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The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
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The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
By JBowman
I: Summoning Isn’t Easy

This is a story set in the Warcraft universe. It contains pregnancy - of course - and cum inflation. It's not the sort of thing I usually write, but what the heck.

“Pay attention, girl! This is no game, do you not understand that?”
Kali Bronzebuns snapped back to attention as her tutor slammed his hands into her desk, looking up nervously at the lanky human before her. His long black hair hung greasily over his face, his dark eyes flashing with anger.
“Sorry, sir,” she said, instantly contrite, “I was jus' 'avin' a wee issue wi' understandin' th'...”
“Miss Bronzebuns,” he said, his anger subsiding to a dull simmer, “Your wee issues are liable to live on in infamy if you start practicing fel magic without learning the dangers and how to avoid them. If you had even the faintest inkling of what you're going to be risking, perhaps you wouldn't be here. Are you wasting my time, girl? Well?”
Kali swallowed, shaking her head. Her bun of red hair wobbled, spilling a couple of coppery curls down her forehead. “Nae, Professor, I'm tryin' tae learn, honestly, it's jus'...”
“It's just that you're not listening, of course,” her teacher replied, snappishly. “Well, perhaps you can start?”
“Aye, Professor. Sorry, sir.”
“Very well,” turning his back to her, the teacher began to pace, “Summoning circles, as I was saying, used to be vitally important in the binding of demons. Most modern spells incorporate the metaphysical creation of a pseudo-circle of runes, which are on the board here. These runes...”
As he droned on, Kali wriggled around in her seat to get a better angle for writing, jotting the runes down into her grimoire. Being a warlock, she mused, had seemed much easier than the reality was proving to be.
Kali Bronzebuns was a dwarf, closely related to the great and widespread Bronzebeard clan. Like all her kin, she was genetically blessed with wide hips, powerful arms and legs, a curvy body, and a generous bosom. Unfortunately, as she saw it, the Titans had cursed her with rather an extreme overabundance of boob. It made her life as a student difficult, and made her feel grotesquely out of proportion to her peers, particularly the human girls in her class. It didn't help that, as one of the few dwarven students, she was a good two decades older than most of her classmates. She repeatedly caught the male members of the class staring at them, and was embarrassed to be – she was sure – such an article of ridicule. Added to this, her rich auburn hair tended to fall in thick curls around her face, and every attempt to restrain it in a braid had failed miserably. She knew, she just knew that she looked a total mess compared to the slender, straight-haired human girls.
An Introduction to the Fel Arts, or Warlockery 101, as she preferred to think of it, was run by a bitter warlock who had once been a pet trainer in Stormwind, in the days when summoning demons had been a far less advanced art than it was today. A member of the old school, he had set up a classroom in a ramshackle house within the Old Town of Stormwind, with some fairly successful results. There were rumours that some of his students had helped Thrall and the Aspects kill Deathwing. There were also rumours that his black hair was a wig. Either or both could be false. Professor Gakin was probably the scariest human she'd ever met, although the list was rather short. She thought that, had she met Arthas before he'd been slain, she'd probably have found him pleasant company compared to the Professor.
She looked down at what she was writing, shifting the paper out from beneath her breasts to make more room. The desks were not best sized for dwarves to begin with, and her particular assets took up most of the available space in her direct area. She contemplated a cushion, just to lift herself up enough to not have them resting on the desk.
Her notes, despite her wandering thoughts, were fairly comprehensive, accurate copies of the runes of summoning and binding on the board, along with explanations of what each one meant. Gakin was adamant his students learn the fundamentals before moving on to the modern methods.
“...Of which I will be testing you tomorrow. This will be your second physical examination, and I trust some of you...” and here he glared at Kali, “...will give a better showing of yourselves than when I had you create healthstones – and as a reminder on that front, a healthstone should be fist sized, not room-sized.”
“Och, it were a simple wee miscalculation,” Kali grumbled under her breath, her pale, freckled cheeks colouring.
“The nature of the examination,” Gakin continued, opting to ignore her sotto voce comments, “will be the summoning and binding of two demons – the voidwalker and the succubus. I will have banishing rituals on hand whe... if you manage to fail. Failing this examination will result in your expulsion from the class, assuming you survive.”
There was a general collection of positive noises from the nine students in the class.
“Very well. I expect you to have these runes perfectly memorized by the examination. Class dismissed.”
Kali gathered up her grimoire and pens, shoving them into her bag, and extricated herself with some difficulty from the desk. Her breasts settled back against her chest, no longer looking quite so large, but still on the excessively generous side. She could feel the stares of the five male students in the class on her chest, and caught one of the human women glaring at her. One day, she'd work out what they had against her.
Sighing, she slipped out of the class and head home, her mind swimming with the amount of information she was trying to remember. She dearly wanted to be a warlock, although she had a horrible feeling tomorrow was going to see her training reaching an abrupt halt.

Thirteen hours later, as she prepared to leave for class, she was feeling no better. Lack of sleep, and her rather scatter-brained memory, had made her less certain she knew how to summon something than ever before.
If only she could take the grimoire in with her! Or at least, the runes...
She glanced down, an idea forming in her mind. She could! All she had to do was copy them onto her breasts, hide them under the neck of her ritual robe, and sneak a peek when the summoning came! It was genius!
Grabbing her quill, she set to work on the bountiful canvas of boobflesh before her.

“You will enter your examination room, and begin the casting. First the voidwalker, then the succubus. Note that the voidwalker will require a double-binding to prevent it being independent enough to be problematical. You have ten minutes for each summoning, starting...” Gakin turned over the large hourglass in the middle of the chamber, “ Go to it!”
The students stepped into their rooms, closing the doors behind them. Kali, grinning happily at her simple subterfuge, shrugged off her robes to her waist. The entirety of both summoning and binding circles were before her, inscribed one on each breast, and she set to work copying out the circle for the voidwalker. Within five minutes she was done, and the air grew heavy. A green flame crackled around the circles on the floor, and she watched, enthralled, as it rose to form a cube of magical light, spinning and turning as a form materialized in the circle, an inverse blue teardrop with glowing coals for eyes.
If Kali had been paying a little more attention, she might have noticed green fire crackling across her own body, and seen the green cube spinning above her own head. She might have seen the deep blue flowing through her own body, fading quickly to her normal skintone. As it was, her elation was tempered slightly by a brief flood of anger. So Gakin thought she was going to fail? She'd show him! She'd show them all! She'd...
“Fifteen minutes remaining,” Gakin called from the central room, snapping her back to the present with a start. Directing the voidwalker into the corner, where it slipped with a docile nod, she began the succubus circle, with weaker binding. This took much longer, mostly due to a strange fatigue and a feeling the chalk was trying to escape from her fingers. They felt oddly rubbery.
“Three minutes remaining,” Gakin called, and she frantically chalked in the last symbol, feeling the odd numbness fading from her extremities. This was, she considered, probably why they stopped doing it this way in the first place.
The green fire resumed – both the visible around the circle, and the tongues that licked and caressed around her body. The pair of spinning cubes appeared again, but as the sensual, giggling female demon stepped into existence, slapping her backside and cracking her whip, Kali found her entire body growing warm, heated with a fire that seemed to flood her body. It was pleasant, unexpected, and left her feeling weak at the knees and light-headed. New ideas began to flood through her fuzzy mind, images of desire and erotic pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. She felt her sex growing hot and moist with anticipation, and her nipples rose to instant perky points on her generous breasts. She met the succubus’ eyes, watching with a mounting, alien hunger as it caressed its breasts – small, she thought, compared to her own, and a distant inner voice seemed surprised at this thought, insisting that hers were too big. She looked down at them, as if seeing them for the first time. Too big? Why had she ever thought that? They were just right. Anything less than an armful was a waste, as the saying went. Didn’t it? She thought that was right. Deep inside, growing fainter, a voice was insisting something was very, very wrong, but her perky nipples, and the fire blazing in her crotch, disagreed. She reached for the succubus, grabbing it by its rear – pert, and curvy, but nothing like the curvy bubble-butt she possessed. The demon cooed, grinding against her, and Kali felt a moment of pure frustration. She didn’t want this. She needed something… something more substantial. As desirable as the succubus was, it was lacking the one thing she was now craving more than anything else.
“Thirty seconds.”
The voice snapped her back to attention, and she cursed in exasperation. It may be a new sensation and a new set of desires, but she still had the same absent-mindedness. She directed the demoness into the other corner, pulled her robe back on, and stood proudly. The succubus, looking disappointed, waited in silence as the door was pushed open.
Gakin stalked in. He eyes Kali with deep disapproval, and for the first time Kali noticed how his eyes lingered on her generous chest. Without meaning to, she stood a little straighter, pushing her chest forward. Her bounty strained at the robe, nipples tenting the fabric.
With a dry cough, Gakin turned his attention to the demons. His eyebrows rose. He walked over to the voidwalker, prodding it with a finger. It swayed a little in the air, but didn’t react. Muttering a quick incantation, he watched the runes flaring. Neither he nor Kali noticed the same runes shining faintly through her robe.
“Acceptable summoning,” he said, grudgingly, “and a near-perfect binding.”
He moved next to the succubus, repeating the process – although Kali noticed his poke was a flat-palmed caress of the demoness’ breast – and again, they both missed the flare of runes through the robe. The succubus grinned widely, showing pointed teeth in its sensual mouth. It had missed nothing.
“Hmm.” Gakin mused, making some notes on his clipboard.
Kali, her mind wandering again to the fire between her legs, squirmed impatiently.
“Well, sir? Did I do a fair job a’ this?”
“The summoning and binding of the succubus was a little sloppy. Acceptable, but lacking in style. The runes could have been better. You did a much better job with the voidwalker. Passable. Passable. I never thought I would say this, Miss Bronzebuns, but overall I am happy with your results. You may continue into the advanced studies. Now, please return to the common room while I banish these.”
Elatedy, Kali returned to the house’s cramped dining room, where a number of her fellow students sat waiting. One of the girls, a blonde human by the name of Maligna – Kali was privately certain the name was made up. She’d heard worse names, but this was far too conveniently gothic for a girl training to be a warlock - who had been the first to show true dislike to Kali, glared at her as she entered.
“So,” Maligna asked, in a smug drawl, “you’ll be leaving us today, I assume?”
Kali gave her a smile – or, at least, bared her teeth. She was having trouble recapturing her usually meek personality for some reason. “Och, yeh havenae ‘eard. I passed th’ exam.”
There was an uproar. She was madly irritated by how much of it reverberated with surprise.
“That’s great!” Raken, one of the boys who she had been most certain found her presence and form offensive, enthused. The way his eyes were drawn to her chest suddenly took on a new meaning to her, one that stoked the fire between her thighs even higher. Raken had the sort of build that leant itself more to a warrior than a warlock – muscular, with a handsome set to his chin that reminded her a little of Varian Wyrnn, king of the humans (or, for some reason, Deathwing). Her eyes, drawn by new instincts she still didn’t understand, roved down over his robes. There was a definite swelling between his legs. And the wave of desire that hit her was almost painful.
“Aye,” she managed, giving him the warmest look she could manage. Maligna gave an irritated hiss.
“We should celebrate,” he added, pushing his luck.
“Aye, we should,” Kali agreed. Her mind was full of ideas of just how that might happen. She was shocked at how forward they were.
“We should wait for the others, if we’re going together.” If Maligna’s tone had been any colder, she’d have been a death knight.
“Och, tell yeh what,” Kali said, quickly, “Raken an’ me, we’ll go on an’ celebrate, yeh wait fer th’ others, aye?”
Maligna’s eyes narrowed, but she nodded reluctantly.
“That way yeh an’ the other lassies ‘ave th’ rest o’ th’ class fer company wi’oot me crampin’ yer style, aye?” Kali added, in a flash of generous inspiration. Grudgingly, Maligna nodded.
“C’mon, Raken. I ken jes’ th’ place tae celebrate!” Kali said, taking Raken by the arm and pressing her generous bounty of boob into him. His eyes glazed a little, and he nodded enthusiastically as she led him away.

