15 And Pregnant
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LTKNT101 (Edited)
The following is a true story written by a woman who got pregnant when she was 15-years-old. I found it in a forum I was reading a few months ago where women were sharing their experiences with teen pregnancy. There are spelling and grammar issues in the piece. I did not want to correct her mistakes because I wanted to share this with you the way she typed it.

The reason why I decided to tell my story is because everyone is taking about their experiences having their children at 14 and they and all grown up now. i made the opposite decision, incase you are thinking of abortion.
i was 15 when i became pregnant. it was a stupid mistake, i was skipping school to go with my boyfriend at the time that i thought i loved so dearly. i became pregnant sometime in may, but never got the pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness or fainting etc. i have a very random period so i was always confused with my cycle. i wasnt sure that i was pregnant until august, a week before i started sophomore year. i bought a test from the dollar store. and took it at my boyfriends house. he was fighting with his dad when i found out it was positive. i sat patiently at the dinning room table for him to return. he saw me scared face and said “oh no”. he knew it was positive. i showed him the test and started bawling my eyes out. saying i couldnt do it, i couldnt tell my parents or ill be kicked out, id never be able to go out again. i was petrified to do anything. i let the time go by, trying to hide my baby bump with large clothing, sweaters, shirts. it went on until december. i was 16 now. my mom kept telling me i looked pregnant and different. always trying to feel my stomach. one day i walked into the kitchen to see a pregnancy test box. i started to shake. i kept telling my mom “youre so annoying im not pregnant! i have a project to do!!” my mom asked me to do the test then. i told her to wait until i was done with my project. im texting my boyfriend asking what to do, he says just to admit to it. i walked downstairs, waiting to take the test. my dad said “its okay mamas itll be done fast, youre not even pregnant so who cares, right?” i nodded. i then take the test. shaking uncontrollably. one line. and the other line was there, faintly. my mom confused said “it’s invalid, take another” i took one more test, the both read the same. my mom screaming and asking if i was pregnant and i finally nodded and said yes. she got on her knees and bawled. i was too scared to cry. i was to scared to talk or move. i told them the reason why i didnt say anything was because i was scared of being thrown out of the house. once i told them i was 5 months my mom screamed and said i couldnt have an abortion anymore. they were so shocked. i wish i could go back and time and tell them sooner.
no, i didnt want to keep it. i kept thinking i was going to have a miscarriage. how stupid. i feel like i kept pushing it away because i just didnt want to deal with it. my family was in so much debt. they couldnt help me pay for a baby. i couldnt get a good enough job to support me and the baby.
a week later we are on our way to albuquerque, i was there to have a late term abortion. they told me it was a boy, and that if i had waited one more week to have this abortion i wouldnt have been able to get rid of it. it was a four day process. im not going to go into detail. but its definitely not what people say it is. it wasnt as satanic or inhumane. i still had to give birth. and it was a crazy experience. i wish i never went through it. but when i look back at it now, i am thankful i went though it because it has made me such a stronger person. i am so thankful that i was able to have a late term abortion. i wouldve had a kid with lots of dis formalities, because i am severely anemic, and i would smoke nicotine very often. i would do at home remedies for trying to have a miscarriage. i know that, that little baby boy wouldnt have came out normal. and it wouldve lived a horrible life with the poor lifestyle me and my family had.
thank you for reading. feels good to get off my chest. im not a monster. i was a scared kid that was about to have a kid. i am still confident with my decision of not having him. i am now in college working on my psychology degree, working a part time job that pays 16.25 an hour! i will have a kid one day. when the timing is right Smile

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