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Looking for Hailey's curse
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Question Looking for Hailey's curse
I remember enjoying that story on thebellyzone website but now it's gone! What happenened? Does anybody know where to find that story?
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December 13, 2016 1:28 am
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Referring to this story?

Not sure if this is all of it or if the rest is still being posted.
December 13, 2016 2:22 am
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
That's it! Yes there is more I remember there being 8 chapters total where she learns to control her pregnancy and ends up being a goddess changing genders and impregnating all women she walks by. Does anybody have the rest?
December 13, 2016 7:53 am
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
holy shit
would not have expected that twist, given the first few chapters
December 14, 2016 2:53 am
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Hailey’s Curse

By Reprobate

Chapter 1, where we begin right in the thick of the action, are introduced to our heroine, and become aware of her unique fate.

Two figures quarrel in a crowded suburban mall. One is young and beautiful. The other, old, shriveled and vindictive. In a moment of indignant anger the crone mumbles something inaudible and the young girl quits yelling and is scared.

“What’s going to happen to me?,” Hailey mumbled, feeling her body tingle as if mildly electrified. The sensation was slightly pleasurable. The old crone whom she had so recently wronged responded,

“Why it is simple my dear. You’ve always loved the promiscuous life, I can tell. All I've done to you is make it so that you don’t have a choice. I’ve magically altered your body so that from noon to midnight, unless you have sexual congress every few hours or so, you will conceive, come to term and give birth.”

“I will what!?,” Hailey shrieked, taking a step back from the foul witch. She was also trying, and failing, to step back from her own altered body. “That’s not possible!”

“Oh, I assure you that it is. Why, one of your eggs, fertilized by my magic, is right this very minute busy embedding itself in your uterine wall. From there it will develop supernaturally swiftly all on its own, with you having no need to eat or anything. Your pregnancy, which ought to take 40 weeks, won't even take 4 hours. At that time labor pains will set in and birthing process will begin,” The old crone hissed.

Hailey couldn’t believe her ears. She sat down on the mall food court chair, her mind reeling.

“Of course if at any time before your water breaks male seed enters your vaginal cavity it will immediately work to remedy the situation, your body reverting to normal, only to start the cycle all over again,” the crone smiled. The technical anatomical words made Hailey twitch with disgust. The thought that despite everything science and reality suggested she was right this very instant already pregnant made her sick to her stomach. Or maybe that was morning sickness…

“Oh, and one last thing, you little tramp. Not that you needed the encouragement but let me say this. Sex with one man will only work once, after that you will need to find someone new. 3 or 4 new men every day, depending on how you space things out I would guess, if my poor math serves me right. Anyway, have a nice life!,” The witch laughed and walked away.

Hailey sat in silence. She was wearing a very short jean skirt and a baby tee that didn’t quite reach her navel. The pale skin of belly and long legs had always been one of her favorite features, now they just mocked her. The former doomed to bloat out and swell up, the latter cursed to be spread open for the rest of her life…

Then it occurred to her… what if the witch was lying? Hailey sprang up off the chair and strode swiftly past the shops to the pharmacy at the end of the mall complex. Inside she surreptitiously scanned for pregnancy tests and calmly got enough courage to purchase it. Thankfully the pimpled boy at the cash register was even more embarrassed than she was and said nothing.

Faster still she made her way to the food court bathrooms. Safely inside a stall she unwrapped the package and did her thing. The instructions promised an ‘instant’ result. Blue for positive, pink for negative. Hailey held the test down between her legs and out of sight for several minutes not daring to look. The toilet flushed noisily behind her on an automatic timer. Finally she raised the device to her eyes.

Bright blue. No mistake.

A wave of nausea swept over her and it was all she could do to turn and empty her guts into the bowl. She heard the woman in the stall next to her mumble something about ‘these bulimic kids these days.’ Hailey wanted to walk over there and sock her one. Thankfully for Hailey she wore her brown hair short in a paige-boy style and didn’t have to worry about it falling forward into the bowl. One automatic flush later and she was out in front of the sinks and mirrors studying her reflection, her big blue eyes showing bigger than life fear. She wondered how long it would be before she could notice anything. Like a bump or a heart-beat inside her or a flutter… She wondered how long she had before other people noticed. And likewise, she wondered how long she had to find someone to hook up with.

Hailey sat down again at a table in the crowded food court and dialed a friend of hers. Jim. A tall guy with muscles but no brains. She’d never slept with him but always wanted to. Now was the time. The conversation was pathetically short. Jim invited her over, and she walked out to her car, almost forgetting what she had was a curse and not a blessing.

It was almost 10pm when she pulled in to his driveway. His parents were out of town, and Jim was planning a big party for the following night. Because of this he was ‘laying low’ tonight. On the 15 minute ride over Hailey kept having delusional thoughts that she was showing, but in truth there was very little to see as of yet. Her young body was still tight and skinny.

Her noisy big shoes clopped on the driveway and Jim was waiting at the door when she arrived. He looked good, she thought to herself.

“Hi,” She managed, all of a sudden embarrassed, which was totally unlike her.

“Hello yourself,” He returned, putting an arm around her shoulders. He asked her if she wanted a drink. She passed, knowing he almost certainly meant an alcoholic kind. He smiled and helped himself to a beer. They talked for a time, making Hailey anxious. She’d never really heard him say much of anything when they were in mixed company and now, all of a sudden, he was a chatter-box. Several times she put herself in the position to be kissed and each time Jim got out of it until finally noticing and saying,

“Geez Hailey, we got all night.”

Frustrated, Hailey got up and excused herself to the bathroom. She was paranoid that at any minute her belly would twitch, that something from within would move and terrify both her and Jim. As it was Hailey finally was showing, but not very much. She had the kind of thickness that would have been invisible to almost anyone else, even close friends and relatives would have just thought she had a big meal or something. But there it was, a tiny bump that did not go away when she ‘sucked in.’

On top of this her tits were sore. However, to her bemused enjoyment, they had also seemed to sprout forth much bigger. Hailey’s bra was definitely too small and the flesh they cupped nearly overflowed up and out into her top. This kind of growth a girl could get used to, she thought.

After applying her ‘irresistible’ lip gloss and hitching up her breasts just a little bit more, Hailey returned to Jim in the living room. She walked in front of him and pretended to be looking at a bunch of knick-knacks on the table. Bending lower she knew her tight behind was now right out there for Jim to see and that her short skirt didn’t cover up much. After just enough time had passed for him to get the idea, Hailey sat down next to him and stared.

The two were lip-locked in seconds. Her breasts found Jim’s hands like homing missiles into his palms. His touch was aggressive, it pained her some, but she continued to poke her tongue around his mouth coyly. All the while her skirt was riding up giving Jim’s stray glances a peak at her scant underwear.

Hailey noticed that Jim, too, was aroused. She could hardly miss it. Her hands traveled to his jeans and clumsily unzipped.

“Hailey, I’m not sure I’m ready to…” Jim began through furious kisses.

“Oh, you’re ready!,” Hailey growled with one hand deftly lowering her panties. This wouldn’t be her first time. Not even close. But for Jim it was a different story. As a virgin, he was a bit over-sensitive. As such, and unfortunately for Hailey, he ‘finished’ before she could even get his underwear off.

“I’m so sorry!,” He said, shameful, slipping off the couch and running toward the bathroom.

“It’s okay!,” Hailey shouted after him, “We’ll just wait a few minutes and have another go!” She said this enthusiastically but in reality she was nervous. As she sat there on the couch, slouching forward in her skirt and nothing else she looked down and saw her bump wobbling over the top of the denim. She just looked a little fat, that was all. But fat girls didn’t have pencil thin arms and legs, a thin neck and slim features all around.

This belly didn’t belong… how much bigger would it get?

Chapter 2, where our heroine takes drastic measures to win the day.

Hailey strummed her fingers on the sofa nervously. Jim had been away, in the bathroom for nearly 20 minutes. How long did it take to change his underdrawers already? In that short timespan, Hailey did some quick math in her head and if the speed of her pregnancy was as swift as the witch said it was, almost a full month of fetal development had taken place.

Hailey was a very skinny girl and as she entered her second trimester she would be fooling nobody very quickly. She had already noticed her bump before Jim had wandered off, embarrassed about his little… over-excitement. But her early growth hadn’t been anything major. Now was different story. Now she was showing. There was no doubt about it. But was Jim stupid enough not to notice? Hailey sure hoped so.

She was just about to storm out of the room and hog-tie her man when he returned, flushed about the face.

“Okay, so that won’t be happening again any time soon,” Jim mumbled with a satisfied and exhausted tone.

“Well that’s good… say, what do you mean?,” Hailey inquired.

“Oh, yeah, well, I kinda took care of things… a couple of times in fact, so making out should be totally fine for the rest of the night,” Jim said shyly.

“You what!?,” Hailey screamed. She stood up with her back to him. You have to be kidding me!, she thought to herself. All I need is a little action and here I am throwing it at this guy and he goes in and flies solo… twice? Hailey decided to put all her cards on the table. She turned around and said,

“Jim. I’m going to ask you a question. And you are going to answer it with a simple yes or no. If the answer pleases me, I will do something nice. If it does not, I will leave.”

“Errr…,” Jim said, confused.

“Do you find me attractive?,” Hailey asked putting her hands on her hips.

“Sure!,” Jim responded. Hailey nodded and with a flick of her scrawny arms, she pulled up her shirt and took it off. Her over-sized breasts heaved in her straining bra. Just the tiniest edge of one of her nipples crept into view. All Jim could do was stare. He momentarily didn't notice her thicker than normal midsection.

“Now, do you want to have sex with me, tonight?,” Hailey asked.

“Uh, yeah!,” Jim said, finding himself, despite his best efforts, becoming slightly aroused yet again. Hailey nodded once more and undid the clasp on her jean shorts. Jim ogled her white thong. It left little to the imagination. Hailey was about to say something else when she felt it.

For the first time.

A movement. A wobble. A flutter. Something.

Her baby moved. Inside her and she began to breathe heavily. She didn’t have much time. Soon, it would be quite obvious what condition she was in and Jim would freak out and she would be on her own again…

Too late.

“Hey, Hailey, have you put on weight lately?,” Jim blundered into saying. Normally a terrible idea, tonight it was even more stupid. Hailey instinctively sucked in, but it was useless. Her belly refused to budge. Whats more she was now constantly scanning for movement. She could definitely feel something taking up space in there, kind of like a bubble under her skin. A heavy bubble that would only get heavier. She was careful not to turn to the side, for in frontal profile she looked almost normal.

“Um, Jim… just a pointer but… you should never say that to a girl. Ever,” Hailey finished, reaching over for the lamp and dimming the lights. As she did so she was conscious of how her body had begun to move differently. Even her casual side-step to the left was accomplished with a bit of an unfamiliar straddle of her hips.

“Look, I’m sorry, but you look different. I remember you being so damn skinny. And those tits! Where the hell did they come from?,” Jim pondered. Hailey walked over to him and stuck them forward prominently.

“Are you… complaining? About the size of my boobs!?,” She said with an evil smile on her face.

“N-n-no. It’s just that…,” Jim began. Hailey reached over and closed his mouth with her thumb and forefinger. She could feel him struggling to speak under the clamp.

“Will you please just shut up a minute and fuck me!?,” Hailey said, exasperated, moving closer and straddling his legs. He could feel the heat from her naked thighs resting on his own. His body was reacting, albeit slowly, for fatigue was playing a part on poor Jim’s anatomy. Hailey upped the ante. She reached behind her back and, pop. Brassiere undone. The material surged forward and slid away from her jiggling chest. Hailey deftly slid her thin arms out from the straps and paraded her now massive breasts right in Jim’s face.

“So. Dark,” Jim said, reaching up to fondle her right nipple. He was right, her aereolas had deepened in color. They were now big fat bull’s-eyes for her baby to be.

“All the better for you to see them by, my dear,” Hailey said channeling her best Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Yet it became clear that there was nothing Hailey might do to sufficiently arouse this guy. And it would only become more and more difficult as she became less and less traditionally attractive.

Hailey backed off, turned around and sighed. Jim stared at her ample bottom which had done a little expanding of its own. Still nice and firm, it now had a bit more breadth as Hailey’s hips slowly positioned themselves wider. By now Hailey was approaching the end of the ‘fifth month’ of her supernaturally swift pregnancy. This was the time when mothers, particularly young moms whose bodies put up a little bit more resistance to the swelling effects of their growing *ch1ld*, finally start to pop. Hailey could practically feel her skin stretching with every sip of breath she took. Looking down she was horrified to find she’d lost her feet. They were now obstructed by her expanding waistline. She refused to turn around and face Jim, knowing full well that she looked fairly normal from the back view.

