A Pregnancy Erotic Romance - Comic
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Isa Wynne
Hi all. I am a hobbyist erotica writer, but recently I got the urge to try something different. As such, here is an erotic romance comic. The screenshots are taken from the Sims 4, and the story was written and compiled into a comic by myself.
Here is the first chapter for you to read, please enjoy.
Feel free to give feedback, be it positive or negative, here on this thread or via private message. It can be as short or detailed as you fancy! Keep in mind that I have only done a brief proof read of this at the moment, and that some text boxes and images might not be sized properly.

This is the story of Laura, an university student who gets pregnant. It is the first chapter of a story that could eventually be around eight or nine chapters long. Below are two preview images, and a link to a pdf of the comic right here;

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Great! Looking forward to seeing more.

Isa Wynne
Thanks, glad that you're keen to see more. Whilst I can't make any promises as to when, I will try and find the time to compile the remainder of the story. I'll post them here.

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