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Pregnant Alien Love
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Pregnant Alien Love
In the galaxy Smornella on Planet Faiea there lived a man by the name of Smitty. Smitty was an art teacher and only 1,028. He was amazing at his craft. He could draw, paint, sculpt, and even craft anything.
Faiea is very similar to Earth except the lifespan was incredable! Most humans on Earth live to 80-90. On Faiea men and women live for 2,000 years. Birth rates are very low and pregnancy lasts 147 years. The Faiea's don't age fast either. You are considered an adult at 18 but look like teens til they turn 1,540. At 1,540 Faiea have celebrations instead of birthdays every year. The whole planet is full of adults though.
Pregnancy is very taboo on Faiea. Its difficult to get a female Faiea pregnant and if you do, you are considered high power. Male that are givin high authority leave for 147 years to watch guard of the planet, township, or territory. They're names get put on lists for high pregnancy levels just in case the planet has a megadeath (<----good band).
Smitty could never find normal women attractive. He even experimented with men. Nothing was working for him. Smitty was at a grocery store when he saw one of his student-teachers crying. She tried to hide it. Her name was Jessica. Jessica had black wavy hair that touched her shoulders and green eyes that sparkled in sunlight. She was stunning!
"Is everything okay?.... Jessica? Urhm..." Smitty was always awkward around girls even though he couldn't get it up. He obviously like girls, just didn't know how.
"Oh! Um! Yeah, I just ate a spicy sample... and my eyes... ummm were watery." Jessica said as she turned around real fast and hid and object behind her back.
Stores and shopping centers offered pregnancy tests like Earth offered lottery tickets. For Entertainment Purposes Only. It was rare if a women got pregnant, so they made it fun to guess and be curious. It was a game until it actually happened.
"Okay, I just saw you over by the pregnancy booth.... Now you seem a little shaken..." Smitty felt entrusive.
"FINE! Don't tell anyone else! I'm p r e g n a n t!" Jess whispered angerly.
Jessica was worried about her 147 years. What was she going to do?
Smitty felt funny when she said 'pregnant'. He's only seen two pregnant women in his lifespan. He doesn't remember what they look like. He doesn't know what pregnancy is. All the steps and growing.

~27 Years Later~
Smitty didn't see Jessica after that. She moved on to other classes. Jessica was now 1,114. Faiea's look very young at this age but inside are just regular adults.
The new school year was going to start and Smitty was buttoning up his shirt with his very strong, young hands. Green eyes reflected back in the mirror as he swept his floof of hair to the side. Smitty had very nice, brown curls that reached down past his ears. He was also very slender and tall. Looked almost like Johnny Depp in 'From Hell'.
Smitty walked through his classroom door and waited for students. Smitty had to set up for the introduction into Faiea Artitecture. The Faiea have incredible art from the 1500's. That was Smitty's favorite subject.
The students started piling in. One by One. Lots of new faces and some returning one's. Then Jessica walks in. So beautiful and majestic. So very pregnant. Smitty was in shock at what he was feeling. His genitalia were alive!
Smitty quickly grabbed the nearest clay board and covers himself.
"Hi Mr. Smitty!" Jessica yells in happiness.
"Jessica! Wow! Its been awhile.... like 20 years?
"27." She smiles.
The class took their seats and Smitty calmed down. About and hour in lecture, the Administrator interrupts and asks to speak with Jessica. "Ooh!" The class shouted.
"What's wrong??"
"Come with me, dear" Admin looked horrified.
Smitty continue's and class ends. Jessica comes back into the door and looks stunned. Her eyes all red and distraught. She wobbled back to get her stuff and gave up, plops into her chair while everyone leaves.
Smitty closed the door and approached the woman.
"Jess, are you okay? What did admin say?" Smitty was prepared for a meltdown.
"Rod... is... DEAD. The father to my child died." Jessica could not believe the words that she was saying.
"I want you. That's all I've ever wanted. I ran off with Rod because I didn't think I could fuck a teacher! Now he's dead and I'm alone!" Jessica interrupted.
"Wha-???" Smitty was confused about the whole situation. Is she sad or is she happy? He couldn't tell. She seemed sad but the words aren't there.
"Don't you see? This is a sign! I sign up for class again after 27 years and see you while my boyfriend gets shot in action!" Jessica looked dumbfounded.
"Urhm........ Ok??" Smitty replied.
Jessica walked up to him and started unbuttoning is shirt.
"-------" Smitty didn't know what to do so he went with it.
" I noticed your pecker when you saw my belly earlier..." Jessica winked and bit her lip. "I bet you like pregnant girls, huh?" She still had reminence of tears on her face.
"Yeah! I do!" Smitty yelled awkwardly.
"Oh God! Can I please touch your belly?"
"You're too polite, silly. You don't have to ask..." Jess winked again.
Smitty could not believe the firmness of her egg-shaped belly. And better yet, her belly button! It stuck out like a nipple and was dark brown. Smitty began touching and fondaling her belly when he felt something move. His pecker began to raise so fast.
"Oh God! What was that?!" Smitty was so turned on.
"That's the baby..."
"That was soo fucking hot! Smitty replied. END OF PART ONE.
January 6, 2017 5:18 am
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RE: Pregnant Alien Love
Jessica was relentless. She wanted Smitty so bad! And Smitty's pregnancy fetish was beginning.
"I never realized how sexy pregnancy was! I feel like I'm going to explode all over that pregnant belly!" Smitty couldn't contain himself anymore. He was rubbing and caressing her swollen stomach. He couldn't keep his hands off.
"I'm ready..." Jessica replied.
Smitty got his dick on top of that. The feeling he felt while entering her pregnant pussy was unbelievable! Smitty has waited 1,000 years to have this expierience.
"Oh God! I want to cum soo bad!"
He could see the baby moving everytime he thrusted forward and it tortured him (in a good way).
"You have to wait, Daddy. The baby and I aren't ready for that yet." Jessica winked.
Jessica walked Smitty over to an empty desk and layed him on top. She then began to suck his pecker and used her whole throat.
"O-oh MY G-GOD!" Smitty cried.
"This is just the beginning...." Jessica climbed on top and thrust her belly onto his penis. The baby began kicking really hard as she moaned in pleasure. "Now baby! Now!" Jessica screamed!
"O-o-ohhhhh!!!" Smitty squirted all over Jessica's active belly and belly button. Her belly ring was soaked. Cum dripped off the walls and off of Jessica and the baby. She sat down, on top of Smitty, who was out of breath. She layed her big belly on his chest and let his rub the cum into her skin. She was so hot. They couldn't relax after that.
"I wish you were the daddy" Jessica rubbed her belly and stared into Smitt's eyes.
Smitty grabbed her belly one last time and bit the belly button. "Me too".
"At least I have you for another 126 years...." Smitty winked.