“Well shit, Jim. Now you’ve gone and done it. I didn’t think it would be so soon but it will be. It must be. Nobody is going to have sex with me if I look like this…,” Hailey whimpered. But before she got an answer an idea struck her. She sprinted from the room, still capable of running, though her growing belly made her feel awkward and clumsy.

Locating the bathroom she closed and locked the door behind her. There was the hamper. Hailey couldn’t really believe she was doing this, but she lifted the top up and there they were, plain as day, Jim’s boxers, right on top. Fortunately not all of his, er, product had seeped in. Groaning with disgust, (and part of her kinda liking this) Hailey got as much stuff on her middle and forefinger then sat down on the edge of the toilet after removing her thong. Her burgeoning belly made it difficult to see, deftly she applied Jim’s product as deep as she could manage and hoped that it would do the trick.

She found out instantly. Her body began to deflate like a punctured holiday float. Her belly rapidly lost inches of circumference and her breasts decreased by over two-thirds their previous dimension. All in less than a minute. Hailey never smiled wider than she did just then.

Jim was just about to knock on the door when Hailey opened it suddenly, looked him in the eyes and stormed out, naked save for her panties, and thin as a twig. Jim scratched his head and followed the girl back to the living room where she collected her things, dressed and proceeded to leave without ever saying a word.

Hailey, for her part, was home by 11, her family’s late curfew. She had a minor incident along the way, some roadside nausea as her body prepared all over again for its first few weeks of pregnancy but Hailey was confident that come midnight, she would revert back to normal, just as she had in Jim’s bathroom.

After showering and putting on her pajamas she couldn’t help but notice her already expanding bust. Wearing a spaghetti string cotton top with a plunging neckline, Hailey strutted downstairs for a midnight snack, causing her younger brother Miles’s eyes to bug out. Even her Father who was seated at the kitchen table picking at some leftovers had to do a double take.

“They grow up so fast,” He thought, of his 18 year old college freshman to-be.

Hailey smiled on the outside, knowing full well how she looked. But inside she was a mess, already plotting out tomorrow’s necessary conquests. For as soon as noon came around everything would be turned upside-down once more. The clock would be ticking…
December 14, 2016 10:52 pm
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Chapter 3, where we take a mini-vacation at the beach and our heroine has her easiest conquest yet.

The morning was nice—uneventful. Yet the nagging thought that as soon as 12pm came around Hailey would be forced once again to deal with her little “condition” weighed heavily on her mind. However it wasn’t until 12:30pm rolled around and our heroine sprinted toward the bathroom that her continued curse truly sunk in.

Morning sickness. A baby, inside her, all over again. Hell, Hailey thought, there might even be two or three for all she knew. Did the rules have anything to say about multiples? What were the rules exactly, other than she would automatically become pregnant at noon, give birth in a few hours unless she managed to find someone to sleep with her, and then, successful romp or not, it would start right back up, and keep happening until midnight whereupon, she assumed, everything just faded away? Or perhaps at midnight she would just ‘stall out’ and stay as far along as she had gotten the previous day until the following noon, and then be ‘re-activated?’ There was so much she didn’t know. So much she would undoubtedly find out—the hard way.

But what had she been thinking of before? Oh yes, twins. Or triplets. Yeesh, one was enough. She remembered how big she had gotten last evening and then laughed quietly to herself. That was still three fetal months of growth away from full term. With just one baby. And she had felt huge even then.

Hailey pondered her next move. She had to find a place where there were many single men, just hanging out in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. A place which might afford her some ‘cover’ to… you know. Slip away unnoticed. And preferably a place where there would be guys she didn’t know. After all, even though she was about to become the biggest whore her town had ever known (3 guys or more, a day, ad infinitum?), she had a reputation to protect, however vain that project might be.

Hailey thought the problem over and suddenly came to a brilliant conclusion. “That’s it,” Hailey shouted out to herself, “the beach!”

Clad in her neon lime green two piece that fit her admirably well with what little coverage it provided, Hailey slipped on a billowy sundress and leapt into her Civic.

The beach was already crowded by the time she parked, a few minutes walk away from the sand, rays and lake. The sun was bright and the day was already very hot. Sweat trickled down the small of her back before she even left her car. Yet all of this hot weather meant that the beach was simply loaded with people. Hailey grabbed her towel and bag of goodies and headed that way, all the while knowing her mental clock was keeping track of things. She would be almost 2 months along already, 10 weeks. She breathed deeply and calmed herself--a sizeable belly was still an hour away.

Sweating up and down by the time she reached the beach, Hailey stripped off her dress and looked at her smooth shiny skin. It wasn’t a deep brown, nor was it pale. She tanned easily, and loved laying out. This wasn’t the first time she’d been to the beach this summer, but it was the first time she’d arrived by herself. Praying there would be nobody she knew there, she spotted an open patch of sand near a bunch of appropriately aged young men. Bingo.

If there was one thing Hailey could deal with that accompanied this curse, it was the breast growth. Her bikini top was built for a woman of smallish, modest means. By no means flat, just not very generous. As such it made up for what nature did not provide by being stingy with the stretchy fabric. However, on the car ride over Hailey had seen some swelling taking place, hell, she could practically feel her pride and joy taking on weight. Sure, they were a wee bit sore, but that was understandable seeing as they had doubled in size in less than an hour.

Now they were on the verge of tripling, which for Hailey meant they had gone from modest ‘A’s to swollen ‘C’s. Hailey none to shyly adjusted the coverage of her top, making sure the boys adjacent got an eyeful of her ripe, round tits, glistening in the bright rays. With a waist that was still cinched small, Hailey, for the time being, had the body any straight male fantasy would prominently feature. Probably double feature. It would be no time at all until one of them made contact…

“Hey there Key Lime, care for a cold drink?,” The cockiest of the tribe of men announced, opening a cooler full of soda. Hailey took a long time turning her head and what she saw was just about right. Older than she was by about 4 years, fit, dark haired and tall. And a complete stranger.

Hailey tried to be as nonchalant as she could. “Yeah, sure is hot out today, isn’t it?” As she said this she rolled over onto her stomach and leaned up, delivering an eyeful of sumptuous cleavage and almost, a nipple slip. The guy practically stuttered in handing over the Coke, if such a thing as a non-verbal stutter is possible. On her elbows, Hailey unscrewed the cap and took a sip. Taking some invisible que, the three other guys took off down the beach with a football.

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before, you go to University?” The older guy said.

“Yeah,” Hailey lied and then quickly changed the subject. “Look, I’ve been meaning to take a quick swim, want to join me?”

“Sure!” the guy answered with perhaps too much enthusiasm. Hailey knew she had him wrapped around her finger. She turned over and for one tiny second sat on her blanket, Indian style feeling her belly, bigger than it had been all morning, pressing out in a tiny tight drum. She swiftly ‘sucked in’ and held, praying it was enough to remain the skinny young thing with the big boobs and attractive enough to lure this guy into her plan. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed.

Standing up she was much less scrunched over and could appear thinner than she truly was. She was probably 15 or 16 weeks along, thick enough around her middle to be a wee bit chubby, but her slim neck, arms and legs made it seem like an optical illusion of sorts. Hailey knew that in 20 minutes or so she would really start ‘giving out.’ It was time to get serious.

Wading in to the warm water, Hailey dove forward and began swimming out to deeper levels. Feeling around with her toes on the slick stony floor, Hailey found a perfect spot where she could stand, her pleasant, bewitching boobs just cresting the light waves of the lake. The guy who was following her finally caught up and they stood and talked for some time, Hailey building up her courage to make a play. She was pulling out all the stops, flirting as best she could. The guy was definitely interested, whether or not he had the balls to do what she wanted him to do most was a different story.

After a bout of playful splashing, Hailey jumped on his back and began tickling him, feeling his muscular stomach contract, which excited her. She was just entering into the heat of her second trimester and let’s just say she was getting even more lust-filled than normal. The guy easily shrugged her to one side and took the bait, hands going to her middle where when he felt an unusual tightness.

He was just about to say something when Hailey caught his wrists and moved them gently to her breasts. Drastic measures. While he had been tickling her she had lightly tugged down her top, and her naked chest was presently hidden beneath the water. Now, as he massaged her tits with abandon, she delicately undid her bottom, pinning it to the ground under her foot. She then led his hands a great deal lower where he was shocked to find her naked from the waist down.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Hailey said, widening her stance. The guy looked sheepish, yet incredibly aroused. What kind of girl did this sort of thing, anyhow? But she sure as hell was hot! His mind short-circuited and stopped asking stupid questions. All it cared about was one thing. Struggling out of his trunks he looked around for a lifeguard and none were around.

“Quickly now, before somebody gets suspicious…,” Hailey whispered in his ear. And quick he was. He was barely inside of her before a mostly stifled moan signaled his premature climax. Hailey could care less, she was pretty sure she had gotten what she needed, and would know any moment. She pretended to be sort of put off, it would be easier to ignore this guy and just walk away if she feigned disgust, but in reality she was glad she had managed to pull this sort of thing off so fast, more or less in front of hundreds of people.

She slipped on her bikini bottom after rinsing off all of the mud and algae. Adjusting her top she began to swim to shore, allowing her most recent conquest time to ‘cool off’ in the water.

Closer to the beach she stood up, rising out of the water and smiled. Her waist had contracted back to her normal size, which felt ridiculously skinny after all of the recent hours she’d spent almost halfway gone. Sadly, her chest had shrank back down to mostly flat as well. But that wasn’t enough to sadden her spirits. Hailey toweled off and moved her things far down the beach, knowing that she had a good long while to enjoy herself before concocting yet another plan.

Chapter 4: You Fancy Yourself a Gamblin' Woman?

The rest of the afternoon and early evening went by smoothly. A guy in the men’s changing rooms at the beach and, of all things, a cop who pulled her over for going 55 in a 35 zone fulfilled the curse’s next two requirements. It was now shortly after 9:15pm. Hailey had a decision to make. Would she try for another score, or would she just let the malediction run its course, hopefully terminating at midnight and giving her a blank slate for the next day?

Exhausted and sore, which was to be imagined, Hailey voted for option number two. She pulled her car in her rents’ driveway and decided, for better or worse, to spend the night at home.

Her father was in the living room snoring on the couch. As usual. Her mother was on the phone at the kitchen table, talking angrily with persons unknown. Hailey tiptoed up the stairs, though she knew her Mother had heard her pull in, she preferred not to be motioned to stand there until the conversation was over, and then be grilled about this or that.

Her bathing suit was slightly damp and she was happy to be rid of it. She decided to take a shower and wash away the day’s unpleasantries, the sand, the baby oil, the sweat, and the, um, the other sordid stuff. Her sense of smell was already in high gear as the middle of her first trimester started heating up. Her soap in particular smelled terrific, Hailey spent a whole minute just huffing the squeeze bottle’s fruity scent. Her breasts were starting to get sore but so far had not yet swelled up any, and with them not doing her any good this evening, Hailey was perfectly satisfied that they hadn’t.

Being clean felt very good after all the hot sweaty sun. Her bedroom windows wafted in a cool evening breeze, and Hailey put on a pair of old ‘granny’ undies, the kind she would never wear on a night where anything might happen with a guy. Indeed, this was one of her most cherished pair of panties, had been around the block or two, and probably didn’t quite fit her like they once did, Hailey’s body had continued to mature these last few years and her hips were a bit wider now than when she got the pair. They were baby blue and fit her tightly.

Up top Hailey chose a baby tee with hardly any sleeves, something that hugged her chest and just barely eclipsed her navel. Then she sat down and surfed the net, talking to a few of her friends on IM, updating her myspace page, downloading a song or two. It was almost like she was a normal 18 year old again.

At 10 pm Hailey decided to make a food run. After all, she wouldn’t just be able to saunter down the stairs in an hour or so, hell, maybe even a half hour. She was right on the cusp of her second trimester and was showing, ever so slightly. To the random passerby it might not even look like anything save a big meal, or a binge drinking filled college semester. But even now if she wasn’t careful, her Mother might notice. Hopefully she had gone to bed.

Hailey cracked her bedroom door and listened outside. All was quiet save her father’s cacophonous snores echoing from the living room. She tip toed out into the hall, catching her reflection in a tall mirror. She hadn’t noticed how big her bust had gotten. She was nearly as big as she had become on the beach before her little ‘swim.’ One more reason to avoid her parents. No need for questions whose answers were far from easy to explain.