It had been a grand idea, Kali mused.
Raken had wanted to take her to one of the restaurants in the area, but she’d had far more on her mind. Instead, they’d hired a griffin and flown into the secluded hills near the city, on the edge of Elwynn forest. Kali, riding behind Raken with her arms around him, and been vividly aware of her large breasts pressed into his back, of her hands on his muscular chest. The cool air running under her robe, and the bra-less state her subterfuge had necessitated, had her nipples permanently erect at this point, and ever minor squirm in the saddle sent a fresh wave of pleasure through her during the short flight. She’d slid off the bird before Raken had even finished the landing, and had her robe over her head before he’d turned from patting its head.
He swallowed. Her large, perfect breasts, decorated with carefully drawn runes, seemed to him to each be the size of his head. Her wide hips, giving her an hourglass figure that was only a little top-heavy, shimmied out of the unflattering grey-brown underwear she’d donned that morning. She looked down as she kicked it off her foot, vowing to never wear something that frumpy again.
Raken quickly joined her in nakedness, his cock bouncing up as it was freed from the robe. She felt her mouth – and her sex – watering in anticipation. He was huge! No matter what, he was going to be a tight, tight fit. Something in her sang at that. Something else, increasingly lost and confused, tried to point out that respectable girls did not do this, they waited for marriage, and anyway, he was twice her height and half her age…
So when she jumped him, bearing him to the ground, wrapping her lips with whorish eagerness around his cock – which filled her mouth – she was almost as surprised as he was. She felt him shudder, barely keeping control, as she slid her pillowy breasts around his shaft, pressing them together as she sucked and licked. He gave a moan of joy as she reached beneath her huge boobs and squeezed his sack. The poor man felt ready to explode.
“Ohhh, Kali,” he hissed, “Light, I’ve wanted this for so long.”
“’Ave yeh?” she asked, her voice muffled.
“Of… uuuuh…. Of course! You’re fucking HOT!” he hissed.
She couldn’t help agreeing with him. Her crotch was still on fire, and she was half surprised it wasn’t smoking.
“Don’t… don’t mess around,” he moaned, arching his back.
“Och, no stamina,” she giggled, releasing his cock with an audibly, slupring pop. Eagerly, she swung a leg over him, guiding his large cock into her tight pussy. She’d always bowed out, blushing, when her family had tried to have The Talk (“Th’ bears an’ the bees,” as her father had rather worryingly started trying once), so no-one had prepared her for the pain of her first time. Which was probably just as well, as she felt no pain at all. In fact, other than a delightful tightness as her sopping-wet pussy swallowed most of his thick log, all she felt was pleasure. Deep, abiding pleasure. This was it. This was what she needed, what she craved.
She began to slide smoothly back and forth, circling her hips in a way that made Raken squirm. She moaned, feeling every sensitive spot inside her rubbing against that hard ramrod. Raken bucked into her, rhythmically, hands rising to cup her huge, bouncing breasts – she was grateful for that; they threatened to slap her in the face.
“Oh aye,” she moaned, “tha’s it! Fuck me, yeh bonny man. FUCK ME!”
Raken couldn’t last. He’d been dreaming about Kali since her bubble-butt had first slid into a desk near him. He’d been seeing her breasts in his dreams for weeks, and watching them bounce heavily in his hand, as she jackhammered his cock…
With an animal moan, he started to cum, and to cum hard. Kali, feeling his cock spasming, gave in to the pleasure at the same time. She clenched her knees against him, bouncing harder on his jerking cock, eyes rolling back as her orgasm swept away all thought and left her panting and writhing.
If felt like a white-hot eternity. When she finally came down from the first orgasm of her life, Raken was lying barely conscious beneath her. She lessened the grip with her knees, guiltily, but the huge smile on his face, and the way he opened his eyes to look at her with adoration and lust, reassured her that she probably hadn’t cracked any of his ribs.
There was a delicious feeling inside her. Warm, and full. She looked down, and was slightly surprised to see a very small bulge in her lower abdomen, the size of a hen’s egg. Well, he had unloaded a torrent into her. This was evidently natural, with nothing for her to compare it to.
He was growing limp inside her. Sighing, she slid off his cock, feeling it fall free to land damply on his legs. It was not a pleasant feeling. The fullness had been, but this… this was a void. It needed filling, but Raken wasn’t able to do so.
As big as he was, she needed someone who could last a few more times. Or longer. Longer… yes, she needed cock, and she needed it until she was satisfied.
If Kali had had any experience at all, she would have known that the swell in her abdomen was not normal, and nor was the lack of seepage after Raken’s cock had slid out of her.
If Kali had been less absent-minded, she might have noticed the runes on her breasts still flickering with fel energy. Raken, from his position below, had never had a hope of noticing.
Pulling herself to her feet, Kali glanced down into the trees below. Wasn’t there a town there? Goldshire, she thought the name was. She’d heard warnings, mysterious hints that had quite shocked her before.
Now, they intrigued her. Drawn on by the fire in her crotch, she left Raken there, and headed down the hill in what she hoped was the right direction. Naked, her heavy breasts bounced invitingly with every step.
The bandit laying in wait at the foot of the hill certainly thought so, as he hungrily watched the naked dwarf approach.

Kali looked at the sun, frowning. It was getting dark. She should have been back at the school hours ago, but she’d lost track of time.
She humped back hard, making the bandit moan as her hot pussy slid around his hard shaft. She was propped up on her elbows, breasts swaying – and glowing, faintly - bubble-butt in the air, legs wrapped around the waist of the bandit who was balls deep in her. She was happy he’d been so accommodating to her needs – in fact, she’d barely even started to ask before he’d been ripping off his clothes.
“Mmm, yer doin’ fine, laddie,” she purred as he tightened his grip on her thighs.
“Less… less talking, you little bitch.” He snarled, releasing her right thigh to smack her, hard, on the ass. She squealed, jerking back against him, and felt him climax with a gasp, hot seed flooding her needy pussy once more. She screamed with pleasure, her body shuddering against his, and slid off him onto the ground. No staying power, she mused, that was the issue.
She picked herself up, rubbing absently at the apple-sized swell in her lower abdomen. The bandit, a stupefied expression of bliss on his face, had slumped to the ground also, cock limp. She sighed. She wasn’t satisfied yet, although he’d been able to stay hard and keep pounding her for much longer than Raken.
“Which way’s Goldshire, lad?” she enquired, politely. She was going to let the “bitch” comment slide, she decided. He’d been in the heat of the moment, and she’d quite enjoyed the spanking.
“N…no, you’re my… my prize…” he mumbled, and she shook her head in exasperation. Fine.
Turning her back on him, she continued into the wood. A faint protest was soon lost in the trees.

It was fully dark before she spied the lights, and stumbled onto the road. That was embarrassing. From here, she could see the hill and the city – if she’d gone slightly to the east, she’d have been on the road hours before. Well, she mused, rubbing absently at the swell again, if she’d gone that way she’d have missed the helpful masked man.
The tiny voice she’d grown rapidly adept at ignoring was trying to tell her she was naked, but she didn’t see the issue. She needed sex. She was aching for it, and clothes would only get in the way.
She set off down the road towards the lights of the inn, idly stroking her nipples, feeling the heat building again. She hoped the inn was everything she’d heard.

“This is amazin’” Kali panted, blissfully.
“You’re telling me!” gasped the man - he’d given her a name, but it wasn’t important – as she bounced on his cock. He had his hands around her waist, watching her rich curls cascading down her back as she rode him. He could see her bouncing breasts around the side of her arms, and her cushioned ass looked amazing. Her pussy was like a slick velvet glove around his cock, milking him faster and faster towards climax.
With a shuddering cry, he jetted his load into her, and she sighed as he started to go limp. Could these men really only manage once? She needed so much more. She slid off him, grabbed him in a kiss that left him breathless, and pushed him out of the door, letting him pause just long enough to grab his clothes. “Next!” she called, cheerily, and another eager patron entered the room, divesting his armour already. She eyed his hard cock approvingly.
“My name’s…” he began, but she shushed him by the simple expedient of pushing him down and climbing on top, ramming his hard member deep into her waiting sex. He ran his hands over her body, caressing the grapefruit-sized swell in her lower abdomen. He looked like he wanted to say more, but as Kali closed her eyes, and her mouthwatering tits lit up briefly with eldritch light, he fell silent, lost in the enjoyment of her body.
This one was good, she thought, through the haze of pleasure. Nice and hard, nice and large, and with decent stamina. Maybe he’d satisfy her. Maybe she’d… She shivered in pleasure, still riding the aftershocks of her last orgasm, as the next one neared. How had she missed out on this for so long? How had she not seen the looks she was getting were lust?
She eagerly rode on, eyes closed in bliss as her breasts glowed and her temporary beau gave her everything he had.

