Anyone know the movie?
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NoMorePants (Edited)
I wasn't sure where exactly to put this, but i was hoping somebody knew about the movie in question.
Specifically the name of it. (And weather or not they have screenshots from the movie, as a Memory Refresher).

I can't remember the name of the movie (which is largely why i was hoping somebody else knew the name of it), but it was featured on the Movie Lists of the old BEArchive Website (Cheviot's Place, for those who knew of it).
The Movie seemed to feature Late-Actor Bill Paxton in it (or at least somebody who looked like him).

Considering how old the website was at the time it was abandoned (?), the movie was likely released 2004 or earlier.

There appeared to be a scene featuring said actor with a Woman and a Shower.
I cant remember exactly if the Woman had a Robe on or was Fully Naked, but if i recall correctly they were standing outside the shower, and the Woman was Huge with her Bare Belly on Display.

It's definitely not 'Constant Gardener' that im thinking about, as that appears differently to me whenever i look it up.

If somebody knows what movie im talking about, and maybe has Screenshots to refresh my Memory, that would help me a bit.

Because i cant seem to wrap my head around a movie scene i was thinking about recently.

thomstaake (Edited)
I think you're talking about A Simple Plan.

AH! Yes! Thank You, that's it.

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