Down the stairs with every step an agony filled pause, straining to hear her Mother, wherever she was. But she wasn’t in the kitchen. Stealthily Hailey piled crackers and cheese and dip and chips, pretzels and mustard, baby carrots, and few mini-chocolate bars onto a tray, then nabbed a whole two liter of diet coke for good measure. She was just about to turn around and scoot out of the room when she heard a footstep in the doorway.

Shit! Her Mother!

But it wasn’t, it was only her Dad. Rubbing at his eyes, probably coming in for a night-cap, Hailey’s father barely gave her a second look as he walked by toward the fridge. Unfettered breasts jiggling like poorly holstered and over-ripe fruit, Hailey sped up the flight of stairs and successfully attained her room, locking the door. A playful smile of triumph beamed from her face.

Putting a favorite DVD on, Hailey hopped into bed and began to snack. The minutes clicked by, slowly but surely. As bowls of food emptied into a few scattered crums, and her two liter was now significantly emptier, Hailey let her mind wander, not even paying any attention to the butterfly-like movements that began to take place in her abdomen now and again. She looked over at the clock and was surprised to see it read 11:03pm.

Nervously Hailey slid down the covers she had been holding tightly up against her armpits. Slowly she lowered them, over the rather massive peaks of her by now fully swollen milk-laden breasts. And then in one swift motion she pushed the sheets clear revealing herself to the silvery light of the moon and the intermittent flickers of her television.

Laying flat on her back, Hailey was reclined and as such she would appear as small as any angle she might find herself in, what with gravity having a large area to spread out upon. Yet she wasn’t small. Not at all. Hailey, now somewhere between 20 and 25 weeks along was as large as she had gotten her very first night, perhaps slightly bigger. Her shirt fit ludicrously, she did not even try to pull it down upon the tightening globe of her belly. Below, even the thick waistline of her panties shrugged lower against the deepening curve of growing womb.

“Wow,” she muttered in astonishment. Her heart sped up. This big already… had she made a mistake? Had she incorrectly judged the time? Would she make it to midnight or should she concoct some last ditch effort to get herself laid for the fourth (fourth!) time this day?

Hailey took a few deep breaths to calm down. She only looked big in her eyes. In reality, was this really big? She shot her legs out over the side of her bed and hopped off, feeling her body adjust to gravity. Her back tightened and tried to arch forward, her boobs throbbed briefly before just hanging there obscenely large in their cotton skin sheath, her hips were still very thin for a pregnant woman, which was a good sign all told. Additionally, Hailey was still carrying very high, which meant maybe she wasn’t too far along after all.

After a trip to the bathroom and a racehorse-esque pee, Hailey once more sat at her desk, this time reading about the third trimester. It all vaguely fascinated and horrified her. She would soon have twice as much blood pumping through her veins. She would soon have a uterus 1000 times larger than it had been just 3 hours ago. It all sounded so science fiction-like, almost like it couldn’t be real, like no human body could do this. Granted, Hailey knew she was an exception even to the rather miraculous feat of a normal pregnancy, what with the whole spontaneous fertilization and following epic growth.

It was perhaps 11:10pm when she heard a knock on her door. With a hushed gasp, Hailey bolted upright, silently unlocked her door, then fled to her bed where she sat down and tightly hugged her massive brown teddy bear. She hoped it would work, she could still feel her big bulge cramping her breath and bladder but at least she was disguised, somehow.

“Come in!,” Hailey called out, starting to sweat. In walked…

Her Mother.

“Hi honey, I was just popping in to say goodnight. Your Father and I haven’t seen much of you lately and…,” Hailey’s mom eyed the remains of her feast suspiciously, “We just wanted to know if everything was alright.” She stood there in the doorway, eyes analyzing everything. Would she notice? Would she spy the belly with her x-ray Mom vision, would she notice how much larger Hailey’s breasts had become?

“I’m fi-Uh-OH-ine,” Hailey returned, getting a sharp kick from within halfway through her small sentence. Her mother’s eyes narrowed.

“You sure? You know, we can talk about anything you want… I realize you’re a big girl now…,” Her Mother said not knowing how true her words were.

“Yeah, I’m fine Mom. Just, taking it easy tonight. Staying in. Tired. Have work tomorrow, you know,” Hailey answered.

“Well okay Honey. Have a good night. Don’t stay up too late watching television…”

“Goodnight Mom,” Hailey finished and the door closed. Anxious, she silently walked to the door and locked it. Secure and safe, Hailey once again paid a visit to the bathroom. After once again relieving herself a pitiful sparse amount, Hailey gazed at herself in the mirror.

Wow. Getting up there now. Maybe it was her imagination, but Hailey thought she could actually watch herself grow. Skin pulling, twitching, joints groaning, little body within advancing along. Her navel had popped at some point, now it looked like a tiny reddish thimble. A slight line had developed running down from it, but it was faint. Somehow she was fortunate enough to be stretchmark free.

Walking with a distinct waddle out of the bathroom and back into bed, Hailey sat down with her back to the wall and her legs spread wide. Her belly dominated her body, there must have been 30 pounds of it. Below her spindly legs looked like a youth’s. Not the firm supports of a mother-to-be. But she wasn’t to-be, not if she could help it.

The clock read 11:34pm. It crawled by, but the pounds didn’t. Hailey continued to grow and now she knew what really big meant. It became difficult to breath, let alone take a deep breath. For respite, Hailey got on her hands and knees and let her belly hang down with gravity, taking some pressure off of her mushed insides until her back started getting tired.

At 11:40pm she was unnerved by the fact that suddenly she could breath again. Looking down, though she was seated on the bed she could still tell she had ‘dropped.’ Her hips felt abnormally wide and the baby was fretting more often. It was a regular jungle gym in there. Hailey watched astonished as her belly poked out this way and that. She didn’t notice too much more growth, but her groin felt funny, and she felt bottom heavy. Her underwear had disappeared under the immensity of her waist and it felt like it would tear down the back if she made any sudden movements.

Unfortunately, she did. Something, some awful something tore at her from within. Like a sharp massive cramp her belly tightened and the pain was mostly located toward the back of her groin, near the base of her spine. At the same moment something let go, and Hailey found herself wet. It started with a trickle but it just wouldn’t stop. It was like she was peeing, but had no control over stopping the flow, it didn’t gush out, just spread steadily, wetting her underwear and seeping in to her mattress.

“Oh my God Oh No!,” Hailey cried out, fearfully loud. She angled herself over the side of the bed and stood up, wanting to be anywhere but in her soiled bed. Another contraction clutched at her body and she trembled on her feet, biting her lower lip.

Hailey lay down in the bathtub, it was the only place she could think of, after stripping off her panties. She propped up her feet along the sides of the tub and kept heaving, taking fast deep breaths. The pain was intense and often now, it honestly felt like her baby had grown too big and was splitting her open from the inside. Sweat had turned large portions of her shirt practically transparent and her large dark nipples showed plainly.

“I can’t do this! I can’t do this! This can’t be happening! It Just can’t!,” Hailey said in a low mantra. There was barely any pause between labor pains now. Far from becoming normal or getting used to them, Hailey found them unbearable. Like a black wave they surged higher and higher. Her consciousness was like a taught string. Finally it snapped.

Hailey blacked out.
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Chapter 5: Just Like in the Movies?

It was 11am or so and Hailey was at work manning the concession stand at her local Multiplex. The smell of fake butter was heavy in the air and everything was dim--typical mega movie-house interior. Large murals of famous movie stars leered at Hailey from the atrium.

Early that morning Hailey had woken up, cold and half naked in the bath-tub. To her surprise, and immediate relief, she was not accompanied by a squirming, squalling infant. In fact, her body bore no signs of the labor she had nearly completely the night before, and was stiff in her back, neck and ass only because she had, well, spent the night in a bath-tub. It had been 6am when she woke up, and still exhausted, she had returned to her bed which thankfully was dry and unsoiled, just like magic.

Now she was at work, which was normally bad to begin with, but would be made infinitely worse now that she was cursed. She was dressed in her uniform, a pair of black pants and a polo shirt with the theater’s logo on the breast pocket. Though she had requested a small, she’d ended up with an extra-small, which she imagined was the proprietor’s idea of ‘good business’, ‘good business’ meaning ‘show off the goods.'

Hailey’s goods were still almost invisibly small, but her shirt fit her like a second skin and due to the fact that was a outright knock-out, small chest or not, most of the male customers spent their idle time in line checking her out. Hailey's good looks were also enjoyed by her co-worker Jake.

Jake was a few years older than Hailey, taller and lankier (yes that was possible) and still suffering from a late bout of acne. To sum up, he was your textbook outcast. He might have actually been attractive if he, you know, used soap or worked out once in a while, but as he was he brought little to the table. Like Hailey, Jake had been outfitted poorly, his uniform was about two sizes too big, so it looked like he was alternately drowning in the damn thing or evaporating into thin air.

Jake stood stock still over by the candy keeping his distance from Hailey who manned the soda machine and popcorn. He knew Hailey despised him, and suffered through most days of work being completely ignored by his female colleague.

Hailey stood there, bored, thinking about her current life. Didn't take long for things to wind up on... Boy was she having a lot of sex. And sure, some of it was pretty good too, but man, this was crazy. It wouldn’t be long before people put two and two together and realized she would have sex with anything with a penis. Nobody would ask why, they would just think she was a whore, or insecure, or both, possibly nympho. Nobody would believe her that she was cursed by some bat-shit crazy gypsy witch. That she had to have sex, no questions asked or else babies, babies everywhere. Which was bad enough, not to mention the whole birthing them part.

Speaking of the curse, it was close approaching noon. Hailey did something she never did before, she walked over to Jake and started to speak to him.

“So, you're a freakshow, maybe you know something about this kinda stuff,” she began nonchalantly, keeping her distance. Jake at first couldn’t believe his ears, then was shocked to find Hailey just a few feet away. Then he actually heard what she was saying and blushed. “As I was saying, you are into nerdy stuff like video games and dungeons and dragons stuff, right?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so,” Jake replied mumbling “you vapid whore,” under his breath.

“What was that!?,” Hailey asked angrily.

“Nothing,” Jake answered innocently.

“I'll just choose to ignore that. Um... What do you know about… curses,” Hailey finally managed, not really believing she was bring this up.

“Curses? How the hell should I know, what do you even mean?,” Jake answered.

“Whoa, I’m sorry I even came over here and asked,” Hailey snidely remarked and started to back away.

“Hey, no, don’t leave. I guess…, I guess I know a little. I know that some cultures believe in curses but I’m not sure I do,” Jake said.

“Go on,” Hailey prompted.

“I’m pretty sure some kind of magic is usually involved, and usually as retribution. For a wrong or slight. The thing is, most times the curses are all in the cursed person’s head. Bad things start to happen because the cursed person either let’s them happen or actively helps them happen…,” Jake expounded.

“You’re saying the person cursed is doing most of the cursing themselves?,” Hailey asked, a light going off in her head.

“Sort of. Maybe. Most times I believe the curse deliverer is manipulating energy that is already there, be it mystical or bio-chemical or leaning on some already existing probability, or whatever. It’s the cursed person who ‘buys in’ and triggers the 'spell'… that is, if you believe in that sort of thing,” Jake said, still not trusting that the Hailey Mills was actually interested in something he had to say.

“Listen, if I needed your help later today, would you help me out?,” Hailey abruptly switched tactics, seeing the clock strike noon.

“Uh, sure, Hailey,” Jake said, thrilled to be using her actual name.

Hailey walked back over to the drinks area to help an early customer. All the while her brain was racing. Was it true? Was it all in her head? Was it possible it could be all in her head?

Time passed, and “in her head” or not, Hailey began to feel the telltale signs of her evil curse. At 12:20 she successfully fought off the nastiest nausea one might get, and few minutes later nearly cried because of the intense soreness developing in her breasts. By 1pm they were up and growing and so was her waist, though the dim light and high counter kept things mostly hidden. At 1:30 they gained a third concession stand worker and Hailey decided at almost 20 weeks along to make her move as soon as it was slow. After a gratingly long line passed away and the clock ticked 1:50, Hailey hissed at Jake,

“Hey, mind helping me with something real quick?” Jake looked over and saw Hailey motioning for him to come with her away from the counter and back in the employees only offices. She looked odd, like she had poor posture or something, he also noticed straight away that she looked more ‘generous’ in size, not fat, but a bit plump. In truth Hailey was ‘sucking in’ as best she could but time was against her.

Dragging Jake into a storage closet, Hailey locked the door behind them and flicked on the light. It was still dim, but Hailey and Jake were standing very close in the cramped closet.