Kali raised her head, and groaned. She had a hangover. This seemed a little unfair, since she didn’t remember drinking anything alcoholic. Or, for that matter, anything. Unless semen counted – she was pretty sure it didn’t.
Blearily, she looked around. She was sprawled on a mattress in the inn, the blankets of the bed strewn around the room. She was completely naked, and had no memory of where her clothes were. She blushed like a sunset as she remembered walking naked through the woods. Maybe she had been drinking?
Warily, she got to her feet. Her legs were trembling, and didn’t really want to support her weight, but she forced them to with an act of will. Absently, she brushed her fingers over her crotch. It felt rather like she was still stuffed with cock – not a bad feeling, at all, although it made her blush again to remember what she’d been up to. Blush, and feel an echo of the heat between her thighs. She ran her fingertips over her labia, whimpering at remembered pleasure, then pulled herself together. There would be time for that later. It was bright sunlight outside – painfully bright – and she was definitely late for class. The nudity was going to be an issue.
Swaying slightly, she managed to reach the washstand. There was a fresh jug of cool water on it, and a washcloth. A cake of soap sat beside it. There was rather a lot of money there, too.
The crimson in her cheeks darkened. Had they thought she was some sort of whore? There had to be fifty gold there!
Prim embarrassment and the dwarven love of gold warred for a moment. Genetics won. She scooped the coins up, and started washing.
The first problem was the runes on her breasts. They took a fair amount of scrubbing to remove, more than she would have expected from mere ink. In fact, even when they were gone, she thought there was a lingering outline of them that remained. She worked the cloth lower down her body, humming to herself, and paused.
And prodded.
And hurried to the mirror.
There was a melon-sized swell in her belly. She prodded it again, tentatively. It yielded rather squishily.
All of a sudden, she had a mental image of torrents and torrents of cum, from cock after cock, shooting into her pussy, and not a drop coming out.
Well, bugger.
She pulled open the cupboards, one by one. No clothing. Sighing, she gathered a blanket and wrapped it around her curvy body, then pulled the door open.
There were men outside. They were asleep, and mostly as naked as she was. She remembered one or two of their faces. She remembered far more of them when she looked at their nudity.
She was getting wet again. There was no time for this.
A woman was standing at the end of the hall, cheeks as crimson as Kali’s own, staring at the nude men. Kali waved her over.
“Um…” she began, gesturing at her blanket.
“You… you…” the woman looked at her, wild-eyed. She was wearing a simple, laced dress that displayed her cleavage – nothing close to Kali’s, but generous enough for a human. It was slit to the thigh on one side.
“Lassie, ‘ow much fer yer dress?”

Kali tugged the bodice into a better shape, and checked out her reflection.
It was underwired. That was unfortunate, because it held her huge tits up and out and made them look even bigger. On the other hand, it made them look even bigger, and she was remembering how convenient that could be.
It was tight across her hips, enhancing her butt. It was also, irritably, tight across her belly. It compacted it a little, but not much. She poked the swell again, and sighed. Well, presumably this was a normal effect of having sex. It wasn’t like she had much experience.
Taking a deep breath – and cutting it a little short when she heard a thread snap in the bodice – she set out to face the music.

When she reached Stormwind, the clock was chiming two. She swore. Classes started at 9am. Hiking up her skirt, and ignoring the looks, she started to run.

“Ah, Miss Bronzebuns. How good of you to join us at last,” Gakin drawled as she entered. Blushing, she sat herself at her usual desk, happy to find the underwiring on the bodice meant she didn’t immediately brush the sheet of paper there onto the floor. She couldn’t see it around the expanse of her boobs, but at least it was there.
“Sorry, professor,” she said, a little breathlessly, “I was…”
“…overdoing the celebrating,” Gakin finished for her, interrupting, in a weary voice. “Yes, you and everyone else, I gather.”
Kali spared a look around the room. Raken, looking absolutely exhausted (although notably happy, and shamelessly eying her enormous bust) was there – she spared him a wink – and Maligna, who was muffling a yawn. Of the others, only three men were present. One of those was whimpering slightly, looking much like Kali had felt when she woke up.
Gakin watched her for a moment, then gave her the information her puzzled expression was wordlessly requesting.
“Six of you passed the exam. I failed Xandory for absolute inability to summon anything at all, which is frankly astonishing considering one of you managed to summon a doomguard entirely by mistake in your first week…”
“Curses are nae easy!” Kali muttered, defensively.
“… even if it did rampage through half the city before the adventurers brought it down. Freeman, sadly, succeeded admirably at the summoning of his demons, and failed miserably at the binding. His remains are being returned to Gilneas, and I hope that is a firm reminder to you all of the diligence and care required in this art.”
“What about Angelique?” Maligna asked, warily.
“She should survive,” Gakin replied, coldly, “but she may wish she hadn’t. The stupid girl wrote the runes of summoning on her arm, to sneak them in to the exam. The cheater -” this was said in a tone of voice that compared cheating on an exam to what the Legion had during the War of the Ancients “-smudged the runes when she disrobed. She ended up summoning the voidwalker into her own body, where it rapidly set about making her a more comfortable host. We rolled her along to the cathedral, and once they have finished the banishing and cleansing, she will be able to return to her family.”
Kali winced. There but for the grace of the Light…
That quiet little voice in the back of her mind was screaming a warning, trying to get her to focus on what Gakin had said, but she was finding her attention drawn to Raken. The fire in her pussy was back, and growing.

They made it through the classes without much excitement. Gakin droned endlessly about the finer points of soulstones, while Kali’s mayfly attention span drew her focus to a fly buzzing against the windowpane. It was amazing how similar the two were.
“…and when we meet tomorrow, I expect you all to be in a better condition. Sleep will be a better use of your night than wild celebrations. Dismissed.” Gakin finally finished.
As they hurried out of the classroom, the remaining boys clustered around Maligna, whispering in a low tone to her. She preened at their attention. Kali felt a pang of jealousy, but dismissed it. Raken was following her like a puppy, and she found him far more desirable than the others. Sure, they all had what she wanted, but Raken had been her first, and there was something… special about that.
“Listen,” he said, after they left the others behind, “about yesterday…”
Kali’s heart sank, her low self-esteem surging back to prominence in her turbulent psyche.
“Aye?” she said, warily.
“You… um… you were gone when I woke up,” Raken managed, “um… without your clothes?”
She ignored the question, relaxing in relief. “Aye, sorry. I was hungry,” she said. Well, it was mostly the truth, just a different kind of hunger. The kind that was blossoming inside her again.
“I… I brought them back to my place, to keep them safe. If you want to come get them…”
She grabbed him, pulling him down into a kiss, crushing him against her huge breasts. She could feel his large cock growing hard against the underside of her breasts and the swell of her abdomen.
When she released him, panting, she flashed him a grin.
“I dinnae need tae get ‘em, but I’d be ‘appy tae come get sommat else…” she purred, reaching between his legs and cupping his balls through the robe.
“That sounds great,” Raken breathed, eagerly, then faltered for a moment. “Um, you look… uh… that is, did…?”
She pulled the neck of her blouse lower, her areola peeping over the edge. He swallowed again, then grabbed her offered hand, and they ran together for his home.

Kali looked in the mirror again, worriedly. It was three days since the exam now, and she’d spent every night with Raken. After the first, she’d managed to hold off on her need for cock – beyond his, of course – and Raken had, to her great glee, managed to last longer and longer each time they’d fucked. Each time he had also gushed cum like a firehose, collapsed, and then had to down a good few pints of beer after before he could go again. She supposed this was why all the men she knew had been such big drinkers.
All that cum was having an effect, though. She wasn’t sure how long this was meant to last, but she was now looking pregnant. It wasn’t a bad look on her, and in fact she felt it enhanced her body considerably, but that slightly squishy sphere, now the size of a prizewinning pumpkin, was more than a little noticeable. She’d taken to getting to class early and leaving late.
Raken had tried to broach the subject a couple of times, but she’d found the ideal way to distract him… which unfortunately meant her belly was only growing larger.
It was time, she decided, to get The Talk.
If for no other reason than she was getting increasingly confused about what bees had to do with anything.

“Come in, come in, sit down,” the healer enthused, gesturing to a chair. Kali slipped into it, adjusting her breasts carefully in her dress. She was wearing a simple robe again, cinched with a belt above her swollen belly, but sitting caused the swell to press into her breasts, and partially block her view.
“Well, lassie,” the pretty dwarven healer said, trying not to stare at her chest, “’ere fer a checkup on the bairns, aye?”
“I’m not p…” she began, then a thought struck her. What if she was? Was this how it happened?
“I… I wanted tae talk tae yeh, actually,” she changed her tack, “About sex.”
“Och, dinnae worry aboot tha’. Perfectly safe fer th’ expectin’ mother.”
Kali blushed, surprising herself a little. “Nae, I mean… Look, I ne’er thought I’d find a lad willin’ tae sleep wi’ me,” she began, trying to ignore the incredulous look the healer gave her, eyes moving from her face to her enormous rack, “so I ne’er bothered listenin’ tae me da’…”
“Well, lassie, looks like yeh did well enou’, fer all tha’!” the healer chuckled.
“Aye, but… ‘ow long does this last fer?”
The healer looked puzzled “About forty weeks, lass, from when it starts.”
“FOURTY…!” Kali yelped, “But… but… I’ll be th’ size o’ an ‘ouse by then! Tha’ cannae be right!”
“’Ow far along are yeh?” the healer asked, gently feeling her belly, “six months?”
“Three days,” Kali replied, “but…”
The healer stopped dead, staring at her.
“Three days, but ‘ow long until.. yeh know, some o’ it comes oot?”
“Some of…” the healer coloured, “um… when yeh say it….?”
“Th’ cum. ‘Ow long until it... yeh know… leaks oot?”
The healer stammered. “Um.. it usually takes aboot as long as it takes fer the lad tae exit yer.”
Kali poked her belly.
“Aye, well, it’s not.”
“’Ow…” the healer coughed, “’ow many partners ‘ave yeh ‘ad?”
Kali shrugged. “I wasnae countin’. Two, mebbe three dozen. But jus’ the one lad fer th’ other two days.”
She waited patiently. Then she poked the healer with her toe.
“’Ello? Did yeh want a ‘and up? ‘ello?”

