

On the other side of Tori is the friend-enemy her on the show was constantly at her neck, Jade West portrayed by the voluptuous Elizabeth Gillies. While Justice seems to be rising in the ranks of doing stuff for MTV, Liz seems to be moving on to more adult oriented roles. Last year she was in the monster flick "Animal" and the sultry Lifetime movie of the week "Killing Daddy." It may not sound like much in the way of a future fictional pregnancy/belly expansion, but here me out. She has a very goth like complex that could work well in a horror film that could involve a mystical pregnancy. The mystical pregnancy is one of the most overused tropes in science fiction and fantasy — and recently, we've seen this idea taken to its most ludicrous extreme, in the Lifetime show Witches of East End.

A short film or feature film adaptation of the stories posted, minus the gory belly burst in the Deviantart one, could be an interesting thing. A Game of Thrones type birth scene could be interesting as well.

Given the "jigggleness" of her breasts and how much cleavage she has, in the GIF below, you could probably get an idea of how she would be in one of these scenes.

[Image: Elizabeth+Gillies+2.gif]

[Image: 192g85zvinziqgif.gif]

On the other side of Tori and Jade is the extremely ditsy and good natured best friend Cat Valentine, portrayed by Ariana Grande. The third girl is always the hardest as it seems. She may have the look of jail bait, she may not have the most interesting body (Tori getting the ass and Liz having the boobs), she may be the most well-known of the cast as of now thanks to her rising star in music (it may be impossible), but what she also have is tons of potential.

In my first post I mentioned, or at least alluded that she would be a perfect candidate for a role as Chrissy in a remake of "The Class of Nuke Em' High"; even though there was a recent reboot with a great amount of pregnancy content. Just think of her in the most famous of movie belly expansion's, after smoking the toxic weed, that makes her pregnant. I'm sure Troma would think of something even more ludicrous like a cum swallowing pregnant belly expansion. Accompanied by the sounds of the low frequency gurgles, and a ton of jizz sloshing in her newly-rotund belly like amniotic fluid.

Also, the possibility of a remake of Tromeo and Juliet could maybe happen. Just imagine the sight of Ariana in the crazed dream sequence, adorned in a pink nightie as her belly pushes outward stretching it's seams, eventually popping some of the buttons and exposing it's bareness.

Speaking of remakes in America, "Body Melt" (pictured below) a belly expansion no one seems to mention, could be a good role for her, if done properly and better. The air bag effect could be replaced for a more realistic effect; I'm desperately trying to fight the urge thinking of her doing a pregnant belly expansion in one of the many outfits she usually wears during her concerts.

The Cheviot's Place story maybe could be put to some good use...

[Image: vidcap-2.jpg]
[Image: ariana-grande-performs-at-2014-american-...les_25.jpg]
[Image: 2Y9SibZ.jpg]
[Image: Wim3TBo.jpg]

If you have any fictional pregnancies or belly expansion's in movies or TV that you like (or even remember) feel free to post. If you have an actress that you like (whether she's in movies, tv, or even porn) that you would like to see in a old scene or in a newly created scene fell free to post.

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("Do I really have to explain this one out?)

"No, I am fat! I'm huge! For the love of Mary, I'm pregnant!
--Jennifer Tilly

In the bat shit insane horror comedy Seed of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly is the target of Tiffany's soul transference and the star of the self-referencing film "Chucky Goes Psycho". Later on in the film, Chucky's semen from masturbation is then inserted by Tiffany in Jennifer Tilly; don't ask. Through the acceleration of voodoo she becomes massively pregnant with twins in a matter of a few hours. How she doesn't notice the change happening during her sleep is beyond me.

Thank god for the ideal casting of the voluptuously curvy (Double D be damned) and heavily underrated Jennifer Tilly. Too bad they didn't give her bare belly make up fx, but what she had was good enough. Most probably would drool heavily over the jiggles of her breasts, now placed atop her massive twin carrying belly. For birth fetishists, there is even a decent birth in all of this madness.

Ask for any doppelgangers to be apart of a similarly plotted accelerated voodoo pregnancy, my votes are Rosie Perez and Elizabeth Gillies. I already put my two cents for Gillies, I'll do Perez after a few more recommendations.

[Image: 004SOC_Jennifer_Tilly_042.jpg]
[Image: 004SOC_Jennifer_Tilly_044.jpg]
[Image: 004SOC_Jennifer_Tilly_046.jpg]
[Image: 1377439682.jpg]
[Image: Seed-Of-Chucky-jennifer-tilly-29019527-1200-796.jpg]
[Image: 004SOC_Jennifer_Tilly_049.jpg]

("I can't believe there is a fully matured human man in that womb!")

What else is there to say about it? This is the undisputed grand daddy of all belly expansions; this is 1982’s XTRO.

The blond woman in this scene is a great actress as far as exploitation standards go.

As for the growing effects, you can really see it slowing her down. But where is she going? She can't outrun a pregnancy. Same could be said for the women in Species 2 and Warlock 2: the Armageddon. It would have been kind of strange if she had a more joyful expression from the labor pains. I applaud the filmmakers for their grand work on capturing her struggle. Anybody with an alien impregnation fetish or birth fetish probably will get a bigger kick out of this scene than most.

[Image: 3174436_640px.jpg?1316154972]

These posts are great, both the info on scenes and your ideas/hopes for further stories. I have to ask, since I wasn't aware of a new expansion scene in our midst, is there more details on the Witches of Eastend expansion? I saw the gif of it, but I was curious if there's more and what about it makes it as ludicrous as you said?

By the way, Maya Rudolph is a super hot preggo and I forgot how great her belly looked in Prairie Home companion. Thanks a lot for that one!!!

(February 12, 2015, 7:41 pm)ShotGlass Wrote: These posts are great, both the info on scenes and your ideas/hopes for further stories. I have to ask, since I wasn't aware of a new expansion scene in our midst, is there more details on the Witches of Eastend expansion? I saw the gif of it, but I was curious if there's more and what about it makes it as ludicrous as you said?

By the way, Maya Rudolph is a super hot preggo and I forgot how great her belly looked in Prairie Home companion. Thanks a lot for that one!!!

This is all the information I could grab detailing this scene...Thanks for your support btw; I've got a bunch of recommendations on the way. I'm trying to remember the many TV show pregnancies that I've seen over the years. I plan on doing a write up on Rosie Perez and maybe Salma Hayek soon as well. Just some stuff to add before I leave the site for a while.

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