“Look, Hailey, I don’t know what kind of prank you are trying to pull…,” Jake began and then shut up, stood and stared as Hailey kicked off her shoes and began tugging down her pants. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t speak, he could barely breath, in seconds, Hailey Mills was shedding her freaking panties, right in front of him. He couldn’t look away from down there and finally he noticed, Hailey was… fat. But wait, she was just a bit wider about the waist… was Hailey…

“Pregnant?,” Hailey finished his thought. “Yes. But you can fix that, er, temporarily.” She pressed her tight belly up against Jake’s groin and felt the clockwork down there stir. Well well, Hailey thought to herself. For all his faults, the Lord sure didn’t screw Jake over in one department… “C’mon man! Somebody will notice eventually!,” Hailey pleaded.

Jake obliged and then some. It was short and unbelievably intense, Hailey even managed an orgasm, something most of the recent guys hadn’t managed in twice as much time. Afterward Jake leaned back, eyes halfway closed until they saw something impossible. Hailey’s stomach, which he could have sworn had actually been pressing into him as if growing during sex, was now vanishing. Strikingly quickly Hailey flattened out, became the tallish waif he knew so well.

“Er, what the hell was that!?,” Jake mumbled loudly.

Though she knew she now had a lot of explaining to do, Hailey replied in a condescendingly sweet croon,

“That, my dear sweet widdle nerd, was sexual intercourse.”

Chapter 6: Where our heroine begins to understand the true nature of the energy behind her curse.

Later on Hailey decided to experiment. If what the nerd said was true, and she highly doubted it was, maybe she could alter the way the curse was effecting herself. After all, 2 days ago she wouldn’t have believed in stupid curses to begin with and now, well, now it appeared she would be dealing with one hell of a curse until menopause or death, whichever came first.

Hailey did think that her curse fueled itself an awful lot when she was afraid of what she might look like. Fear, or at least really powerful emotions, seemed to enhance what was happening to her body. Even the euphoria of a sexual climax made her body revert back to normal much quicker than when she didn’t get off.

It was time for her to leave work. She had gotten her ‘fix’ again around 3 in the back of a darkened theater that was practically empty. The patron didn’t seem to mind that Hailey was all business and then acted like nothing had happened. But now it was closing in on 4:30 and she was yet again beginning to show off a bump.

She sat in her car, overjoyed by the fact that she was no longer on display. No more getting people popcorn and drinks, no more blatant flirting from guys twice her age, married probably, some of them with kids Hailey’s own age. She just felt so safe. Hailey decided to try out Jake’s theory. She decided to discard these feelings of security and be afraid. She decided to feel like she was stuck in the car and that she wouldn’t be able to have sex again in time and that there was no other option for advancing along and giving birth.

It took some time for her to work herself up, to actually believe what she was pretending, but then there it was, a chill down her spine, that feeling in the pit of your stomach when everything seems hopeless. As these disturbing feelings happened Hailey felt a surge inside of her, her belly practically tore itself straight out of her uniform. The baby inside her grew a full 4 weeks all in one go, and Hailey’s skin ached as it stretched in agony against her swelling insides.

This of course just made her even more filled with actual fear, her skin crawled and she watched in terror as her belly grew even bigger, slowly but visibly, ballooning out into the third trimester. This was growth arriving almost an hour sooner than it should have been, and at this rate she wouldn’t be very big much longer. Her body simply wouldn't sustain it and the only recourse would be... birth. Calming herself, Hailey started the car and drove off.

The attention driving demanded took her mind off things ever so slightly, and as such her belly growth more or less halted at around 32 weeks. Sure, she was enormous, but she was no longer in danger of popping out the baby in just a few minutes. Hailey practiced breathing techniques she had learned when she had accompanied her mother to yoga class. Her belt bit in to the underside of her belly and she felt the strain her expanded ass was putting on the seat of her pants. At a red-light she fished around for her cell and called a good friend.

“Hi, Trevor? Yeah, it’s me Hailey. Look, I was wondering if you would meet me at that one spot we used to hang out at when we were kids. Yeah, that’s the place. Can you be there in 10 minutes? Yeah, I’m fine, I just need to see you… there’s something you can do for me I think…,” Hailey said before flipping it shut and turning down her street.

She parked a few blocks away from the nearest house, Hailey’s folks lived on a rather rural road with plenty of thick forests. She ducked out of the car and found herself speed waddling down a path in the woods to a place only Trevor would know about. When she rounded a familiar bend she struck out into the dense underbrush, fighting through creepers and some thorns, man it was tougher getting by, Hailey hadn’t been in here in years so she was much taller, her head hit a few low-laying branches, longer, Hailey could now step over and around things, and just plain bigger than she was when she was a kid.

As she approached a small sheltered clearing just a few paces from a cliff overlooking a loud brook, Hailey spotted Trevor, sitting on a boulder with his back turned.

She approached as quietly as she could before seeing him almost turn and announcing, “Hey, don’t look!” Hailey walked up behind him and covered his eyes and said, “Man, we haven’t been back here in years. Wanna play doctor?”

Trevor laughed, he had slept with Hailey a few times, never really dated, found her to be attractive enough but usually like girls with a bit more meat on their bones. He shrugged his way out of her hands and turned around to exclaim,

“You read my mi-mi-my goodness! What’s happened to you?” He stood up fast now towering over the not too shrimpy herself Hailey. She must have looked ridiculous in her baby tee sized uniform, form fitting pants and massive belly. Trevor looked her up and down.

“I… found myself in a bit of a jam, but nothing you can’t get me out of, like old times,” Hailey said, recalling how they had always covered for each other growing up.

“I dunno Hail, looks like the only person getting you out of this jam is will be the dude delivering this baby…,” Trevor said, eyes alighting on her bulbous belly. “I didn’t even know you were pregnant? Who’s the father?,” Then he scratched his head and thought about things. He had several classes with Hailey during their final year of high-school together which had ended less than a month previously. At graduation she had been like a sapling in her gown… “That’s not…,” he began.

“That’s not possible?,” Hailey finished for him. “Yeah, I thought so too, but there it is. And would you believe I’ve been pregnant 7 times in the last 2 days? And here’s the kicker… there is no father, for any of them.” Trevor just stood and stared at her, not comprehending what he was seeing and hearing.

“Oh, but don’t worry. I didn’t have any of the babies, nor did I have any abortions. It’s a long, long story which ends in the fact that you need to have sex with me, right here, right now.”

Trevor actually had a mild thing for chubby girls, particularly those with paunches or pregnant bellies. He had never understood his attraction, but had known deep down inside the moment Hailey walked into the clearing and he’d turned and spied her body that hers was one of the most sexy bodies he’d ever seen. And here she was demanding sex. What was this some fantastic dream? Look at that belly! So tight and huge and perfect, not a stretch-mark or a blemish just smooth smooth skin. And those tits!

“Yeah, much bigger ain’t they?,” Hailey said, ogling herself from above after noticing her *ch1ld*hood friend staring at her chest. Then something sprang to her mind. She wondered… “Say, Trev, I want you to bend over and just stare at my chest, okay? Tell me if you see anything… unusual.”

Hailey brought her arms and elbows back and stuck out her chest and belly. She concentrated on her chest, going to that deep place where she had delved after getting out of work. She channeled her fears, but this time seemed to focus them, shape them, and soon enough something was happening.

Just a slight tremble at first, like she was shivering, but only in her boobs. Then the top button of her uniform slid tighter as if pressure behind it was trying to get more room. This wonderful, warming sensation settled in to her chest, and a tingling feeling tipped both nipples. Her boobs were growing.

They had already been big ‘C’s when she had entered the forest, as big as they had ever gotten while she had been pregnant. Now they were putting on even more girth, filling out what precious little room her shirt could afford until…

“Pop!,” went the button and hit Trevor right on the cheek. He was barely phased as a sumptuous bit of cleavage welled up into view in the area vacated by the button. Both of them could hear the cheap fabric of her shirt beginning to tear, especially just between the expanding orbs of her breasts, now full ‘D’s. And the best part was she didn’t look or feel a day ‘pregnanter’ than before her boobs started to grow.

Hailey suddenly ‘turned off’ her concentration but it took another half minute for things to settle down. As she brought her arms back from behind her and straightened her back she felt a tear form right between her shoulder blades. She had massive, voluptuous ‘DD’s that didn’t belong anywhere near a young woman whose arms and legs had more in common with leggy flat-chested models than hourglass centerfolds.

“Holy crap!,” was all Trevor could say. Hailey stepped closer to him and freed herself awkwardly from her shirt. Her overflowing bra split right open when she arched her back and attempted to pop the clasp. Her breasts still very perky, bobbed in the warm Summer air. She felt sexy and powerful, it was wonderfully exhilarating feeling. Now to put all of her curves to good use.

“All yours,” Hailey said before gently placing her hands on the back of Trevor’s head and burying his face in her ample chest.
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Chapter 7 "A Dinner to Remember" Where our heroine plays a prank on her Father and becomes more aware of power in her curse.

“So let me… *huff puff* …get this… *huff puff* …straight. You can just magically make your boobs get bigger? Anytime you want?,” Trevor said, kneeling behind Hailey and giving her his all, literally and figuratively. “And what’s the… story about your baby to be?”

“First off, I’d rather I didn’t… oh! Yeah, right there, just like that!,” Hailey said, suddenly distracted by her approaching orgasm. Then switching gears when it proved to be a false alarm, “I never asked for the ‘magical boobs’ in the first place and for what it’s worth, I wish I didn’t have ‘em at all. They are part of a curse.” Hailey said this while digging her fingers into the damp soil of the clearing floor. As Trevor rocked her forward she could feel her swollen breasts quivering back and forth. Her belly, large as it was, felt less uncomfortable hanging low with gravity, taking the baby’s weight off of her guts and lungs.

“A curse? What kind of curse?,” Trevor said, ever the boy-scout, taking far longer to finish than any of the previous men Hailey had recruited to help her. He was making this last as long as he could, slowing when he was close, changing pace when he thought Hailey might like it, all in all a rather conscientious lover, or failing that, fuck-buddy.

“A sex curse. It's kind of backwards. You see, I gotta have sex every 4 hours or I’ll blow up like a blimp and pop out a kid. Every time I… mmm, yeah… every time a guy does his thing inside me, the curse resets, and this big ole belly of mine disappears. Along with my boobs.”

“That’s a… pity,” Trevor said, speeding up. Even he couldn’t wait much longer. Grime covered his bare knees, and he gripped Hailey’s shoulders hard. Moments later his moan echoed throughout the surrounding forest. He backed away, eyes fixed on Hailey and her curse.

She stumbled forward on her hands and knees, put a hand out on a tree stump and got up, shaky on her feet, legs still slightly spread as much from the sex as from her big belly. Inside her what had been released was reaching its target. Then, in what Trevor perceived as slow motion, she turned around to face him, and as she did her large belly diminished, more and more every second until Hailey stood before him in all of her ‘normal’ splendor. Long long legs stretching up to those nice hips of hers and then that uniform top she’d never taken off, no longer straining to cover her belly and breasts, hanging limp and stretched out on her tiny frame.

“See, good as new!,” Hailey said, patting her wiafish waist and tilting her hips forward left and right.

“Amazing!,” Trevor said, tugging up his boxers and shorts. “It’s like you never were…”

“I wasn’t! I never have been! This is all magic, I’m not so stupid to get knocked up,” Hailey pouted, getting clothed.

“Then where did this curse come from in the first place?,” Trevor said, putting on his sandals. Hailey’s black pants were back on and she was moving so as to imply that their time here together coming to a rapid close.

“It’s a short, stupid story. I made the wrong person angry. A witch! Did you know they were even real? I didn’t. Well anyways, she like, read my mind or something, knew I was a bit… well, slutty, and bam, instant curse. Instead of just liking sex, now I have to have it. But I’m starting to think that it might be all in my head…” Hailey mumbled.

“Like the boob thing. When you made ‘em bigger, just by closing your eyes making that face where you looked like you needed to take a huge…,” Trevor began.

“Finish that sentence and I will kill you,” Hailey said, but smiled. “Yeah, hmmm. I wonder how much control I have over this whole thing. I know the curse is real, but maybe it isn't as bad a deal as I first thought?… Well, either way tonight is going to be a fun night, let’s just say that!,” Hailey said, waving and running down the path without so much as a good-bye.

Trevor just stood there, not really believing what had all just went down. "Call me?," He said, to nobody at all.

At home, Hailey changed out of her work outfit and into a pair of microscopic shorts and a low cut tee over her bikini top. Since her sex in the woods she’d successfully avoided getting any nausea, and was getting more and more confident in her ability to keep this curse in check. She’d stolen a few pregnancy tests from the pharmacy at the mall, and sure enough, she was indeed preggo, but if she could just keep things under control, well, nobody would know the difference. And hell, she’d never have to worry about using protection again, after all, you can’t really impregnate someone who is already knocked up, magically or otherwise. It was like a free pass to have all the sex she wanted. Well, I guess there are STDs and stuff, she thought to herself, but shook off the thought as not something to worry about.