Raken was waiting for her when she got back. She sat on his bed and patted it or him to join her.
“Lad, yeh may ‘ave noticed I’m lookin’ a bit different,” she said, as she pulled off the robe. Her huge breasts settled to either side of her belly a little. Raken’s hands immediately moved to massage her breasts.
“Yes,” he said, “but… but… you know, I don’t mind. I love you. I’ll raise him or her as if they were my…”
Kali raised a hand, embarrassed, and stopped him. Then she prodded him “Keep up th’ stroking. No, lad, it’s no’ that.”
“You’re… you’re not pregnant? I thought…”
Kali blushed. “Erm… not what I meant. I mean, they’re mostly yers.”
Raken paused in his rubbing.
Kali swallowed. “I went tae see a ‘ealer today. Seems I’m pregnant.”
Raken placed a palm on her belly. “I noticed,” he said.
“No, see… most o’ that isn’t baby. Yet. Look, I dinnae understand mesself, but I think I did summat wrong with the spell…”
Raken listened patiently, caressing her naked body as she explained and eased herself back onto the bed. Something in the binding had caused her body to hold all the semen it had received. Something in the summoning had interfered with every other process. Egg after egg was being released and fertilized.
“Everra time I ‘ave sex, I get more pregnant,” she finished, embarrassed. “Th’ good news is tha’ the sperm’s nae as… eager as th’ eggs. It’s only one, mebbe two eggs get fertilized per session.”
“Oh… well, that’s good… so we just stop having sex, and you’ll be fine?”
Kali was already spreading her legs for him. “Nae need tae be ‘asty, lad. We’ll work it oot, but right noo I need cock like yeh wouldnae believe.”
“But you’ll get bigger,” Raken pointed out, and Kali was pleased and surprised to see his cock twitch as he said it.
“Unless I miss me guess, yer no’ complainin’, are yeh?”
Raken gave a sheepish grin. “I’ve always liked pregnant women. Big breasts, big bellies…”
“Och, well, I dinnae ken aboot tha,” Kali joked, parting her breasts so she could see him. The swell of her belly rose from her body just a little. She reaslised now that it was smaller than the morning. The gallons of cum filling her womb were slowly being absorbed into her body, she realized. She hadn’t needed to eat for three days. That was handy.
Raken eased into her, and she purred as his large cock filled her eager pussy. Oh yes, this was what she needed.
“Yeh like th’ thought o’ me getting’ bigger, lad?”
“Light help me, I do,” he whimpered, thrusting eagerly into her. She arched her back, breasts wobbling, and moaned as her nipples rose.
“Keep it up, an’ I’ll be getting’ plenty big,” she purred.
“Oh yes…”
“This wee bump’s goin’ tae be a mountain in a few days, if yeh keep it up,”
He gave an incoherent moan of pleasure.
Kali teased him more and more, bringing him to his orgasm as her own approached. They both watched this time, and she smiled with glee as her belly swelled a small amount from the huge amounts of cum he released into her.
This was going to be amazing, she realized. Amazing, but she’d need to put some thought into the future, the tiny voice at the back of her mind warned. She ignored it, pulling Raken to her and kissing him hungrily. Besides, even with his seemingly massive loads, it would take a while until she swelled to the point it became an issue. Perhaps she should have told him what was happening to the fertilized eggs? No… no point in worrying him.
As long as she was only with him, this was absolutely manageable.

A week later, Kali was on all fours on a bed at the Lion’s Pride, hands resting on her belly. It was gratifyingly huge. She’d been big when she’d got here that morning, but now her belly was brushing the sheets. There had been a surprising – and very pleasing - number of patrons who had enjoyed her new figure, much like the strapping man who was currently slamming against her plush backside. She squealed with glee as he bottomed out, her raging pussy sucking greedily at his cock. More! Her mind screamed, more, more more!
“Give it tae me,” she moaned, “I need it, I need it all! I need tae get bigger!”
She greedily caressed her swollen belly, the skin tight and warm beneath her fingers, so smooth, so big… She gasped with pleasure as she came, and her partner sped up. She could feel him swelling more inside her, that deliciously full feeling she craved. A spasm of guilt hit her briefly. Raken had been caught up in some project of Gakin’s (she wasn’t sure exactly what, she’d not set foot outside the house between her trip to the healer and today. Somehow, she was sure, if Gakin found out what was happening to her he would ruin it.) and unable to be there to fulfill her, or she wouldn’t have gone to these lengths, but sweet Light, it felt so wonderful.
She caressed her huge belly again, her breasts wobbling on the bed as the man buried balls deep in her pussy finally came, flooding her with cum. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the skin of her belly stretch further, her popped-out bellybutton pressing firmly against the mattress. Panting, the man slid out of her, staggering away. She waited for a moment, then looked around in surprise as no-one took his place. Her steady stream of lovers had dried up.
Awkwardly, she staggered to her feet. The weight of her pregnancy made this far more difficult than she had expected, and she surveyed her belly with a critical eye as it settled in her hips and bulged gloriously out beyond her huge breasts. They’d grown too, in the last few days. Her areola were darker and larger, her nipples plumper. Her belly absolutely dominated her form now, more than it even had a few hours before. Apparently every willing man in a very crowded inn had added quite a bit to it. She caressed it proudly, and took a few steps. The pronounced waddle it forced on her took some getting used to. Proudly, she supported it with her hands, lacing her fingers under it and turning side-to-side to get a feel for her slightly shifted center of gravity.
She fished her clothes off the floor. A lot of struggling got her top over and around her huge boobs, lifting them and giving them support. They swayed back and forth in their holster. She didn’t fancy a frumpy tent dress, and she had definitely left the house prepared, so she tugged a linen skirt over her plush backside, hauling it with difficulty over her hips. She wasn’t wearing anything under it, but she was proud she’d been able to maintain enough self control to put on clothes this time. She didn’t want people getting the wrong idea about her, after all.
Stepping with difficulty over a recumbent naked man, she gathered the gold from the side table. It was more than before, and it would be very useful.
Careful not to knock anything over, or slip herself, she made her way back across the floor and down the stairs. The barmaid from before stared at her in disbelief, but managed a friendly smile and a wave. Kali stepped out into the sunset, and made her way home, feeling deliciously sated and full.

Raken stared at her in surprise when he got home.
“You’re… bigger,” he managed, hands immediately moving to her bare belly. She cooed with pleasure as his touch sent warm sparks through her.
“Aye,” she said, “wee bit o’ a growth spurt.”
It wasn’t a lie, she told herself, there had been plenty of spurting, and that had caused the growth.
She clambered to her feet, Raken’s eyes almost popping out of his head as her belly settled low in her hips. She was amazingly gorgeous, he thought, and looking like she was due with twins only added to that.
He knew she was lying to him. He knew full well that only one thing in the last week had caused the growth, but the only thing he felt was jealousy. He wasn’t angry at all, he wasn’t disappointed in her. If anything, he was irritated at Gakin. If the teacher hadn’t needed his help with what had turned out to be a love spell, he’d have been here. He would have been the one making her swell.
He was hard just looking at her. Her heartshaped face, plump lips, waist-length ringlets and, of course, her huge tits had made him want her when he first saw her. Her broad hips had just been begging for pregnancy, and he’d loved pregnant women for as long as he could remember. She was physically perfect.
They’d been getting on amazingly outside of the sex, as well. Freed from her crippling low self esteem, Kali was witty, intelligent, and – despite her mayfly attention span for anything that didn’t involve sex – generally great to be around.
Kali was watching him as he caressed her belly, purring to herself.
No more orgies, she promised, giggling inside as she wondered what the old her would have thought of that being necessary, just him. He’s all I want. He’s so gorgeous, so smart, and I wish I’d been brave enough and sure enough to realize he desired me before.
Raken brushed his fingers over her popped-out bellybutton, and she felt her knees growing week. Well, she’d felt sated before, but there was room for Raken. There would always be room for…
She jumped, placing a hand on her belly.
“Did they kick?” Raken asked, then “…isn’t this a little soon for that?”
Kali bit her lip, and patted the bed beside her. It was time she was honest with him. Mostly honest. Honest enough.
“Aye, well, it’s no’ quite as simple as tha’,” she managed. “Y’see, they’re no’ all… um…well… They’re imps.”
Raken opened his mouth.
Kali waited.
Raken closed his mouth.
She waited some more, growing worried. Her concern was threatening to outweigh her horniness.
Raken gave her a confused look. “Imps.”
“Aye. Summat I did durin’ th’ exam. It changed me, see. Th’ ‘ealer’s absolutely certain I’m carryin’ twins,” she added, “mortal, normal, non-imp twins. She said it was way too early tae know exactly what they’d be, but the spells were definite. The rest… are imps.”
“Small, green, pointy teeth, fireball, demons. Those imps?”
Kali nodded, biting her lip. “Aye. Verra pointy teeth.”
Kali sighed. Raken seemed to be having trouble with the concept.
“Th’ twins are yers,” she said, with certainty.
Raken felt a rush of paternal pride, which was silly – a few minutes ago, he’d been certain Kali was carrying hundreds of his children and, when he thought about it, the idea had terrified him. Hundreds of children, a spiteful voice in his mind said, they weren’t all yours.
But the twins were.
“So… um… how does that… I mean…”
“Three weeks,” Kali promptly replied, “s’far as I c’n find oot, an imp takes three weeks to be born. There’re these ugly things called Imp Mothers tha’…”
She stopped, and blushed, and looked a little concerned.
“I ‘ope that doesn’t mean I’ll end up lookin’ like one.”
Raken shook his head, pressing against her immense boobs to kiss her, squeezing one in each hand. She whimpered with pleasure.
“You’re beautiful,” he told her, with no hesitation.
“Yeh say that tae all the lassies ‘oo look like they’re full-term wi’ twins, I’m sure,” she teased.
He grinned at her, thumbing her bellybutton. She moaned, fluttering her eyelids, and began caressing the taut skin herself.
“So, two more weeks for the first to be born?”
“Aye, an’ nine months fer yer bairns. They’re normal, remember.”
“How is it going to…” he began, worried. Kali raised her hand.
“I worked it oot,” she said. “I was goin’ tae wait a month before tellin’ yeh, but it’d be good tae be prepared. Gakin’s got a book we’ll need.”
“He’s asking after you,” Raken remembered.
“An’ ‘e can go on askin’. I’m not ‘avin’ ‘im spoil this.”
Carefuly, she wriggled around until one knee was on the couch, and laid on her side. Her belly bulged fulsomely, her waiting pussy exposed as her legs lifted the skirt. Raken, her other leg now in his lap, could feel the heat from it.
“Speakin’ of,” she added, her chest heaving with building arousal, “yeh goin’ tae sit there all day, or are yeh goin’ tae add a few more?”
Pomptly, Raken pulled himself free, stripped, and repositioned her leg on his shoulder. Kneeling, he guided his rock-hard cock into her waiting depths. She moaned as he entered her.
“I know, by the way,” he whispered to her, as he gently slid deeply in. She opened her eyes wide, hissing with pleasure as his thick length filled her. It had been two hours since she’d last had a cock in her pussy. It felt like years.
“Ken wha’? she asked, humping back against him. Her breasts jiggled in their tight top.
“Your sleeping with other men,” he told her, gently. She focused on him, tears in her eyes, but he shook his head and began to rhythmically thrust. “I won’t pretend I like it,” he told her, “I love you. I want to be the only man in your life – but more, I want you to trust me.”
“I do!” she protested, wriggling back against his cock, feeling it straighten and swell more inside her.
“No more secrets then,” he warned, getting a good grip on her belly and speeding up.
“None,” she promised. “’sides, yer th’ only one that means annaethin’ tae me. The rest…tha’ was jus’ need. I love yeh.”
He smiled at that, slapping her plush backside, which sent jiggles through her huge tits. She squealed blissfully. He squeezed her belly, feeling the taut skin beneath his palm. She moaned, shuddering.
“You’re huge,” he told her, desire turning it into a breathy growl.
“I’m only goin’ tae get bigger,” she told him, pushing back hard against his cock, “th’ more yeh fuck me, the bigger I’ll get.”
Raken gave a wordless moan of pleasure, increasing his tempo. Kali, delighted, reached around her breasts to grab her belly too, luxuriating in the size of it.
“So much bigger,” she purred, “I’m nae goin’ tae be able tae walk by th’ end o’ next week, at this rate. Will yeh take care o’ yeh poor, bedridden lassie?”
“Of… of course…” Raken gasped, arching his back as he felt his orgasm building.
“I ‘ope yeh goin’ take give me th’ sort o’ care I need most,” Kali moaned, all her attention focused on the feel of his cock in her.
“Always,” he moaned, feeling her climax around him. He shot his seed into her shuddering body, watching eagerly. The torrent of cum added only a little to her size, but it was still noticeable. For some reason, Raken found his cock wasn’t growing slack. As unnatural as everything about Kali was, this was something inexplicable. For the last week he’d noticed he recovered faster, and came more than he ever had in his life. As insatiable as Kali was, he was always ready for her when she was ready for him – and that was definitely wrong, because soon after he came, his balls would be almost aching with the amount of cum in them. Kali enjoyed it too much for him to worry unduly, but it was weird.
Right now, with his big, pregnant girlfriend on his cock for the first time in what felt like forever – mere hours, but it felt like weeks – he felt ready to go again and again.
Kali’s eyes opened wide as he didn’t stop his thrusting.
“Oh yes!” she purred, “Give me more, laddie! Give me all o’ it! Make me bigger!”
Eagerly, hungrily, Raken kept thrusting. He was rubbing his hand wildly over her belly, loving the firm warmth of it, the sheer size, and the image of her growing bigger and bigger was driving him wild. He came again, much sooner this time, and her voice raised in a shriek of pure joy as her own orgasm followed close behind, belly swelling again. Finally, Raken’s cock fell limp. He tried a few tentative thrusts, but he was spent.
Kali looked at him with pure, unadulterated joy. “Och, thank yeh, laddie. Yer good tae me. So verra good.”
He kissed her, firmly, laying across her belly to reach. “I’d do anything for you, Kali. Anything.”

