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Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
20something-guy Offline
Been there done that.

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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
The mythical surrogate mother is the only way. Unless you want 20 kids and make a massive salary. Even with a surrogate, I could do without the crazy emotions/mood swings (their not always positive!) and other pregnancy baggage. Here we go, a surrogate mother friends with benefits! Easy as pie.
April 7, 2016 1:29 am
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Preggolove89 Offline
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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
I would want a place to go, like a resort, maybe some island paradise.

Like a week's vacation, the perfect holiday.

Beautiful beaches, luxury hotel, and every service I could possibly imagine.

I was thinking about this the other day actually. Maybe twelve girls there that I could see.

At ever stage of pregnancy, from pre-pregnancy to full term. And a tenner and triplet for good measure.

I would spend that week with each and every girl, exploring their bodies, learning exactly how they want to be touched.

I would dress them up, and get them toys. I would take great care of them.

And they would fulfill every desire and fantasy I have, Not every girl mind you. Certain girls are into certain things, and I wouldn't want them to feel uncomfortable. I want them to feel sexy, to feel desired. I want to make fantasies into a reality.

Life is a playground.
Play by the rules, and you can fulfill your fantasies.

The cogs in this machine are whirling, the Playground is heading into Alpha.
April 14, 2016 4:23 pm
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Maiesiophilist Offline

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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
Skip the intro of who she is, and how i met her.
After some minutes of chit-chat, finally me and her end up at bed. She is 42 weeks. So she can go to labor anytime. I start up slowly, but as the time go i slide in and out harder. After some minutes, she touchs her belly because her baby moving.
"Whats up?"
"Just moving."
"Is it hurt?"
"No. I'm fine. Just go on."
And we go on. I f*ck her harder and she starts moaning. Her moan suddenly becomes louder.
"What's now?"
"Awh, i think it's a contraction."
I rub her belly while i waiting for the contraction to stop.
"Ok. My contraction is over."
"Should we stop?"
"No. I never had sex for months. And i won't give up just because of contraction."
I f*ck her again, harder. I see the expression on her face. Is it an orgasm? Or another contraction? But i don't care, because that makes me more and more want to f*ck her harder. Her moan finally become louder than ever in which make me realize that that is not moan. That's a scream, now i know she's in labor. But this idea just makes me get harder on her. She tries to push me away, but i hold her both hand. She starts to crying. I lose my mind. I don't care if she's in intense pain anymore. I just want to go all out with my desire.
Finally i feel something wet on my dick, and there is some liquid comes out from her vagina. Her water is broke! But that won't stop me. Her scream, her face expression, the idea of her in labor and her water broke, just make get harder. Until i feel that my dick touchs 'something' inside her. OMG! It's the baby's head. So i pull out my dick, and watch her moaning, screaming while pushing her baby out.

Oh yeah, this is the best fantasy i've imagined to fulfill my desire.
(This post was last modified: June 8, 2016 3:15 pm by Maiesiophilist.)
June 8, 2016 3:03 pm
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adugle Offline
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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
my fantasy is is rubbing,pinching, and slapping ma dick very hard on the pregnant belly. and the baby should not be mine, i like it to own a pregnant belly which is actually not mine. dunno why but i prefer when the baby is a boy,
June 11, 2016 2:54 pm
LovePreggies Offline
Pregnancy Aficionado

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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
My ultimate fantasy is to have a beautiful woman who loved me with all of her heart get pregnant and carry my child.
June 11, 2016 5:37 pm
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Phamas Offline
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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
timing my S/O's pregnancy so shes painfully huge in the summer time and doesn't wanna wear much clothing.
June 13, 2016 9:40 pm
jin1976 Online

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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
Driving in a Lamborghini with a pregnant escort very pregnant with twins/ triplets. Short deep v-neck dress with exposed top half of the belly. Short girl with high heels. Bring her shopping expensive clothes and bags and clubbing. Love to talk nasty and hard sex.
June 14, 2016 3:42 am
Prego_Toodlez Offline

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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
My fantasy is to be pregnant myself either with twins or triplets, 7-9 months along, ready to give birth at anytime and when my water finally breaks I'm either giving birth privately at home without medical adsistance, or I'm somewhere semi public but some guy ends up having to deliver my baby and it turns out he has a fetish for pregnancy/birth as well. Smile
June 14, 2016 9:52 pm
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sbflicker Offline
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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
My ultimate pregnancy fantasy is that I am the house photographer at a hotel which only allows pregnant women to stay there. There are usually at least twenty in residence, all in their second and third trimesters. Ladies carrying multiples are particularly welcome. My job is to give them a complete record of their pregnancies. I particularly enjoy photographing them in their underwear and night wear. I ask them to wear stockings and high heels and most of them are very obliging and allow me to help them put on their stockings and connect their suspenders. The challenge is to get the ladies expecting multiples to wear and walk in 6inch heels. They regularly need my help to balance, which I willingly give.
June 15, 2016 10:37 am
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jfingers Offline
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RE: Your ultimate pregnancy fantasy?
I have a few favorite fantasies. Here's one of them:

It is set back in the 1950's before there were birth control pills and society was more disapproving of pregnancy out of wedlock. If a girl got pregnant, her family would send her to a "home for unwed mothers" until she delivered. Then she'd go home and the baby would be put up for adoption.

I inherited a convenience store from my uncle in a distant town. Soon after I re-open the store I meet this hot young girl and we begin a glorious sexual affair. ("Don't worry, baby, Birth control is all taken care of.") After two months or so, it's guess what, I'm pregnant! After the shock wears off, she explains that I didn't make her pregnant. She lives in the maternity home around the corner. She's about to start showing, and she wants to give me a graceful out if I don't want to date a pregnant girl. I, of course, suggest a wait-and-see approach. Our glorious sexual affair gets even more glorious while she gets nice and big.

One day, she makes her next big confession: "Oh, honey, I think I made a terrible mistake last night. The other girls all asked me where I go in the evenings. Do I have a lover? Does he like pregnant girls? They all just kept asking. I finally broke down and told them it was you. I hope you don't mind."

So, there are 150 girls living just around the corner in the maternity home. They are bored, lonely, horny, and painfully aware that they can't get any more pregnant than they are now. All of them are in various stages of pregnancy and looking for some fun. Their pregnancies are their key to a carefree, joyful sex life if only they can find a partner. And now, all of them know how much I like pregnant girls.

I quickly become a sex god to these girls. They compete for my time in the evening. When a girl is just starting to show, she wants me to fuck her while she goes from 8-week agility to 41-week immobility. If she is already huge, she wants me to put her into labor. Lots of these girls have very interesting backgrounds and tastes. All of them love dick and to feel me fill their pussies to overflowing. Best of all, there is a small dormitory on the first floor. All the girls have to live there when they are two or three weeks from their due date so they can be near the Labor and Delivery room.The dormitory is called the Big House because all of the home's biggest pregnant girls live there. And those poor, bored, enormous pregnant girls have stolen a key to the back door so they can have visitors any time they like.

How many ways can you spin that fantasy? I retreat to it when I'm waiting at the airport, when I'm alone at Starbucks, or while I'm waiting to fall asleep at night. I think about lots of individual girls. I watch them as they get bigger, as they think of new ways to enjoy pregnant sex, and how I finally tip them over from overdue to labor. The toughest part is to let them have their babies and leave, so I can make room for new ones. I think some of them are going to become repeat business at the home now that their tummies are all loosened up from their first pregnancies.

How does that sound?
August 21, 2016 5:37 am
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