As mischievous as ever, Hailey decided to experiment, right in the middle of dinner.

Hailey was an only *ch1ld*, the daughter of a lawyer (the kind that work for the state government, so not the rich kind, but by know means poor) and a writer who were borderline estranged. Dinner, like most nights, was take-out, but it was on the table at 6:30pm without fail. Some families eat all huddled around the television. The Mills family did not, and Papa Mills was all the more proud because of this even though he and his wife barely spoke to one another and his daughter would just as soon be eating at McDonalds.

Hailey decided to play a little joke on her Dad, rather cruel if you think about it, but it would surely put a cork in his mouth once he caught on. The last thing Hailey wanted to hear about was another one of her father’s boring cases. Which was mostly the only thing anyone ever talked about at these dinners of theirs.

So after taking a few chopsticks full bites of her Szechuan chicken, Hailey began to, um, encourage her chest to grow, by remembering what her tits felt like when she was very very pregnant, just minus the huge belly and everything that went along with it. She kept the thoughts in the back of her mind, but ‘activated them’ nonetheless. After a few more bites she smiled—it was starting to work.

It wasn’t like a tingling or a magical warmth or anything like that. If anything it was cool and rubbery, like a piece of lukewarm jell-o being lodged in her boob that was slowly expanding. She could feel the tied strings in the middle of her back become more tense, and sure enough, she could feel a growing presence, a weight upon her chest, collecting in her bikini, pressing forward into her shirt.

Now as we’ve said, Hailey was a tiny-chested girl, and even modest gains were noticeable. As Mr Mills looked up across the table at his wife and slanted his eyes towards his daughter he nearly choked mid sentence when he noticed her development. Hailey stifled a laugh while her father stumbled on whatever trial he was talking about. She halted the growth while his eyes were on her, and didn’t feel sketched out by her dad noticing her body. She knew all boys, and men, were hardwired for boob ogling, and that her outfit wasn’t exactly conservative, and that the change, and it was still happening, was hard to miss. Even if her Father were a sexless idiot, he’d still notice what was happening. He’d have to.

He looked down and gathered up some noodles. Hailey went back to work and her boobs catapulted another cup-size, this time actually bounding forward and jiggling in her shirt. They had just finished swaying when her father turned back and managed,

“So, um… Honey, how was your day? Anything… new? Er, um, anything interesting happen today… I mean, how was work?”

“Fine Daddy,” She said, leaning forward slightly, knowing full well her new and improved cleavage was leaning with her. She grabbed some more rice and began gobbling it down, greedily.

“Is it… warm in here, maybe too warm? I’m going to go turn up the AC,” Mr Mills said, pushing back from the table. Hailey’s mother, oblivious, just ate in silence. She had never paid much attention to her daughter in the first place, and would rather be watching the news. Hailey used the time appropriately to ‘stack up’ even more, really zoning in on all the bitter-sweet sensation of that her ripe swollen breasts could offer, all of the tightness and soreness, and sure enough, her boobs doubled in size once more to a ‘DD’. Her bikini top could do little at this point and she was in real danger of having her large dark nipples pop free into her thin shirt.

When her father came back and approached the table he gave her one look and kept walking to the kitchen, asking the women of his family if they wanted anything to drink from the kitchen. “Maybe some milk?,” Mr Mills said, then shook his head and stammered, “Or maybe water?” Both Mills women declined and when Hailey asked to be excused before he came back, her mother agreed without so much as a first glance. Hailey went upstairs, chest heaving as she took the risers two at a time, and when she reached her room she shut and locked her door before bursting out laughing.

Mr Mills returned to the table, mildly pleased his daughter and her inexplicable growing chest were absent.

“Darla, did you notice anything weird about… Hailey tonight?,” He asked his wife. She barely even muttered a no.

Chapter 8 "Control" Where our heroine learns that maybe she hasn't mastered this evil fate just yet.

The next day Hailey felt more liberated than ever from her terrible curse. And this sense of liberation was due entirely to her newfound control, because sure enough, in the bathroom of the theater she worked at, just minutes after it became noon, another stolen pregnancy test proclaimed she was yet again pregnant. But this time Hailey wasn’t worried. In fact, she saw something of a challenge in all this. Just how little could she allow the curse to effect her body? Could she halt the progression entirely?

Lanky bean-pole Hailey decided to finish off the rest of her shift at the Picture House, all 6 hours of it, without showing any kind of belly one bit. Mercifully that geek Jake had the day off and she didn’t have to live with all the awkwardness of having used the poor kid the day before. She planned on ignoring him entirely, the next time they worked together, but did feel a bit of remorse, after all it was Jake that helped her come to know her curse better.

Knowing it better didn’t mean knowing it completely. And just because she was succeeding in restraining some of the evil enchantment’s effects, doesn’t mean she was so effective at curbing others. Indeed, Hailey was finding that there were aspects of her curse that weren’t as easy to control. Or perhaps this was just part of the way she was wired, curse or not. Either way, the more successful she was at not allowing any physical changes to manifest themselves on her body, the more and more her body demanded sex. Long story short, by 3pm she was so horny she could barely stand up.

When it came time for her half-hour break, Hailey entered one of the darkened theaters where she knew a boy from school was seated, watching some art house flick none of his other friends would go see with him. His name was Jeremy, and although he wasn’t the best looking guy in the world, he had a decent body. And increasingly, Hailey was feeling as if she didn’t quite have much choice in the matter. She was going to give some head, and she was going to give it now, as coarse as that sounded, it was becoming as plain to her as breathing. The more she had waited the more her mind became obsessed with hundreds of kinky things, things she wouldn’t normally do, things she would have usually deemed gross or offensive. She couldn’t get started swiftly enough.

There were a scattering of patrons in the theater, thankfully all of them were closer to the screen than Jeremy was. At least she wouldn’t have to deal with people looking down from the screen to watch her get the attention she so desperately craved. Hailey took the stairs up the side of the stadium seated room two at a time, then walked down the row where her man was sitting.

“Hey,” Hailey said, sitting down next to him, slightly out breath, her heart beating rapidly, she could hear it in her ears, only in her head it sounded like “sex-sex-sex-sex-sex’. Seated, her long legs poked out from her black ‘uniform’ shorts. In the soft light of the movie her pale legs glowed a pearly white. She crossed them slowly, trying to get Jeremy’s attention, not knowing how much longer she could wait.

“Er, Hailey, hello,” He whispered, “You on break or something?,” he said, eyes seldom leaving the large screen.

“Yeah. I don’t have too long, but I saw you came here alone, and I was wondering if you might want some, company,” Hailey said, her voice already betraying her intentions by over emphasizing certain words. She was losing her mind with lust.

“Um…,” Jeremy began before being interrupted by a delicate index finger to his lips. Hailey removed it and slid down off of her chair to kneel before her classmate. Her eyes were bugging out of her head, and all she could think about was what lay between Jeremy’s legs. “Hailey, what are you doing!?,” Jeremy said, perhaps too loudly, and then blushed as a few of the other movie-goers turned around, but they couldn’t possibly see Hailey ducking below the seats above them. One older guy obviously put two and two together however and gave Jeremy a skeezy wink.

Hailey unbuttoned Jeremy’s fly and saw that her words had already taken some effect. Jeremy was reacting like any straight guy would, and Hailey used her light fingers to work her friend’s reacting body out through the fly in his boxers. Hailey smiled as she noticed Jeremy had quite a bit to offer. Normally, what she was about to do would have made her gag with disgust, but now she could think of nothing she wanted more. She looked up at her friend with big innocent eyes, really getting a kick out of this.

What followed, a brief series of kisses, licks and then an intense but brief bit of ‘do you think I might be able to suck a golf ball out a garden hose?’ that left Jeremy speechless and Hailey with a bit of a conundrum. Even as her excited friend finished, much to initial pleasure--in her mouth, Hailey’s rabid lust cooled, bringing both revulsion and practicality to the fore of her mind. She decided she’d at least better make some use of this situation and as gracefully as a girl can excuse herself without saying a word, left the theater for the restroom where she emptied her mouth, flushing away most of everything before transferring a tiny bit in order to officially placate her curse.

You should have seen Jeremy walk by concessions on his way out of the film. He could barely look at Hailey, but obviously wanted to talk to her. The poor confused guy ended up buying another 3 packages of snow-caps, from a different employee entirely, all the while sneaking glances Hailey’s way, much to her enjoyment. On her part, she still couldn’t believe she’d actually done that.

Hailey was much better behaved the rest of the day, although by the time she retired to her bedroom after dinner, her belly bloated by nothing more than a big plate of pasta, she was once again finding herself needy. She had no intentions of going out to find some relief this time, and as she lay on her bed in a baby tee and panties, she considered the following hypothesis.

Some women find their libidos spike during the middle of their pregnancies. Polls and studies have discovered this is due to increased hormones, but also increased blood flow, to particularly sensitive regions, from the great influx of blood the body needs to grow a fetus. Hailey wondered just how true this was and decided to ‘let herself go’. Just a little, just so she was far enough along to get that lovely libido spike.

It had been over six hours since her last sex act, and if she hadn’t acquired such mastery over the progressive physical aspects of her curse she’d have given birth twice already by now, and probably be a few months into growing a third. It never crossed her mind as to what happened to those *ch1ld*ren who were not allowed to grow to term, and certainly wouldn’t have guessed that all three were still quietly gestating in her womb at barely 4weeks along.

Which is of course why when Hailey mentally let her body relax towards say, 20 weeks pregnant, or smack dab in the middle of that dirty little second semester, she hadn’t a clue what was in store for her.

As Hailey ‘let go’, her body changed slowly. Not as slowly as it would have grown before when it would progress roughly a month every 20 minutes, but certainly not instantaneous surge. It took about 5 minutes of her wringing her hands for the intense nausea of the first trimester to set in, and when it did Hailey regretting eating so much at dinner.

Bathroom tiles freezing, Hailey found herself kneeling down for the second time that day, only this time was less than pleasurable. Water running in the faucet to cover up the horrible sounds of her being sick, Hailey emptied her stomach and then some, her parents never the wiser.

“Damn it, maybe this relaxing a bit wasn’t the best idea,” Hailey said to herself, wiping her mouth before grabbing some mouthwash. Her sex drive sure wasn’t helped any by the intense urge to vomit. But the sick feeling was over quickly, and what replaced it was more of the warm inner peace Hailey was looking for. Not yet any randiness, just a soft glow of all those hormones.

Some of those hormones had already begun tailoring her chest once again. The familiar soreness crept in, but so too did she increase in size. This spectacular change never failed to bring her a smile, as being close to flat-chested had always been a source of unhappiness for Hailey. She envied her friends who had boobs. But now she too could have them, at least some of the time.

Hailey glanced at herself in the mirror and smiled as a small bump appeared, poking its way above the band of her panties, and well below the hem of her shirt. Hailey actually clapped her hands quietly in anticipation. The miraculous-ness of her amazing growth spurts were not lost on her as she already was in deep awe of the woman’s ability to foster life at its earliest stages, even before all of this curse business began.

Back on her bed, slouching down on her elbows, Hailey watched as her body changed. As her middle thickened and her hips widened, sometimes accompanied by unpleasant shooting pains. She could feel her ass broadening under her, feel her panties make less and less sense on her growing body. Saw her boobs double in size yet again, perky nipples nubbing out into the fabric of her tee shirt. It was all so amazing really. So much joy filled Hailey’s mind that she almost didn’t notice when her belly surpassed the size she expected of her intended 20 weeks.

It surpassed it and then some, surging forward showing no signs of stopping. Hailey’s eyes grew wide, “What’s happening here…?,” she mumbled, sitting up and feeling her belly shift into her lap. By the time it did stop a few minutes later, she looked closer to full term than 20 weeks. But then again she was housing 3 fetuses not one.

Hailey slid to the edge of her bed and got up, noticing the heavy burden she was carrying even more. By why had she gotten so big. She had been so careful, she should only be about half this large, still a bit more agile, as she was she had an awkward waddle and couldn’t use her abdominals any more at all. She paced a bit, letting her feet dig in to the soft carpet of her bedroom. There was something odd going on here. Well, something even more odd than usual.

But Hailey wasn’t wrong about guess. She had stopped her progression at about 21 weeks. And because she had put the brakes on so effectively, the secondary side-effects of her curse were now coming back, stronger than ever. Multiplied by the very same hormones and blood she was banking on, Hailey’s curse poured sexual desire into her body, made even worse by the fact that she hadn’t found any pleasure in nearly 8 hours.