Raken watched Kali sleep. She had thrown the blankets off her swollen body, and was currently moaning and arching her back, legs splayed. The hot musk of sex rolled off her. Her gravid belly, nearly pinning her to the bed, was thrusting repeatedly skywards, and a look of bliss was on her face.
He wanted to fuck her. He wasn’t sure if he should wake her, or just join in her dream – assuming that didn’t wake her, of course – but he was trying to investigate his worries.
It was very hard to focus, with her naked pussy jerking up and down beneath her huge, heavy belly, her breasts bouncing and wobbling, but he forced his attention back to the spell.
Detect magic was very much an arcane spell, rather than Fel, but he thought he had the basics right. Carefully, he cast the spell.
Kali’s breasts lit up like a Winter’s Veil tree, with more magical energy glowing from her thrusting belly, but he was more interested in himself. He knew she had spells galore bound into her now.
Nothing. Whatever was happening to him, it… no, wait…
Faintly, very faintly, he could see lines of magical energy running through his body. There was a glowing pool of something in his stomach, small, but present, and his balls were pulsing faintly.
Was it something he’d eaten? Or drunk? A potion, or… but no, he hadn’t had anything lately out of the ordinary. The same food at home, the same beer or water. Even at the school, he’d eaten or drunk nothing out of the ordinary. What could…
His attention was immediately back on Kali, and the spell failed. Her tousled face peered at him over her breasts and belly. He couldn’t see her lower face at all, but her eyes were concerned. She was also panting like she’d run a mile.
“Sorry, love,” he told her, “I was looking to see if the spells had faded at all. It looks like they’re still going strong.”
She wriggled toward the edge of the bed. He felt his already hard cock twitch as she did so, humping her belly and pussy at him as she moved. Propping herself up to see him better, belly still pinning her down, she gave him a pout, looking at his hard cock.
“Come back tae bed?” she asked, “I’m ‘orny.”
He wasted no time sliding his cock into her, gripping her belly with both hands. It came up to the base of his chest like this, settling slightly back into her body.
She moaned with bliss as he filled her. “Och, I needed this,” she gasped, “M’belly feels sooo good with yer ‘ands on it. M’ pussy feels jes’ right wi’ yeh in it.”
He moved back and forth slowly, enjoying the familiar heat of her pussy, his hands roaming over her large belly blissfully. The skin was tight and hot, and he could feel faint movement beneath.
She was growing. What she’d said about a growth spurt earlier might not be true, but she WAS getting larger. It was slow, nothing like the growth she got from cum, but it was fairly constant. Every time she breathed in, her belly swelled up. Every time she breathed out, it compressed… but not as much as it swelled. Slowly, like a glacier advancing, she was growing.
The very thought almost made him cum, but he fought it back. She looked ready to deliver right now. How big would she look in two weeks?
Kali gasped, eyes going wide. “I dinnae ken what yeh jus’ thought,” she panted, “but I like it!” He realized he was thrusting harder and harder at the thought of her already explosively fertile body getting even bigger. Her belly was bouncing against his chest, her breasts only held in check by her hands pressing against them. He leaned forward, licking her belly-button, and she came, hard.
“OCH, YESSS!” she moaned, squeezing her breasts so hard the skin was white around her fingers, “Yes! Make me bigger, love!”
It was more than he could bare. Obligingly, his cock swelled more within her, torrents of hot cum filling her belly. He kept thrusting, wild and ragged with pleasure, feeling her belly swell another inch or so. The second orgasm, on the tail of the first, added a little more. He collapsed against her now-larger belly, kissing it breathlessly. Kali, her legs locked behind his backside, arched her belly up into him gleefully.
“Yer th’ best,” she panted, “th’ best!”

The week passed in an orgasmic haze. Raken would hurry home each evening to her, and they would fuck like horny teenagers, Kali’s belly growing all the while – slow growth from the imps within, jumping forwards with each torrential load he shot into her. By the end of that second week, Kali could only go outside wearing a robe made for a human woman. The baggy collar hung low on her ever-expanding breasts, the sleeves had to be pinned back and still covered her hands… but the hem was rising, and quickly. Raken had pinned it up the first day she had expressed a wish to visit the healer, but by the time she returned it had already crept above the floor. Now, she was unable to get onto all fours – her belly was out beyond her knees when she bent over, and swelling out roundly at her sides. When she walked, it hung heavily forward, shaped more like a torpedo than a ball; She couldn’t keep her hands off it. He’d come home to find her naked, sitting in a desperately creaking chair, fingering herself madly around the swell. It was getting harder and harder for her to reach. She’d see him, cry out in pleasure, and haul herself up, waddling across the room until her huge belly pressed into him, grinding it against his already-hard cock.
Occasionaly, she’d wrap his cock in her swollen, pillowy breasts, milking him with her satin lips until his cum made her cheeks bulge – but usually, she considered this a waste. Cum in her mouth was not the same as cum in her pussy, and didn’t make her bigger – and there wasn’t the satisfaction of cock between her thighs, of course.
The last day, though, Raken came home in a fury.
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
“Wha’s up, love?” Kali asked, concern on her face, as she brushed sweaty hair out of her face. She was lying on the floor, one leg braced against the couch, working a sex toy eagerly in and out of her pussy. Her fingers were finally too short to reach around her huge belly unaided.
“Gakin,” he replied, throwing off his clothes and offering her his hands. She heaved, and between them they got her to her feet, belly pressing against his legs. His fury was draining, replaced by raw desire for his partner, but not completely subsumed. As soon as she was upright, she waddled to the table, moving sideways until she could grab it and bend, spreading her thighs. Her belly hung low, just beyond her knees, and the sight of her plush buttocks and thighs framing her pouting pussy and the massive swell, with the dark line of the linea nigra front and centre, made him waste no time in sliding deep. She squealed with delight.
“Wha’s… oooh…. Up, m’ big, bonny lad?” she asked, humping back hard.
“He wants me to help him with his stupid love potions again,” Raken hissed, grabbing the sides of her huge pregnancy and slamming into her enthusiastically.
“Och, I understand, love,” she gasped, wincing slightly as her breasts hit the table, and pushing back against him again, “yeh don’t need tae worry. I’m nae goin’ tae go annaewhere. I c’n control m’self until yeh get ‘ome.”
Raken relaxed a bit at that, allowing himself to fully enjoy his girlfriend. She was so big now, so gloriously pregnant. He ran a hand between her legs, caressing the sensitive undercurve. She whimpered with pleasure, her humping more desperate as he thrust deep. Even looking at her back, he could see her belly swelling out gloriously to each side.
“Mmm, I know what yer thinkin’,” Kali said, circling her hips slightly in a way that made him moan with joy, “yeh always get a wee bit ‘arder thinkin’ ‘ow big I am.”
“So very pregnant,” he whispered, “I never dreamed I’d be with someone as sexy as you.”
“I’m all yers,” she moaned, “jus’… ‘urry ‘ome, aye? Toys can only do sae much, an’ they don’t make me bigger.”
Her constant need, both for sex and to grow, was amazingly erotic. Just hearing her talking about how much bigger she wanted to be cranked his libido up higher. He could feel his first orgasm building even as his gloriously pregnant girlfriend writhed and moaned. His hands caressed her belly as his cock thrust hard into her tight, hot pussy. The slow, steady growth that had marked this second week was still obvious to him. He slapped her plush backside, making her yelp and clamp down hard on him.
With a shuddering gasp, he released, feeling her belly swell slightly as he did. She squealed with pleasure, her own orgasm following hot on the heels of his.