January 9, 2017 2:50 am
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RE: Pregnant Alien Love
love the bumpjob
January 22, 2017 10:17 am
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RE: Pregnant Alien Love
January 22, 2017 5:44 pm
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RE: Pregnant Alien Love
Smitty and Jessica RE: Pregnant Alien Love - 203525   
February 11, 2017 12:10 am
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RE: Pregnant Alien Love
~PART 3~
Jessica had been pregnant for 129 years now and it showed. She was HUGE. She was so large that maternity wear didn't fit over her egg-shaped belly. Everywhere Jessica went, people saw everything, and guys didn't hold back. She got her belly rubbed all the time and offers to fuck. As horny as Jess was, she held back for Smitty. She loved that they shared a fetish. She loved that she got to stay pregnant for him so long.
Lately Jessica was feeling very horny whenever someone touched her bulging belly. She wanted to sit on them with her belly button stuck in their faces. And to be honest with herself, she was getting bored with just Smitty.
Smitty couldn't stop thinking about Jessica's belly. In every conversation, lecture, or meeting it always came down do the belly. Jessica told Smitt that she didn't want to have sex for a year so that when they did, it was spectacular! And she grew sooo much since the first month they stopped.
Smitty would sit at his desk and dream about cumming on her big, stretched belly button. It was so huge that it looked like someone took a cork screw and undid her belly button out 3 inches! He just wanted to play with it so bad and tickle her in the perfect spot to make the baby dance.
Jessica walked into Smitty's class, sweating. "Can we have a 5-some????". Jessica said in a hurry.
"Hell Yeah! Smitty beamed with enthusiasim. "Only if I can be the first to cum and we have to film it".
"Anything for you, baby!" Jessica ran out of the classroom but not before a kiss goodbye.
Jessica made an advertisement on a website that read:
Jessica was so horny, that the baby wouldn't calm down. He was moving so fast and stretching inside her belly.
Smitty didn't know how Jess was gonna bring home the men and he didn't worry about it. He had hope that she could find nice looking men. After all, she got knocked up by Rod and fucked her teacher. She has good taste.
Smitty looked down at his watch as it read 7:46 PM indicating that he go home after grading art, which isn't an easy job. Smitty was tired and hoped to get some sleep when he got home. He hopped in his car and drove into the night.
(Doorbell rings multiple times)
"I'm coming!" Jessica was getting ready for her and Smitt's night and had no idea what awaited her behind that door.
Jessica opened her front door to be greeted by 7 guys! And extra 4! Jessica didn't think she would even get 2 guys to show up! Jess' night went from a 5-ishsome to a full blown Gangbang!
As the men piled into the house, each on groping a feel of the belly, Jessica had to take bigger measures. She lead the group out to the decked area that was enclosed. She didn't have a tarp so this was going to do.
"EXCUSE ME!" Jessica got them to quiet down for a quick talk to.
"Alright! My boyfriend will be home soon, so everyone get undressed and 'ready'. I'm going to meet him at the door and out here! Do you understand?"
"YEAH!" The group responded.
Jess walked to the door and sat for a couple minutes until she saw Smitty pull into the driveway. She got up and greeted him outside with a hug.
"I have a suprise for you, babe..." She whispered in his ear quietly.
Her lingere was blowing around in the wind and Smitty became un-tired fast.
"Ooh!" He was excited.
Jess grabbed his hand and walked hime to the decked area where there was a site that nobody could cum back from. The most gorgeous men in all of Smorella getting ready to fuck him and his girlfriend....


February 11, 2017 1:00 am
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