A lost video / model - blonde with a southern accent?
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There was a video I had seen a while back on a site called something like "" or something similar. It was a sort of forum like this where you could also post videos of pregnant content.

There was a video on there that was literally like 20 seconds long of a blonde girl with a southern accent in what appears to be a living room (I think?) talking to the cameraman. In the video she says something akin to "Are you sure? I'm 9 months pregnant, though..." At the same time, the cameraman walks out from behind the camera, lays on the floor, and she begins to mount him in a reverse cowgirl, facing the camera. She had begun to say something else in objection but her sentence is lost because she instantly begins to get lost in how good the sex feels. Then the video ends.

People on that forum had apparently searched a while to find it. It looks like it's sort of the "professionally made amateur porn" grade of production, so I don't think it's just some random amateur's upload.

I'd post the video, but I can't seem to remember the exact site URL.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I remember wanting to see the whole thing so badly but never having any luck...

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