At first it was a slight tickle, almost an annoyance, as Hailey stopped pacing near her bed, and almost reached under to scratch herself between her legs. But the itch soon became a twinge, and the twinge ran right up inside her, wetting her instantly. Her inner thighs twitching involuntarily, Hailey had just enough time to scoot backwards and flop onto her bed before her legs would have gone right our from under her.

Hailey had never been more ready to climax in all her life, this beat the hell out of foreplay. Her breathing was erratic and sweat popped up all over her body. She managed to get up on her knees, and with one hand she held her pillow up to scream into, the other hand, well, we all know where that one went. Seconds later her world as we know it ended, Hailey couldn’t even think let alone sit up. Orgasming in her second trimester? She had guessed right. Oh so right.

Only know she couldn’t focus on a damn thing. And freed from her watchdog perseverance, her body began to take advantage. Hailey’s head on her pillow, eyes rolled back, still quivering with aftershocks down between her legs, she never noticed when her belly began to grow once more. She could barely feel her fingers, they felt intangible, and she fluttered them on the blankets of her bed. Tighter and tighter the skin of her belly drew, as weeks went by in minutes.

Hailey could just make out that the jittery, inner movements she was enjoying were no longer occurring down low, but were actually the stirring of her growing *ch1ld*ren, each jostling for less and less available space. As the clock swept past 11pm, Hailey was regaining some sort of consciousness, but for the most part it was too late.

“Oh wow,” she muttered, still staring at her headboard, orgasm finally slinking off to the background, “I feel so big!” She pushed her hands into her mattress to sit up but this took more strength than she had budgeted, and she flopped back down on her pillow, but did look down at what was causing the problem. “Holy shit! I’m huge!” Her body eclipsed the 30 week mark, her babies could be born now safely, albeit underweight.

“Stop stop stop!,” She shrieked, watching as her belly continued to grow, impossibly big, there was now no doubt in her mind she was carrying multiples, she looked overdue with twins and was still growing. She was now so uncomfortable and weak that she doubted she could stand up. She rolled on her side and prayed for all this to stop before it was too late. She wasn’t so sure she’d be able to…
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Chapter 9 "Out of Control" Where our heroine gets out of a jam... but not without unintended consequences.

Pain, yep, pain finally set in and as evil as its clutches were, it mercifully cleared Hailey’s exhausted mind. Her belly was now so big that her skin hurt, she literally thought it possible that she might split in two. Her body was rapidly trying to deal with everything that was happening and as Hailey somehow managed to stand up and take a step away from her bed she felt sensation not unlike peeing her pants.

Only there wasn’t an on/off switch. A small amount of liquid dribbled out from her body and stained her panties. Not much, but enough to let her know what was approaching. Hailey’s water had broken. She was also dilating wider and wider and this felt like someone was violently ratcheting open her vagina with a tire-jack. But as I said the pain was helpful, it returned her to the present, it made her focus.

“Damn it, this hurts so much!,” Hailey said the obvious through clenched teeth, slightly squatting in the middle of her room, breath short and loud. “I need to… I need to somehow control this, use this power to stop this growth and I need to do it soon!,” she muttered, pain intensifying, her eyes now watering. Finally the torturous sensations threatened to make her black out entirely. It became so bad so fast that she barely formed this singular final thought,

Just get these babies out of me!

And then a lot of things happened at once. The biggest pain yet hammered Hailey right between the legs but as this happened she also felt a great relief flood her kind from her inside out. Consequently she was knocked right off her feet and onto her bed as if rocked by a heavy blow where she landed spread eagle on her back. This was all accompanied by a banshee-like wail, Hailey never knew she could scream so loud.

She lay there, stunned, for several seconds, free of her burden, light and thin as a twig. Her body felt no ill effects of her recent multiple pregnancy and looked nothing worse for wear. Her drawers were still sodden, and as Hailey sat up and touched the wetness with a disgusted expression on her face, the door of her bedroom opened.

“Is everything… alright?,” her mother said, dressed in a dowdy nightgown. She didn’t have her glasses on and was squinting across the dim room.

“Um, yeah Mom, “ Hailey said, moving her hands up to her skinny waist. “Everything’s fine. Bad dream I guess.”

“Oh, well, okay honey. You scared the be-jeezus out of me. But if you’re okay…,” Mrs Mills asked again.

“I’m okay Mom. Better than ever,” Hailey said while wondering, ‘where in the hell did my about-to-be-born *ch1ld*ren go?’ It turns out she didn’t have long to wait for an answer.

Just after midnight there came a tap at her window. A stone, hurled from down below. Hailey was still up, working off the ocean of adrenaline that had been dumped into her veins a half hour earlier. At first she questioned the noise, maybe it had been a really big moth or something. But sure enough there came a second ‘snap’. She was being serenaded with pebbles.

Hailey slid over and tugged open the window. Down below, standing on the border of the woods about 10 feet from her house, stood a young woman in sweatpants and a wife-beater. She looked vaguely familiar, which was surprising seeing as Hailey didn’t know anyone who was massively pregnant. But this tall, goofy looking blond reminded her of someone…

“Trevor?,” Hailey called down in one of the horse loud whispers. “Is that… you!?”

“Hailey! Yeah, it’s me! I’m not sure what the heck is going on here, but when I woke up in the middle of the night with… with, well, all this, I figured you might have something to do with it,” a bluesy feminine alto responded.

“Hold on, I’m coming down. Wait right there!”

Hailey snuck down the stairs never bothering to put on any additional clothes. She was now wearing a different pair of underwear, but her baby t was the only other garment she was wearing. She regretted this immediately as she stepped out her porch door into the cool Summer air.

“Trevor, I don’t know what to say,” Hailey began, coming close, staring at Trevor’s pale dome poking out over the tight sweatpants. The two walked into the relative privacy of the woods.

“Well, I just think it’s a little weird that yesterday we had sex and you were obviously pregnant and then suddenly completely not pregnant. So now I’m the one who is not even just a little bit pregnant, not to mention a chick, Hailey, how is that even possible?,” Trevor whined.

“Um, well, I did get into a little bind this evening… what time did you say you woke up like this?,” Hailey said, biting her nails.

“About a half hour ago,” Trevor responded, pouting. He, or rather she, put a hand to her back and was in obvious internal discomfort.

“Yeah, that’s pretty suspicious…,” Hailey began. “I got into a jam, had been unknowingly saving up a bunch of little guys all day and then I let myself grow and things got out of control. But you are way too small to be carrying what I was... and you don’t seem to be getting any bigger…,” Hailey said, studying Trevor’s belly intently.

“This is not small, and no, I had better not be getting any bigger thank you very much. I doubt I could get any bigger, Hailey, this is what people look like when they are about to pop,” Trevor reminded her. “Do you think this is because we had sex while you were pregnant the other day or not?”

“I really don’t know. But I’m thinking… maybe? Maybe some sort of connection was established between us. Maybe when I wished myself free of those babies earlier tonight, maybe you ended up with one of them because of what we shared. If that’s the case, then there is at least one other very pissed off and confused person out there tonight, because Trev, you weren’t exactly the last person I’ve been with. You know Jeremy Reynolds?,” Hailey asked.

“Yeah, I know him, we’re pretty good friends. I know his cell number. Is he… did you guys… yeah, okay, I get it. Alright. Let me give him a call and see if anything weird is going on with him,” Trevor said, fishing out her phone.

Trevor stood there, listening for what felt like days. It was too quiet for Hailey to overhear, but when her friend handed the phone to her and repeated the message, this is what she heard:

“Hi, this is Jessica Reynold's voicemail! I’m not able to answer the phone right now, but if you just leave your name and number, I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can, Thank you!”

In an irritatingly high-pitched nasal voice. Jeremy didn’t have any sisters, and Trevor was positive that he had the number right. And the last name…

“You think that’s him, that Jeremy is Jessica?,” Trevor inquired.

“If it is, I bet she is looking very much like you are right now. Geez, Trev. I changed his entire life! Even his cell phone message and name have been changed. Hey, for that matter, why do you still respond to Trevor?,” Hailey asked.

“I dunno, maybe its because it was longer since you and I, well you know…,” Trevor implied.

“Babe, no need to be coy. Sex. It’s all it was. And since for whatever reason you look like that,” Hailey said, waving her hand all over Trevor’s belly, “I suggest you get very familiar with sex and it’s physical consequences, my fault or not. Was anything else weird when you woke up?”

“Come to think of it, my room had changed. And I was wearing these clothes, which fit me, so they had obviously changed too. Hailey, am I going to forget who I am!?,” Trevor said, panic edging into his voice. “I don’t want this! I don’t want to have a baby! This isn’t supposed to be!”

“Trevor,” Hailey mumbled soothingly, putting her hand around her friend’s shoulders and then repeating it, “Trevor…” But something more had happened after all, almost on command. Her friend looked up with confused eyes.

“Trevor, why do you keep calling me that?,” The young woman said. “My name is Tracy. Hailey, why are you acting all strange all of a sudden? I just came over to see you, you’re a good friend and I’m afraid about having this baby, you know? But you are really starting to freak me out…,” Tracy said, backing away.

“Oh shit,” Hailey said, shaking her head. There had to be some way of reversing all this, but damned if she knew, or had the power at this moment, right after everything that had happened this evening, to do anything about it. Instead she merely walked her friend home, soothing her as best she could, confident that Trevor/Tracy’s life while completely upside-down, was real, and it wasn’t like her parents were going to flip out when they found their son a pregnant girl. Whatever Hailey had done, it had been all encompassing.

Which begged the question on her short walk home alone. Hailey had just reshaped at least 2 whole lives. The universe itself had been altered, history, presumably, rewritten. Just how powerful was she?

Chapter 10: Bye-Bye Baby Brother.

(Sorry for not updating in so long. I've been writing other things, and you know, working and stuff. Hopefully there will be more Hailey in the near future, as well as more of my other incomplete story, the Strangest Halloween)

Hailey sat at her desk, a chill breeze wafting in from her open window. A window that she had looked out from an hour ago to discover the truly frightening potential of her powers. One of her best *ch1ld*hood friends, Trevor Morris, a good looking guy with smarts and a decent shot at an Ivy League education was now Tracy Morris, a heavily pregnant young woman who wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

A boy she had merely known casually from her high-school named Jeremy Reynolds, and whom Hailey had fooled around with in the back row of a tiny movie theater was now a ‘Jessica.’ Hailey could only assume ‘she’ was as far along as ‘Tracy.’ And to top it all off, Hailey was pretty sure that geek Jake who she worked with at the Picture House was now like, ‘Jacqueline’ or something, and ready to pop as well.

In the blink of an eye she had gone from side-splittingly pregnant with triplets to her slim, trim slinky self and in the process magically transferred her rapidly blossoming little progeny to the last three people she had sex with, utterly shredding whatever normal lives that they had previously led.

Hailey held her head in her hand and felt like crying. It was now well past midnight and she wouldn’t have to worry about conceiving anything until the following day. But her insides were still a mess. How could she live with the fact that she may have ruined the lives of three unsuspecting people? And yeah, sure, lots of young moms lead great fulfilling lives, and manage to go to college and make something of themselves, but these ‘girls’ didn’t deserve this fate, and the odds would be against them. The world didn’t exactly hold unmarried 18 year-old single parents in very high esteem.

The ‘great shift,’ as Hailey thought of the event in her head, had taken a great amount of energy, channeled through a great a mount of pain. It was the only way she had been able to pull something like this off. Hailey doubted she could just undo what she had done, and even if she managed it, wouldn’t she be back where she started, health threateningly huge with kids?

Hailey had been sitting at her desk sulking for whole minutes before she noticed her brother Miles standing silhouetted in her doorway.

“What are you doing, snooping on me, Runt?,” She growled.

“I’m not snooping,” Miles replied defensively. The kid was only 11 but thought he was entitled to everything Hailey was allowed to do. Including, apparently, staying up to all hours and slinking around the house.

“Well anyhow, it’s past your bedtime,” Hailey said, turning away from him, her mind still clouded. She didn’t have the patience to deal with her brother.

“Where did your boobs go?,” Miles asked innocently. It wasn’t as icky as it sounded. For Miles, boobs were like feet, or shoulders. Just stuff girls had. He was just curious, and he knew enough about Hailey to know that she was sensitive about her appearance. And had clearly seen his sister’s ample chest on display at the dinner table the night before. Hailey looked down at her chest which was of course, reduced to her small ‘A’ cup pre-pregnancy size. Her tee fit her very loosely, previously stretched out from her massive belly and swollen chest. Her brother’s comment touched a nerve.