The strangest thing about Gakin’s love potion, Raken mused as he rolled a barrel along the hall of the teacher’s home, was how much of the damn stuff he was making. How much action did h expect to get?
“Ahh, Raken,” the professor said, looking up from his desk, where he was pouring two mugs of ale from a small cask, “I know I told you I would require your help tomorrow, but I have an extra job for you, and one that should be lucrative.”
Raken gritted his teeth, accepting the drink and taking a sip. He was getting increasingly concerned about Kali as the evening wore on into night. He was afraid he’d come home to find she hadn’t been able to control herself, and would be even bigger. He was also, rather shamefully, half worried that she would have coped just fine, and not be bigger.
What’s happening to me? He wondered, I love her. I don’t want to share her… so why does that seem so… hot?
“What job, sir?” he asked, fighting down his conflicting thoughts.
“Nothing that will take any more of your time,” Gakin said, with a sniff, “I know you’ll be wanting to get back to your… studies. No, I just need you to deliver these barrels for me.”
“Deliver… ?”
The professor snorted, “Yes, deliver. Did you think these were for me? No, boy, I have no need of these for myself. I have to fund the school somehow. I have a customer in Elywnn Forest who commissions them. Unfortunately, the batch we made last week barely made up the shortfall for a prior one stolen by bandits. I need you to deliver these while I prepare the next batch, then return and assist with that. You can be here by 6, as discussed, but come back promptly after the delivery. I shall pay you 20% of the profits, which I think is exceptionally fair, don’t you?”
Raken could hardly argue, but he felt even more bewildered. Who in Elwynn would need love potions?

He was feeling none the wiser as he headed home several hours later, his libido and worry playing off each other like ogres on a seesaw. With some trepidation, he pushed open the door.
Kali was in the hall, sitting on a stool facing the door. She was shivering, hair hanging lank over her face with sweat. Naked, she was rocking back and forth against a sex toy she held firmly against her pussy. The shock of her fairly wretched appearance was nothing to the shock of her belly. He had both feared and shamefully hoped it would be larger – possibly even much larger – but nothing had prepared him for the sight before him.
She was smaller.
Her belly looked tight, but it was the size it had been the week before, maybe even a little smaller than that.
“How…?” he began, but she had stopped her rocking, staring at him with desperate, mindless need. She lurched to her feet, hands supporting her smaller – but full term, twin-sized, all the same – belly, waddling hurriedly to him, ripping off his clothes almost before he could close the door. The shock had released the tension in his cock, but her frantic hands found it, rubbing it desperately against her tight pregnancy, quickly returning it to full mast. Moaning, incoherent, she bent over, ass in the air. Without hesitation he eased himself into her hot pussy. It was like a furnace. She fucked him hard, mercilessly, but with an almost mechanical need. As he came within her, and felt her swell, she seemed to sag and relax against him.
“Yes…” she whimpered, in a tiny voice, “oh yes, love. I missed yeh. I missed yeh. I felt like I was dyin’.”
He swallowed. This had to be a side effect of the spell, something linked to her insatiable desire. Could it really hurt her? Was this period of enforced chastity – as minimal as it was – really able to harm her? From the drastic reduction in her belly, it seemed the answer might well be yes.
He kept thrusting, his cock swelling in her for his second orgasm, as the answer came to him.
He hated it.
He came, hard.
He was aroused by the wretched idea.
“Kali,” he whispered to her, his heart aching, “I can take you to the Lion’s Pride Inn tomorrow morning. I have a delivery to make for Gakin.”
“Yer th’ only man I want,” she whimpered, “I dinnae want th’ men there. Jus’ you… us’… och, I NEED it, love. I’m sorry. I’m so verra, verra sorry… I tired, love. I tried.”
“Just… just promise you’ll come home with me,” he said, his voice cracking on the last words.
“Always,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at him. Colour had returned to her cheeks. “Yer m’love.”
As he felt himself swelling again, to his deep surprise, he released his concerns and focused on the most important task in the world. Fucking his girlfriend insensible.

Dawn was barely creeping over the trees as Raken guided the horse-drawn cart down the well-used road from Stormwind. At his side, Kali was cuddling close. She had dressed in a tight knit sweater, in a light grey, which molded to her massive breasts and bulging belly – it had recovered a few inches from their wild sex during the night, and a quick but frantic tumble that morning, but was still smaller than it had been all week, even with the steady growth of the imps – a pair of tight pants that she’d been able to wriggle into but which had to be opened at the front for her belly, and a cloak to keep the early morning chill off. She was trembling, her swollen nipples tenting her sweater. As they neared the inn, he could hear the sounds of the patrons. Loud, obnoxious shouts from a human in plate outside, brandishing weapons that looked to be from the front lines of the battle on Draenor, and shouting oddly ill-pronounced insults to any of the patrons who came near him. Raken put him down as mentally deficient in some way, and ignored his ranting.
Pulling up outside, he hopped down and reached up to assist Kali. Carefully, her belly bulging out as she rubbed the tight sweater with her free hand, she stepped down. Raken went in to find someone to sign for the barrels, and was immediately greeted by a scene of pure debauchery, a busty barmaid jerking off two astonishingly well-hung draenei men in the full view of everyone.
Trying to ignore this, he waved to the innkeeper, who hurried over.
“I have a delivery from Gakin,” he began, but was drowned out as a cheer erupted from the patrons.
Kali had just waddled in. She blushed.
“I’ll come open the cellar,” the innkeeper told him, his eyes on Kali. The barmaid was the only one present not staring with lust. She look relieved.

Kali was assisted to her usual room by a very kind human who she was sure she recognized. She was certain when he took off his pants and helped her wriggle out of her breeches and wrestle the top over her huge breasts.
He ran his hands over her belly, looking drunk with lust, and she rolled over on the bed, on all fours. She felt a pang of sadness that her belly once again fir this position, even if it did press into the mattress.
Well, that would change soon, she thought with glee as her partner slid deeply into her.

Raken spared a last look at the inn, and clicked the reins, the horse trotting away. He hoped he was doing the right thing.

Kali was lost in pure ecstasy. Her current partner – her fifth, she thought, although she wasn’t keeping count – had helped her off the bed when her belly once again passed her knees – a joyful landmark for her, as awkward as the movement was – and was currently in her favoured position, pounding her from behind. Her breasts were supported by the mattress, although this meant her face was pressed into them, muffling her blissful moans. The man had both hands clamped firmly on her belly, the easiest place to grab, and was thrusting hard into her hot, slick pussy. It was purely wonderful how blissfully full she felt.
She should probably make some sort of effort to pace herself, she thought, but then remembered the last week. Yes, the growth had been glorious, but it hadn’t really been that extreme, and she’d exhausted all the patrons at the inn. No, if she wore them all out now, they’d probably be ready to go again when she finished a first loop of them. It was gratifying how many of them found her so sexy.
Her smile widened as she felt her partner swelling further, ready to release inside her. Oh yes, this was amazing.

The barmaid, Melika, finished cleaning herself up, and gathered the small collection of coins as she slipped back into her dress. Inkeeper Farley was waiting for her downstairs, and slid a tray into her hands.
“Looks like an easy day of it for you today,” he told her, placing beer mugs on the tray, “with that dwarf here. Don’t see as I understand it fully myself – sure, she’s got a huge rack, but she’s pregnant. Don’t get the attraction myself.”
Melika shrugged, and adjusted her dress to show her cleavage to best advantage.
“Some men like that,” she pointed out, “besides, you’ve got them so dosed up on this lust potion that they’d fuck anything in a dress. Remember the issue we had with that mage yesterday?”
Farley shrugged.
“So long as they keep paying my fee, I’m happy. The dwarf seems happy too.”
Melika nodded, and eyed the beers.
“So… full doses in these, I take it?”
“Good job she is here, then. I already feel like I’ll be walking bandy-legged for a week.”

Kali squealed with joy as the big draenei shoved his huge cock roughly into her. She stretched easily to fit him – a benefit of the miscast spell that was not lost on her – and shoved back hard, feeling him hit bottom. He was the biggest cock she’d had to date, she thought, although that was only an idle consideration. She preferred Raken’s.
The draenei set up a ferocious rhythm, to the point she was sure she’d be getting bruised if she was less… stretchy. She concentrated on the gloriously full feeling, rubbing her belly through the haze. She was getting so big now, so gloriously big. She’d considered stopping a couple of times, but the stream of eager men hadn’t dried up, and the thought of losing that wonderful full feeling in her pussy had kept her going. Besides, she was in full control, and this was fun.
Something brushed against her belly as she thrust, but she was too busily enjoying herself to notice. The draenei slapped her backside, making her squeak with pleasure, his thick cock a delicious mass of sensation in her needy pussy.
She lifted one huge breast, getting the plump nipple in her mouth and sucking greedily. The extra sensation sent her over the edge, her orgasm washing over her as the draenei squeezed her belly and continued.
The firecrackers going off in her subsided into the blissful shudders of aftershocks, and she humped back against him, prolonging the pleasure high. He grunted, gushing torrents of cum into her. She squealed with bliss, ignoring the more insistent feeling from her belly as it grew. If he was like the others, he’d be able to come at least once more, maybe twice.
Sure enough, he paused only for a moment, groaning with pleasure, before her babbled “Tha’s it! Again! Make me bigger, please! Fuck me, fuck me!” got him hard again in her desperate folds.
“It surprises me,” he told her, in his thick draenic accent, “that you think you are not big enough.”
She humped back again, desperate.
“Please, I need more,” she moaned, “I need more.”
He shrugged, more than willing to give her what she needed. Something was tickling her bellybutton with each thrust. It felt divine, despite the huge weight of her swollen pregnancy.
The draenei worked a hand between her thighs, beneath his swollen balls, and slipped a finger into her, caressing her clit. She moaned desperately.
“I have heard term cumslut,” the draenei panted, “but never understood it, da?”
“Dinnae call me a slut, lad,” she reprimanded him, trying to ignore the naughty thrill his words gave her, “I need this. Really need it, aye? I need to be bigger!”
With a rough moan, the draenei’s second orgasm hit, flooding her further. She felt something messing with her balance, and shifted her feet a little, rising on her toes. Eyes widening, she pulled her face away from her breasts and looked around.
She could see the curve of her belly, rounding out her sides. It looked impressive, and she felt a surge of pride. She tried to take a step back, and found her movement impeded. Frowning, she tried to straighten. She strained, but it wasn’t happening.
“Erm… mebbe yeh’d give me an ‘and up, aye?”
He gripped her arm firmly, and she finally saw what was pressing against her belly.
It was the floor.
Her petite form was overwhelmed by the vastness of her gravid belly. Rocking back hard, she was able to get her feet on the ground and lift it a little. She was still leaning forward, the weight of it pinning her. It had to be three feet from her spine to her bellybutton.
She stared, rubbing the taut surface. She hadn’t been with that many men, surely? It had been…
Her eyes flickered to the window. It was dark.
It had been at least twelve hours.
“Um,” she tried, again.
“Never have I had partner with your stamina,” the draenei said to her, squeezing one of her huge breasts appreciatively.
“I… um… ‘ow many times did we go at it?” she asked, curiously.
He laughed. “This time, she is the third. You were much smaller the first time. Is this normal of dwarves?”
“No’… as such,” she said, struggling to get her belly off the ground. The combined weight of imps and cum was causing her issues.
“You will be back next week, da?” he asked.
“I… I don’t think so,” she managed, weakly. If she did this again… how big could she get? Would it be a problem? She hadn’t had to eat, drink, or use the little dwarf’s room since this started, so that wasn’t a concern, but… what would Raken say?
She thought about it. Her nipples perked up, and she felt the fire rising in her pussy. She considered looking for another partner, but no… Raken should be here soon, and she could wait, now. She could have stopped hours ago and been fine, but she’d lost track.
Sliding her hands under her belly, which was so sensitive she came just from the feeling, she heaved it up. It settled in her hips, the roundness becoming more elongated as it distended.
Tentatively, she tried to turn. She knocked a vase off the bedside table, where her gravidity had hidden it from her
“I’m huge,” she breathed, eyes shining.
“Da,” the draenei agreed. He was pulling on his clothes, and added a handful of coins to the pile on the other table. Kali’s eyes widened. There had to be a thousand gold there.
“Would you like help?” he asked her.
“Aye… um… gettin’ dressed.” She waddled slowly to the mirror. It was hard – her belly swung back and forth as she moved, out of control. The sheer volume of liquid in it sloshed from side to side, increasing the exaggeration of her motion. She staggered to one side a bit, before managing to get control of her legs.
The mirror showed a sight every bit as impressive as she had expected. Her bellybutton was a memory, a large dark mark like a third areola on her immense belly. Her huge breasts actually looked small on it.
She’d seen statues of primitive fertility goddesses. She was bigger.
A range of emotions ran through her. Shock, awe, lust, and finally… triumph.
“Bloody ‘ell!” she breathed.