“Ugh, Miles! What do you care? Why are you even looking at my… blech! Get out of here you little troll!,” Hailey said, partly because she felt less secure with her body when it was less curvaceous like this but mostly because her little brother was perving her out.

“Mom told you not to call me that!,” Miles yelled, stamping his feet. Hailey knew she was seconds away from getting Miles to be loud enough to wake her parents and that the kid deserved everything he had coming.

Suddenly, Miles ran deftly into her room and snatched her cell phone, an article of almost mythic importance to any young woman, and an item Miles knew Hailey would freak out over him taking, and ran from the room. Before Hailey could muster the energy to sprint after him she muttered,

“Ugh! Miles! I wish you hadn’t even been born!” She turned the corner quickly and saw her cell phone laying in the middle of the floor and Miles nowhere to be seen. She peered down the hall towards his bedroom door, but it was closed. Damn, that kid was fast. Yet the light was on under her parents door, and Hailey promptly shut herself in and went to bed.

She fell asleep swiftly, but slept restlessly, her conscience bothering her all evening. She awoke to the smell of her Dad making breakfast in the kitchen. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Hailey meandered downstairs and sat down at the table.

Her father’s back was to her as he fussed over a frying pan. Hailey’s stomach growled. She looked around for Miles and wondered if he was still sore about last night. Hailey knew she was. Yet there were only three places set at the table.

“Did mom get called in to the firm to work on a case or something?,” Hailey asked. It wasn’t unusual for her mother to go in on a Saturday and work, especially with her relationship with Dad being somewhat on the rocks.

“Are you kidding?,” Mr. Mills replied, laying down a stack of pancakes on his daughter's plate. “You mother can barely stand up, let alone go…” Before he could finish that sentence there came a flushing sound from an adjacent bathroom and the door opened. Out walked her mother only something was terribly wrong. She had an enormous pregnant belly that distended her nightgown and walked with a pronounced waddle. She lowered herself into her chair and grimaced.

“Hey, um, mom. Where’s Miles?,” Hailey asked, the answer already dawning in her sleepy mind.

“Right where he’s been for the last 38 weeks, silly,” Mrs. Mills replied. “Your baby brother needs to get the heck out of me.”

“Oh honey…,” Mr. Mills responded, planting a peck on his wife’s forehead.

“Don’t you oh honey me. You’re not the one closing in on 40 years old with a baby stuffed up in them every which way. I’m too old for this. And if somebody had gotten a vasectomy like I’d asked them to years ago… but no. We’ll just be safe. Use the rhythm method...,” Mrs. Mills over-shared.

“Ugh! Mom! Too much information!,” Hailey said, stuffing her mouth full of breakfast.

So she had done it again. Messed with yet another life, yet another pregnancy. When she had wished her brother hadn’t even been born, poof, there it was, he hadn't ever been born, but apparently was just about to be. Hailey had erased 11 years of her brother’s life with the casual slip of the tongue.

Worse, she had put her mother’s health in legitimate danger. It was no joking matter having a kid at her age, at what would be now 18+ years after her first baby. But on the plus side her parents sat at the breakfast table and their banter was lighthearted and playful. They were even flirting! Whatever else her power had wrought, it seemed to have stitched up her parents relationship to a particular degree. It would have to be better, given that the kid had to have been conceived somehow, which meant that her parents were still having sex (gross!) but that her parents where having sex! (meaning they were sleeping in the same bed and not fighting so much anymore!).

Hailey pondered the consequences of her hasty insult and concluded they weren’t all bad. Besides, at least she didn't have to put up with the troll messing with her things all the time. Hailey smiled and looked at her hands. This ain't all bad, this power.

After breakfast she decided to call Trevor, er, ‘Tracy’ and see if she wanted to go to the mall. She met her friend there for lunch.

Although 18 years old and some change, Hailey was looking her typical Lolita-ish self with a pair of low rise jeans and a spaghetti string top that bared her midriff. Tracy was wearing a frumpy white blouse and a pair of denim over-alls that stretched around her gigantic 9 month pregnant belly. She was clearly uncomfortable but also very happy to have a friend to hang out with.

“Is that Steve Michaels making out with Debbie Benson?,” Tracy asked, pointing to a pair of kids their age going at it on a nearby bench.

“Yeah, you didn’t hear about that?,” Hailey replied, as if this was the most obvious thing in the world.

“No,” Tracy said looking down dejectedly at her Chicken McNuggets. “Nobody really tells me much of anything these days…” Hailey had to feel sorry for her friend. Only she knew Tracy’s odd fate. But it was very clear that in this reality, Tracy had become ostracized because of her condition. Hailey looked back over at “Ghetto” Debbie Benson, a girl who tried way to hard to look urban and slutty. She had dated more guys than Hailey, which was saying something, and the rumor was that she had even had an abortion a few years back. It was killing Hailey that a tramp like that was running around Scott-free, doing everyone with a dick, and that poor Trevor here who was one of the good people in her life was stuck facing sexual consequences he never even asked for. But that gave Hailey a thought…

Recently her powers had proven she could control not just her own pregnancies but those of other people around her. Maybe she could do something for Trevor after all…

Hailey listened to her friend blather on about how much it sucked being pregnant and all the while focused on her globe-like middle beneath that denim tent. She pictured it naked, a mighty pale beach-ball with a slight dimple of a navel. Gradually, to Hailey’s delight, it began to shrink. And the best part was, Tracy never even noticed. The months ticked backwards on her baby until she wasn’t even showing at all. Then, Hailey turned her attention over to Debbie, still frantically making out with Steve.

But the girl began to get less and less passionate about it. She shifted uncomfortably in her jeans, reaching down to undo the button, which popped open and released a great deal of pressure that had recently accumulated there. You see Debbie was starting to thicken a bit.

First she just looked kind of chubby. Her jeans strained to cover her expanding hips and ass. Her tee shirt slipped upward as her bump made its way forward. Her modest chest became unmistakably larger, much to her current make-out partner’s glee. But Steve’s amorousness soon began to cool as Debbie got bigger about the waist. Bigger in an obvious and very specific way. Finally he began to brush her off completely as the weeks kept progressing and a very big belly loomed forward into his girlfriend’s lap. It was shiny and pale and bigger with every passing second. Debbie pleaded with Steve to kiss her, her mouth moving silently, Hailey and Tracy couldn’t make out their words from this far away.

Finally the two were merely holding hands and Debbie’s belly was preposterously huge. She looked seconds away from the delivery room. She was obviously frustrated that her man didn’t find her sexually attractive anymore. The two began to fight, one that ended with Steve walking off in one direction and Debbie waddling off crying in another.

When Hailey turned back she was shocked to find her friend had reverted back to Trevor, and that he was trying unsuccessfully to bring up the topic of their sexual encounter, and Hailey’s apparent magical talents. The fact that she could control her body like that, make it bigger or smaller at will drove him crazy. He seemed to have no memory of either being a woman or being pregnant, although he was still wearing those goofy over-alls, like some 90’s rapper or backwoods hick. It didn't look as ridiculous on him as she would have thought.

After shying away from their conversation Hailey promised she’d call him later that night. For the time being she had a few other problems to solve. Like some superhero with a bizarre superpower, she had to go use her talents to save a few other folks who had been unjustly mistreated, and possibly punish some evil-doers as well.
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RE: Looking for Hailey's curse
Chapter 11 "Redistribution of Power"

Tracking down Jeremy “Jessica” Reynolds proved to be trickier than Hailey had anticipated. In this new reality, Jessica’s conservative parents had shipped off their daughter to a sort of home for delinquent t33ns that just so happened to all be moms-to-be. A place whose brochure insists will "give young mothers the care they need” but in reality was just a smokescreen for conservative families save face. In other words, The Reynoldses were completely humiliated by their high-school senior’s pregnancy and moved her out of sight, out of mind.

Hailey found the home after a few wrong turns. The place was really out in the middle of nowhere, almost like a camp in the wilderness complete with cabins and picnic tables and small still ponds. When her car crackled up the gravel drive she could see several girls outside doing calisthenics. They all looked supremely unhappy. Most were lonely despite the immediate company of the other girls that shared their discomfort. Nearly all of them missed their families and every girl was very far along.

Hailey stepped out of her car and suddenly became very self-conscious. In her skin tight t-shirt, midriff bared, hip-bones poking out above the lip of her low-rise jeans she was young and sexy and had the appearance of a normal 18 year-old. In other words, Hailey had everything these girls used to have, but sacrificed along the way to motherhood. Many of the girls Hailey approached would still be consdiered downright hot, but were jealous of this outsider, who just so happened to not be stuffed to the bursting point with baby.

Hailey stumbled upon Jessica, seated under a tree near one of those idyllic pond. She was surprised how Jeremy-like Jessica looked, same nose, same scrawny build. Unmistakably feminine of course, but the resemblance was spooky. The girl had her nose in a novel, Tess of D'Urbervilles, and her elbows flanked an unbelievably large belly. A belly that only Hailey was aware never even existed until late last evening.

“Hey,” Hailey said, approaching the lone young woman. Jessica looked up and frowned.

“Hailey Mills? Er, what are you doing here?” The two had never been close at school. Jeremy was never very popular, and Hailey's crowd didn't interact with the unpopular very much. Jessica had a reason for being so blunt, Hailey had no business being here, the two were far from friends.

“Well, I’m here to help you out,” Hailey said, hands on her hips. “I’m busting you out of jail. You’re coming with me, no questions asked.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I can’t leave. Not like this…,” Jessica whined, rubbing the crown of her belly. Hailey reached down and grabbed Jessica’s hand, helping the girl to her feet. It took some doing.

“Jessica… you ever get the feeling that things aren’t supposed to be this way? Like you aren’t supposed to be… you know… like this?,” Hailey said, gesturing towards her midsection.

“How do you know that? It’s like I’ve been having an out of body experience! I have all these memories of things that I swear I’ve never actually done! Do you know I’m pretty sure I’ve never even had sex? I mean I just know I’ve never been with a man. But the shrink around here thinks I’m having Virgin Mary delusions or something like that. Says its pretty common for girls our age to think their baby is special or meant to be or godly or whatever. Well mine sure ain’t! I don’t even know where it came from!,” Jessica spouted.

Hailey sighed. The fact that she had put this young man through 5 minutes of this torment, let alone half a day, was killing her. She decided then and there to fix things the hard way.

“Jessica, hold my hands,” Hailey said sternly, looking deep into the girl’s blue eyes.

“Um, okay…,” Jessica complied. Instantly, Jessica started to moan softly to herself but not let go. Her eyes closed and her overtaxed t-shirt began to hang more and more loosely about her body. Hailey could feel the energy sweeping out of Jessica and flowing into her own flesh and it was making her uncomfortably aroused.

The moment she had stepped foot on these grounds Hailey had been overwhelmed with a curious feeling. Like all of these young mommies-to-be were feeding into her somehow, like their pregnancies were giving her strength and power. It was odd, and hard to explain, but if pressed Hailey might have said she needed to go run around the pond a few times or do some jumping jacks just to settle down and expend some energy.

Now, as she began the process of ‘saving’ Ms Jessica Reynolds, it was all Hailey could do to keep from crying out as a pleasurable sensation spread all over her lower belly.

For about a half of a minute, the two girls looked absolutely normal, hands clasped together as if praying. Jessica was a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than Hailey, but that would soon change. By now, a witness would have noticed something quite extraordinary begin to happen. Hailey’s body began to change as her body took back the baby it had lost the previous evening and the invisible embryo began its swift progress back to the fetal age of 35 weeks.

Hailey’s breathing began to get deeper, her chest rose and fell. Her belly popped forward as if she had just drank a half gallon of milk. Her jeans were low enough to provide little resistance, her belly just pushed right on above them. But her skinny shirt struggled to accommodate both her swelling breasts and her developing belly.

Across from her even stranger things were happening to Jessica. Her body was sprouting taller and filling out into the form of the young man she'd previously been. Her shorts now looked ridiculously too small, but the over-sized women’s t-shirt fit just about right in terms of length and shoulder width. Both Hailey and Jeremy were oblivious to this gender reversal, as was the outside world. Nobody could see them as they transitioned. In fact, one of the harsh women who ran the place had begun to go around and collect the girls and bring them inside, but when she looked towards the pond, Hailey and Jeremy were quite invisible to her.

Hailey began to perspire as the energy she expended increased exponentially. Her brow was shiny, her t-shirt stuck to her shoulder-blades. The seat of her jeans creaked as the denim began to stretch of her expanding bottom. Hailey gripped Jeremy’s hands tighter causing her classmate to wince.

Bigger and bigger Hailey grew and her belly looked truly monumental. Except for her “near miss” with the triplets, this was by far the biggest she had allowed herself to grow. Her back arched and her belly loomed forward like a vast skin covered beach-ball. Her lungs were crushed and she sipped air as if someone were sitting on her chest. Finally the belly dropped, popping the button on her jeans and just killing her bladder.

And then in the blink of an eye, it was finished. Hailey stood there looking at Jeremy, who couldn’t quite figure out where he was or what had just happened. Before him stood a tired but pretty face. His eyes quickly lowered to gaze at Hailey’s powerful curse.

“Oh my God, you’re huge!,” Jeremy said, letting go of the girl’s hands, as if it might be catching, or that he might have caused it.

“You don’t need to tell me that, big guy,” Hailey said, fixing her posture, letting her stance widen and back straighten. “Listen, could you give me a hand and walk me back to my car? I kind of need to sit down.”

They were about three quarters of the way there when an older woman burst from the front doors of the building and started walking swiftly in their direction. Like a hound running after a stray sheep, she was not to be shook off very easily.

“Uh-oh. Looks like we got company. Better pick up the pace,” Hailey muttered, struggling into a kind of waddle run that many would find pretty funny. She chucked her keys to Jeremy and gently set herself down in the passenger seat. The irate woman was perhaps 20 yards away and closing. “Um, Jeremy? You might want to step on it. I think I’m sort of an outlaw around these parts. Maybe she thinks this is some sort of jailbreak. Either way, woman looks like she knows how to throw a punch, and I wouldn't want to be you if she reaches us,” Hailey warned.

The car peeled out, scattering gravel all over the place, much of it up in the glorified camp counselor’s furious red face.

“So, uh, you mind telling me what the fuck is going on? Why I don’t have the slightest clue where I am or why I’m with the most knocked up girl I’ve ever seen in my life? You know, the one that jumped my bones in the a movie theater out of nowhere just a few days ago, who looked downright anorexic then and now looks like she might be due any minute? I feel like I've been asleep for a year,” Jeremy asked, pulling out onto the highway, "And why does it feel like I've been wearing a bra?"

“The less you know about all this, the better. Just take me to the school. And,” Hailey paused, feeling the first tender kiss of a labor pain, “you might want to speed. A lot.”

Jeremy got Hailey to the high-school around 3:00pm. She was severely dilated by this point and just a few minutes away from her water breaking. She made mental notes never to put herself in the position ever again, under no circumstances. But she kept her wits about her and strode confidently into the school, sickly beige colored tiles clicking under her shoes, and went down the hall towards the men’s locker room.

Her target showed himself almost immediately. Andrew Knightley, a senior who had done more than his fair share of work in the backseats of young women’s cars. If the rumors were true he’d been with half the cheer-leading squad, and worse, that he’d forced his way with girls on several infamous occasions, resulting in at least one hastily terminated pregnancy. Hailey crossed her fingers and hoped she had what it took to give him what he truly deserved.

The guy was in his practice uniform, without pads, shooting the shit outside of the locker room. A bunch of his teammates were giving Hailey odd looks as she trucked her way towards them, but when she latched onto Andrew’s arm, they began to look right through their friend and this strange girl who looked sort of like Hailey Mills but couldn't possibly be her, what with the baby drama. It was as if the unlikely pair had suddenly ceased to exist to the rest of the guys. The varsity team blinked stupidly and ducked inside to shower, resuming their conversation.

But Andrew struggled to free himself from this psycho pregnant chick. Hailey refused to let go. Already she felt immeasurably more comfortable as the transfer was initiated. The pain subsided and the pressure went down mercifully. Her body deflated like a punctured holiday parade float. And the man she gripped with all her might was now powerless to break her grasp. She was actually going to be able to do this.

As the last embers of the *ch1ld* fled her body Andrew found himself feeling quite sick. He was dizzy and weak, and felt like his muscles were turning to jell-o. The psycho girl that had grabbed him still wouldn’t let go, and worse, she seemed to be getting stronger, and weirdly taller. To say nothing at all about the fact she was no longer preggo!

But of course it was Andrew who shrank in stature. He went from a modest and brawny 6’2” to a paltry 5’ even, and like all the women of his family, he was now short and stocky. It began to dawn on Andrew that he was now a woman, and worst of all, what he and the rest of the football team would classify as a fat chick.

"Dude!," Andrew shouted, afraid of what she felt and terrified of her own new voice. But that was just the beginning. It took longer for this pudgy girl to begin to show, but once she popped there was no denying she'd been up to some societally frowned upon recreational activities.

"Oh gross! I'm so fat!," Andrew, now 'Angie,' said, grabbing her thickening waist with zero comprehension. But her overwhelmed mind was quickly being flooded with freshly minted memories, of her and Reggie, the third string defensive lineman, a giant flabby mountain of a kid, together and screwing in her parent's pool-house. She could practically hear the wet smacks of their considerable heft crushing into each other. And as the product of their union grew in her womb right into the latter portion of the second trimester her eyes grew wide. She could feel the baby move.

"No! I can't be! I'm not..., my Mom is gonna kill me!," Angie whined, like she'd gotten a parking ticket or failed a biology test. Yet just as the memories of her past run in with Reggie was now 'true' so too was the fact that her Mom already knew about her little bundle of joy. Knew about it, and was secretly happy her daughter might end up tricking that oaf into marriage. Mrs. Knightley had always been terrified her youngest and least attractive daughter would never find a husband. Now a baby might fix all that.

Hailey let go and fell backward and nearly ended up on her ass. Angie was crying and banging on the locker room door for Reggie, a dark stain seeping into her shorts.

"Reggie, it's time! We need to go to the hospital, now!" Angie's nasal voice beckoned.

Hailey was too tired to enjoy her handiwork. She could barely frame the thought, "two down, and one to go."

Chapter 12. Resolutions

This old story of mine comes to a close. After this I'll shift my attention back to the Strangest Halloween, and a bunch of other projects I've been working on. Thanks for reading.


Hailey Mills stood outside of the High-school and found that her ride had split. She didn’t really blame him, after all, he’d spent the better portion of the morning as a very pregnant young woman, and even though he couldn't remember that condition, Hailey imagined he was probably a bit weirded out. Unconsciously something was probably telling him to stay as far away from Hailey as he could get.

Fine. Hailey walked away from the school towards a lush park that eventually would open upon the row of stores, her hometown’s equivalent of main street. She was tired, exhausted really, she’d ended up restoring two of the men she’d unintentionally hurt and wanted to render the third before returning home for dinner with her parents.

Thing is, she didn’t have a clue where she could find Jake, the complete and utter nerd who worked at the Cineplex with her, and who right now was a girl and overdue to deliver a baby.

Hailey sat down on a bench and put her head in her hands. This was all too much. Everything that had happened, everything she had done, to her little brother, her mom, Jeremy, Trevor, Jake, the ‘retribution’ she’d laid down upon that slut Debbie at the mall, the jock at the high-school, she was worn out and frazzled. All of this power, was that the real curse?

She closed her eyes and pictured Jake, his short body, his pimply face, a sweet kid, sure, but so weird. It’s like he was trying to be as unpopular as possible. Then she imagined him as a young woman, and heavily pregnant to boot. Femininity suited Jake better, his scrawniness was now petite-ness, and whether it was the baby or not, girl-Jake had a decent rack. Now Hailey made the figure in her mind start slimming down, reversed the clock on it’s unborn *ch1ld*.

The result was a slim young thing, and pretty too. Yeah, there was still the acne, but that wouldn’t last forever. And yes her breasts were much smaller now but Hailey knew what boys liked and they would like this. She decided to leave Jake in this gender-swapped state, and wasn’t surprised at all when she opened her eyes and found herself carrying that last *ch1ld*, her body absolutely filled to the brim.

“Figures,” Hailey said, sitting up straighter and feeling her warm, drum tight belly loom forward onto her denim clad thighs. She spread her legs slightly and sighed.

So this was it. The last one. Well, the last one from the day before anyhow. Who the hell knew where today’s crop was hiding. Where they waiting patiently for Hailey to deal with her present burden? Like customers standing in line at a busy department store? When she dealt with this *ch1ld* would she rapidly swell with others? Or had she some sort of control over all this now? Evidently, she still had a lot to learn.

Hailey placed her small chilly hands on her partly exposed belly and imagined it shrinking. She imagined the skin stretching back, all the pressure going down, her back loosening up, her ankles and knees ceasing to ache. All of the least pleasant side-effects of pregnancy vanishing.

But nothing happened. This time it wasn’t working. Hailey frowned, got up, and began walking toward town. It didn’t even cross her mind that there were likely going to be people about, people who knew her and would be shocked to find she was pregnant at all, let alone the full blown 40.

A couple in their mid-20s walked past her holding hands. They barely even saw Hailey, they were too busy flirting. The woman was in a summer dress that bunched about the chest and fell down about her all flowingly. They had recently gotten married and were thinking about… well, Hailey knew what they were thinking about, they wanted a kid. As they passed by the young woman felt an odd twinge in her stomach. Later that evening she would take a pregnancy test and find out she had a bun in her oven.

Unaware of what she was doing, on the walk through town every single female who was of age, and not on any type of prescription birth control who walked within 10 feet of Hailey would feel that same twinge. Even a man in his 30s, desperately alone after the loss of his longtime girlfriend, and aching for the nonexistent family they were to have together found himself waking up the following day, a woman, and one a few short months away from starting that family he always wanted.

Nobody seemed to notice Hailey, which was odd, seeing as more than a few crotchety old ladies she had passed on the sidewalk should have been sticking their noses in the air with disgust. In fact, when Hailey finally did try and interact with someone, asking a chubby brunette who was standing up reading the paper in the corner coffee-shop if she were waiting to use the bathroom, the brunette ignored her as if she wasn’t even there. Mind you the brunette was also to find in two weeks time that she was going to have twins, despite the fact she hadn’t slept with a man I years, but of Hailey she saw and heard none.

Hailey waved a hand in her face. Nothing.

She shouted and looked around. Nothing.

And when Hailey's water broke and soiled her jeans and she muttered, “Oh son of a bitch!,” there was no response.

There was also no pain, which was odd, because this baby was coming soon. Hailey noticed that she had no discomfort at all, even her legs and back weren’t bothering her. That was when she found that she was not even walking on the ground. She was floating, and inch or so off the tiles. And when she went to steady herself with a hand on the wall it passed through as if insubstantial.

It was time.

“Ah!,” Hailey shrieked, and fell straight through into the bathroom she had been waiting to use, her entire bloated body passing seamlessly through the wall.

“What the hell?,” Hailey spat, widening her stance lest she fall over, despite the fact that she wasn't technically touching the floor. In front of her stood the old crone, the same crazy old witch who had cursed her so recently and turned her life upside down. Her back was turned, and she was dressed all in white, but other than that, Hailey recognized the wild hair, streaked with gray and silver.

“My, aren’t you causing a wee bit of trouble, aren’t you,” the old crone mumbled.

“How do you… how did you… you can see me? You know I’m here?,” Hailey said, rushing up to the woman who was washing her hands. “What’s going on, what’s happening to me? How come nobody can see me or hear me but you?”

“Because, my dear, you now exist on a different plane than the mortals,” The old crone said, turning around. Her face was no longer ugly, but still very old. It was the face of woman who was once stunningly beautiful.

“Mortals?,” Hailey said, placing a hand on her lower back more out of habit than any real need for bracing. She barely even felt her enormous belly any longer.

“I’ve been testing you, and you’ve more or less passed. You’re going to be my successor, *ch1ld*. I’ve walked this Earth for nearly 600 years, and I’m tired. But someone needs to bless these humans with progeny, and that’s where you come in. Soon, as the extent of your powers are swiftly revealed, you’ll be able to be anywhere in the world, multiple places at once. And every person you visit will find themselves blessed with life. You’ll be an old one like me, albeit, a young old one, and you’ll age very slowly, almost not at all.

I, too, was young and full as you are now. And over time my belly shrank until you saw me at the mall. My powers have dwindled but not so much as to not be able to kindle inside you the latent abilities all young women possess. Of course, the choice is still yours. You can back out. I can return you to your human form, and you will swiftly give birth, and continue on with this life of yours. Or, you can accept my offer, grab hold of these responsibilities.

You will never be able to see your family again, but they will not morn for you, for they will have no memory of you having ever existed. Nobody will. You will be powerful beyond believe, and it will be your whim and whimsy how human life on this planet continues. Well, *ch1ld*, what say you?," The crone asked.

Hailey new her decision before she mouthed the words.


The old woman smiled, bowed, and silently faded away. And Hailey and her "curse" had a lot of work to do.
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