Dressing was hard. With a lot of effort, and much chuckling, the draenei – who introduced himself, with unnecessary shyness, Kali thought – as Viktor assisted her into her breeches. They pulled up to her hips, and stuck. Apparently her belly wasn’t the only thing that had grown. They managed to tug them high enough to cover her pussy, but the upper curve of her plus ass was bare. She was stuck leaning forward until she could work out a better way to support her belly, since her hands didn’t come close to closing around it.
They slipped the sweater over her head. They wrestled it over her breasts. It covered exactly none of her belly. An attempt to pull it down a little had met with a ripping noise as a seam went.
“Yeh like pregnant lassies?” she asked him, as he helped her to the door.
“Nyet, not as rule. You are first I have been with. Probably last, but I would be with you again in moment. Today, I see you, I think ‘Vicktor, here is one sexy lady, plus available. Your common not so good, you not find girl in tavern normally. This girl, she is doing come-hither. You go, and come.’ ”
She laughed. She liked this big, simple draenei.
“Listen,” she said, “I dinnae want tae sound like a tease, but this…” she gestured at the room, and at her huge belly, and had to grab the doorframe to stop the motion knocking her off balance, “this was a necessity, aye? No’ a choice I wanted tae make. Yeh were amazin’, lad, an’ I like yeh, but m’ boyfriend is comin’ tae pick me up.”
“I hope he is being strong,” Viktor chuckled, helping her to get her balance back.
She laughed again, “Aye, ‘e is, but mebbe yeh’d ‘elp get me tae ‘im? ‘e’s goin’ tae be surprised. No, wha’ I meant was…”
Viktor placed a large blue finger on her lips.
“I am knowing what you meant, tykva. This was one-off. Three-off. Today I be with you, tomorrow I have glorious memory to keep me warm at night, da?”
The barmaid was waiting on the stairs to help her down, a stunned expression. Between her and Viktor, they got Kali safely to the ground floor.
“We’ll have to put you in a ground-floor room next time,” Melika told her, staring at her belly in astonishment.
“There willnae be a next time,” Kali told her, patting her arm warmly. “Yeh’ve all been sae good tae me, but I’ve got m’ Raken, an’ I only ‘ave another week o’ this.”
The barmaid went pale, but nodded and recovered rapidly.
“Well, maybe you can tell me your secret?” she managed.

It was another hour before Raken got there. Despite her decision, Kali eventually wriggled her breeches down and, leaning awkwardly on her belly, let Viktor fuck her one last time, “fer th’ road.” The extra inches were barely noticeable on her immense form, but the warm glow was welcome. They helped her pull the breeches back up as best they could.
“A spell?” Melika repeated, after the explanation was complete. A number of other patrons, close in stamina to Viktor, had also recovered, and were filing hopefully into the common room. One was fondling Melika’s breasts, and she kept absently slapping his hand away.
“Aye, summonin’ an’ bindin’,” Kali reiterated.
“And that’s mostly…”
“Aye,” Kalie replied, patting her belly. She heaved it up, hefting her swollen form onto a stool. It creaked alarmingly. She spread her legs wide – she had to, or her boobs covered her face – and leaned forward a little. The stool, designed for a human, was tall enough that her belly didn’t reach the ground. Viktor helped her lift it again, and slid another underneath to support.
“So without that, you’d be much smaller,” the barmaid mused.
“Dinnae go puttin’ a downer on m’ mood,” Kali joked. She caressed her belly again. The initial shock had totally worn off, and she was in love with her new body.
“But… will it last forever?”
Kali shook her head.
“Eventually, I’ll stop ‘oldin’ it in, we think,” she said, “an’ I’ll jus’ get messy instead o’ swellin’. Th’ imps will be born in a week, too.”
“The first of them,” Malika agreed, nodding.
Kali stared at her.
“The first,” Malika repeated, “you said you were conceiving more every time you had sex, yes? So it’ll be three weeks until all these are born.”
“I… I ‘adn’t thought o’ that…”
“Wait, you’ve been getting yourself knocked up dozens of times over, and only thinking about the first litter?” the barmaid asked, incredulously.
Kali shivered with desire. Hearing it put like that made the fire in her crotch rage.
“I’m goin’ tae be ‘uge!” she gasped.
“You are already huge,” Viktor told her.
Kali beamed with pleasure.

Raken pushed open the door with the keg he was carrying. The others were waiting by the cellar, ready for the innkeeper to put away.
Kali was sitting a little way away from him, her back to the door, talking to a draenei and the sexy barmaid he’d seen before. He was filled with love as he saw his girlfriend, her wavy hair cascading down her back. Her backside was a little larger, and her sides were round. She’d gained back the lost inches, he assumed. That was good, she’d be happy about that, and he could enjoy her pregnant, cum-swollen body.
He was surprised she wasn’t larger. When he’d seen her before her belly shrank, it had hung down slightly when she was sitting, but he couldn’t see it through the legs of the stool. Well, he was glad she seemed happy – if the back of someone’s head could convey emotion – even if he was a little disappointed she hadn’t used her opportunity to really blow up.
The barmaid pointed at him, Kali turned her head, smiled lovingly, and beckoned him over. He set down the keg and walked over, feeling a little hurt. He’d half expected her to come waddling over and jump him right there.
As he got closer, the draenei got to his feet and came to meet him. He was head-and-shoulders taller than Raken. With great delicacy, the towering figure offered his hand. Not sure why, Raken shook it.
“I am Viktor, and you are Raken, da?”
“Erm, yes,” Raken agreed, as his hand was pumped up and down.
“You lucky man! Kali, she is great. Very surprised you share, but very glad! Many happy memories, da? She thought you might need Viktor’s help.”
Raken felt a stab of jealousy. This draenei was suggesting he couldn’t satisfy his girlfriend, wasn’t he? Well, maybe she had needed to come sleep with a bunch of strangers, but only because he hadn’t been around. In fact, when he was there, she didn’t need to sleep with anyone else, so surely that meant she was satisfied?
Viktor obviously read his expression, because he added “Helping to get her onto cart, da?”
Raken frowned at him. He’d got her down just fine, and she didn’t seem much larger.
He rounded the table, and stopped. Kali was no longer blocked from view. Her belly was taking up its own stool.
He made a faint whimpering in his throat.
Kali beamed at him. “If yeh an’ Viktor c’n get me intae th’ cart, I c’n probably get oot wi’ jes yeh, An’ I ‘ave a promise tae keep.”
She hauled herself to her feet, stumbling slightly as she tried to control her center of gravity, and pushed her gigantic belly into him. It yielded slightly against his crotch. She smiled happily, nipples tenting her insignificant sweater as she felt him, hard against her belly.
“A promise,” she repeated, “Fer th’ most patient man in th’ world.”
Viktor leaned down and whispered in Raken’s ear – or at least, lowered his voice so only people in the inn could hear.
“I would be marrying her if I were you, da? She is catch.”
Can I? Raken wondered, I love her, but how much of a life can we make of it if she needs these orgies?
Kali, who had heard the whisper, blushed.
C’n I do that tae ‘im? C’n I even think aboot marryin’ a man I just ‘ad to cheat on wi’… she glanced at her belly, shifting her weight a little …wi’ more men than I counted? Mebbe Viktor was right tae call me a slut, even if ‘e didn’t mean it as an insult. I pretty much fit th’ definition. ‘S about all I do fit.
“Let’s get you home,” Raken told her. She felt his cock twitch against her belly again, and purred.
I c’n worry about tha’ later. Right now, I need ‘im tae be inside me.
One step at a time. Light, I need to be inside her.

Kali lay on her side, caressing her belly blissfully.
Three days had passed since her orgy, and she had never felt closer to Raken, or needed him more. She felt the desperate desire to make up for her unfaithfulness, even if it had been authorized.
It helped that her now rapidly-growing body was a dream come true for him. It was an unrealized dream come true for her, too, but one that had a few minor drawbacks.
Tentatively, she tried to roll over. Nope.
She lifted a leg, and tried to each her pussy with the sex toy. Her belly was in the way from the front, and her bottom, which had expanded a little, was in the way from behind. She whimpered a little.
Too pregnant tae pleasure mesself, she thought, ‘ornier than ‘ell, pinned to th’ bed, an’ ‘s’ been gone AGES.
In fact, Raken had been gone ten minutes, but the boiling mass of hormones seething in Kali made it feel like an eternity.
She wriggled, experimentally, and managed to shift herself down the bed. Encouraged, she set her eye on the polished wooden bedknob and proceeded to haul herself towards it.
Raken returned to find her at the edge of the bed, legs hanging over, grinding the bedknob against her desperate pussy. She had managed to get onto her back, her belly settling atop her and rising gloriously above.
“You are the epitome of patience,” he said, rapidly divesting himself of clothes.
“Yeh were gone f’rever,” she complained, her voice muffled by her breasts. She was far too big for being on her back to be comfortable.
With some effort, he helped her get her legs over the bedknob, to make room for him.
“Do you want to get on your side?” he asked, stroking a fingertip around her hot sex. She shivered.
“No, I’m good,” she managed, “I jes’ need yeh in me. NOW.”
He eased into her. She moaned, gripping the bedclothes, as he slid in deep. Her slick pussy was as welcoming as ever. He gripped her huge belly. It was chest-high on him. She wrestled her breasts out of the way of her face, large dark areola sporting perky nipples that begged to be teased. He placed a kiss on the dark mark hat was all that remained of her bellybutton. She cooed with pleasure.
“Yeh like ‘ow big I am?” she asked him, shifting her hands to squeeze and tug at her plump nipples. He slid smoothly into her, her pussy as tight and wonderful as always around him.
“I’m goin’ tae get bigger,” she purred. This was almost a ritual by now.
“How much bigger?” he asked, between strokes. His balls were aching for release, but he kept his momentum slow and steady.
“Och, so much,” she moaned, “s’long as yeh keep fillin’ me, I’ll keep growin’. Mebbe I’ll get too big tae fit through th’ doors? Mebbe yeh’ll come ‘ome one day, an’ I’ll jus’ be lyin’ on me belly, m’poor short arms and legs too far off th’ ground tae move.”
The image was both ludicrous and amazingly arousing to him. He thrust harder, making her big breasts wobble.
“Och, yeh like tha’?” she asked, wickedly, “like th’ idea o’ yer girlfriend bein’ too pregnant tae move?”
He gritted his teeth. She knew just how to get to him.
“Oooh, I think yeh do,” she gasped, gripping the sheets spasmodically, her breath growing ragged as she felt her orgasm build, “I think yeh like h’ thought o’ me bein’ so big I’m jus’ stuck, needin’ yeh all th’ time.”
“That…” he gasped, gripping her belly tighter and thrusting harder, feeling her shudder as she came, “that’s pretty much now, isn’t it?”
“Och, lad, trust me, I’ll get bigger fer yeh,” she moaned, “so big. SO pregnant…”
He came hard at that, a torrent of cum flooding her. She moaned in bliss, but something was different.
He looked down as her pussy. His cum was leaking out of her.
“Wha’s wrong?” she moaned, “yeh usually keep goin’”
“The spell’s broken,” he told her, “you’re leaking.”
She pouted.
“Well, get a cloth, clean me up, an’ get goin’. I’m still goin’ tae grow frae what I ‘ave. I was ‘opin’ I’d at least get totally immobilized.”
He did what she asked. Her swollen body blocked her face, so he never saw her look of pure misery. Once his cock was in her freshly-wiped pussy, it quickly faded.
I was ‘opin’ tae get so much bigger, she thought, wistfully.

A week later, things had changed surprisingly little. She was about the same size, despite the growth of the imps, although now she had her first offspring.
The birth had been easy. Cheatingly so, really, since they’d used the book Raken had borrowed to summon those imps ready to be born into a binding circle. A room had been turned into a crèche, until they could work out what to do with them, and the first dozen imps had been bound in there. A further three dozen had joined them, in threes and fours, over the last few days.
Kali could feel the tightness that meant another casting would be needed soon. She was glad her last visit to the Lion’s Pride had filled her so full, it meant she’d stay at least roughly the same size for a little while yet, but she wasn’t looking forward to the end of this.
She took every opportunity to fuck Raken. The need wasn’t as strong with the fading of the spell, but the desire hadn’t faded.
She rubbed her belly wistfully. She was going to miss being this size.

“Good of you to finally rejoin us,” Gakin was his usual sarcastic self. Kali felt herself blushing as she slid into her desk, settling her swollen breasts on it. They were filled with milk now, and looked half again the size they had been before she cast the spells. The remaining students were staring at her, the boys with lust, Maligna with something between disgust and envy. And exhaustion. She looked drawn, as if she’d barely slept for months.
Kali silently held out a sheaf of papers, which Gakin took. He skimmed the first page, then stopped, looked at her with an eyebrow raised, and returned to his desk.
“I shall read this in full later,” he told her, “but it looks like you have not wasted your six-week absence.”
Kali looked at Raken, hiding a grin. He winked back. The papers were the result of a collaborative effort to take her mind off the rapid shrinking of her belly as the last imps were summoned out of it – a detailed explanation and examination of the spells she had used, their effects, their use in battle, and the binding of nine hundred and ninety-six imps. Her skin, with the abnormal elasticity her spell had caused, was back to normal. She was still sad about that, and secretly irritated she hadn’t managed to conceive an even thousand.
Well, she mused, as she rubbed the slight firmness that still wasn’t visible to the eye, almost normal. The twins, six weeks along, were starting to make their presence felt. Another month or so, and she’d be back on the way to a belly. A smaller one by far, but still a belly – and, after all, Raken was a fine, strapping man. Who knew, maybe they’d be human babies. Big ones.
Gakin turned his attention to his lecture, and Kali settled back, half-listening. Life was almost back to normal.

Three months later, Raken and Kali were married at a small ceremony in Northshire. They had invited a few friends – the class, Gakin – who had been surprised at the invitation, and uncharacteristically warm in his congratulations – Melika, and Viktor. Those two stood together, smiling happily at each other. Melika had confided in Kali that she was pregnant, a month gone, and she was pretty sure they were Viktor’s. Viktor had confided in her that he was pretty sure they weren’t, as draenei and humans didn’t breed easily, but he didn’t care. The pair had fallen in love, which Kali thought was sweet.
She adjusted her white, lacy dress. There had been some discussion about this. It had been pointed out to her that wedding white represented the virginal state of the bride. Any woman who in her situation shouldn’t really be wearing it.
She patted her swollen belly, just large enough to show in the very tight dress. Her breasts, cupped in vast swathes of lacey silk, drew attention from it, but she’d had the embroidery and lace arranged to emphasise it and draw attention. If she was going to be a pregnant bride, she wanted the world to know. The twins were Raken’s, and she would shout it from the rooftops.
In fact, of everyone they had invited, only Maligna was absent. This was considered to be unfortunate by the other male students, who Kali had discovered Maligna was eager to please in every possible way, but not a huge loss by anyone else.
Her train was immense. It had been made for her as a wedding gift by the patrons of the Lion’s Pride. Viktor and Melika had told her that she was greatly missed, and had obtained the status of a legend among them. Those who had slept with her on her three visits – a not inconsiderable number – were viewed as heroes.
She thought it was sweet.
A number of her imps proudly carried the train. This had led to a further argument, until it had been proposed the wedding be held outdoors, near the church, rather than in it.
She shifted on the spot, waiting for the priest to complete the ceremony. She’d worn a garter belt for this, and she was rather keen on seeing what reaction Raken had to it when he had her dress off.
She became aware of a silence, spreading through the clearing.
“What?” she asked, looking around wildly. Raken was grinning. “OH!” She gasped, remembering herself, “Sorry! I do, aye!”
“You may now kiss the…” the priest began, but Raken didn’t wait.
The crowd, as crowds are wont to do at these times, went wild.

Maligna leaned against the tree, panting. Her body was on fire – in a figurative, desperate-for-cock way - the bright runes on her C-cup breasts blazing with fel energy. If that stupid dwarf could do this, so could she. That would teach Gakin for daring to be impressed with the little tit-blessed slut.
She had splashed through a river, heedless, swimming through the deepest part. The fury and lust sustained her, although a little voice at the back of her head was trying to insistently tell her there was no river between Goldshire and Stormwind. She ignored it, and quickened her pace through the trees. She’d show the little bitch. She’d be better at everything than Kali had been. Six weeks and then back to normal everywhere but the breasts? It was worth it, more than worth it, and she’d put that little whore in her place.
There were lights ahead. She staggered towards them, naked and desperate. Brambles whipped her legs, but the flesh yielded to them and sprang back without damage, briefly blue-tinged as it did. She slipped, stumbling down a slope she hadn’t expected, and ended up face down, ass in the air, at the foot of it. The lights were bright and flickering. She could hear deep voices.
Eagerly, she got to her feet, flinging her arms wide. “I’m ready,” she gasped, “take me!”
Too late, she realized this wasn’t the inn.
She’d misjudged by a bit.
The Vul’gor Ogres, briefly nonplussed by the appearance of a naked woman, advanced on her. Loincloths were tenting obscenely around her.
Maligna swallowed, hard, then relaxed.
Well, what the hell. She needed it, and she’d show that little dwarf whore.
December 23, 2016 10:56 am
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
Good to have you back JB!
December 23, 2016 11:19 am
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
This was an amazing read. Kali was adorable, and thr ending was fun.
January 3, 2017 9:26 am
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
This is a fantastic story. do you have any others or anything similar?
January 4, 2017 5:07 pm
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
Thanks for the responses all! In order:
(December 23, 2016 11:19 am)deux_anges Wrote:  Good to have you back JB!

Good to be back! I haven't done much more than lurk for a while, and I certainly haven't written anything this length (at least, not porn) for the longest time, not since the days of the Lactating Dryad website. I think my writing's matured a lot since then, in more ways than one. (And, of course, insert here the age old reminder that there are two JB writers, and I'm not the one who did the Matt Corrigan & the Ladies In Waiting or Vivian stories!)

Zaloog81 Wrote:This was an amazing read. Kali was adorable, and thr ending was fun.

Thank you! Kali definitely wanted the story to get away from any semblance of control I had once I started writing! I'll probably do something else with her in the future (no promises!) - after all, she's got several months of swelling enormously with twins to go, and who knows what other zany hijinks those crazy warlocks will get up to?

tarrick Wrote:This is a fantastic story. do you have any others or anything similar?

Thanks! The only similarish thing is one I posted a couple of years back, which a quick search reveals is inexplicably no longer here. I'll look it up and repost!
January 4, 2017 9:04 pm
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
Didn't the other JB also go by the name of Rivan or Jeff Bont? Haven't seen any activity from him in quite a while too. However, many of his stories have been reposted:

Lactating now that brings back some memories! Whatever happened to that website?

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January 7, 2017 12:26 pm
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RE: The Misadventures of Kali Bronzebuns
It became too much of a hassle to maintain, at a point in my life I really didn't need the extra hassle Smile And yes, that's the other JB! Rivan51, IIRC
January 7, 2017 5:05 pm
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