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(January 4, 2013 1:37 am)admin Wrote:  This area of the forum is devoted to pregnant stories of an erotic nature, fictional or otherwise. Stories making reference to minors, defined as anyone under the age of 18 years, in a sexual context are prohibited.

First off, let me start by saying that this story makes references to minors, but in no way in a sexual context, so I'm not breaking any rules.

This story is a work in progress, I don't know how many chapters will it take but I believe somewhere around 5 to 8. I'll be using images, but feel free to imagine the characters like you want them to, I'm using the images because I know what I like. And even though, most of us know who the models are, I'll leave the model's name just in case.
This story also has low sexual content, meaning that if you're looking for "and he suck on her voluptuous, milk-filled breasts as she stroke his humongous cock" or something like that, you're out of luck since that kind of literature hardly turns me on.

I'l go for the mundane, with a bit of romance and hopefully a cheesy ending. I'll leave the climatic "sex scene" for last, but I don't think It'll be anything grandiose.
December 30, 2016 8:35 pm
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RE: Hazel

There’s a reason for everything in life. No matter how small or how far-fetched, life makes it all come together in the end.

The last couple of months haven’t been for the best. Bills keep accumulating, debts need to be paid off, and the economy hasn’t helped young guys like me.
But still, you have a job, a good head above your shoulders, and the sweetest girl you could ever hope for.

… or so I thought.

It all started with my lay off. I worked in one of the most prestigious architect offices in the city. Slowly, but surely, I was making my way out of internship.
Or I would’ve if it weren’t for a little thing called “nepotism” that earned my partner, the bosses’ son, a new paycheck and earned me a pat on the back and “good luck out there, son!”.

But, that’s life right? You get your ups and you get your downs. Now it’s just me and my girl, new opportunities will come.

There was a time your name made my heart speed off like crazy. Blind me with love just by seeing your shining eyes.
Your short hair barely grazing your shoulders, each breath I take getting me closer to those sweet innocent lips of yours.

I never thought I could see such decisiveness in her eyes. Such terrible decisiveness…

We’ve been together for the last 8 years. I fell in love with her petite figure, and her… well she always said I made her laugh like nobody did.
She was my first and I was hers. That builds a connection that transcends anything.

It is meant to be.

Or so I believed…

She walked away; there was no more spark between us. Not even cinder.

Isa left me quietly. There was no argument (we never had those), no last kiss goodbye.
She just didn’t love me anymore.

Depression hit me. Not only was she my true love, but without a job and without her around, I just couldn’t keep paying our…
… my apartment.

So there I was.
Packing my bags.
Taking a bus ride.
Back home.

Back at my folks.

I settled up in my old bedroom. The memories started flooding in…
Dad teaching how to ride a bike…
Mom’s singing in the garden.
Jeff, good ol’ Jeff…

It was the most surreal day. 10 years old, seeing my best friend get lowered down to a grave.
He had a beautiful mom, our neighbor Mrs. Jakovs.
I would never forget her tear stained eyes watching her son getting farther and farther away from her.
Such sorrow in her eyes…
Such sorrow in Isa’s eyes…

That night, I slept on a wet pillow.


Model name: Isabella.
She was a model in ATK models and ATK Hairy, I think. Currently she's in the archives. I think the TheRussianBear has all her sets and movies on his drive under "ATK". So thanks for the pictures, man.

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RE: Hazel - 194593   
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December 30, 2016 8:44 pm
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RE: Hazel
Girl next door

The week went like usual went I arrived back at my folks. I submitted resumes at various places around town, helped off dad with some stuff, and got in touch with old buddies.
They kept asking about Isabella and kept widening their eyes when I told them we were not together anymore.

Being in this place, I couldn’t help but think of our early years together. Of my first kiss with her, back at Susan’s house (man, Susan got kids!).
And there were some places, that reminded me of earlier days with Jeff. Back before the sickness.
Amazingly prior and after those days, Jeff’s mom looked so beautiful. Her smooth milky skin, dark hair and hazel eyes.
And her laughter was so cheery, almost melodically.
Truth be told, I had some feelings for her. Of course, they were childish, prepubescent feelings...

Besides she had a husband, Mr. Jakovs.

They say that if you want something, the whole universe conspires to get it for you.
But back when I returned to my parents, I didn’t believe that.
After some early diligences I got back home. Mom asked me to help around with the garden, and since I didn’t find her outside, I looked for her in the living room.
Calling out to her I stumbled there, and in the mid of a sentence I turn expecting to see mom sitting in the sofa.

Except that it wasn’t mom.

I think I said something like “oh, hi” while I see this dark haired woman, wearing this ivory dress. She was flashing a friendly smile. She looked gorgeous, even though she appears to be in her mid-forties.

Suddenly she narrows her eyes and in an instant widen, just as her smile gets bigger.

“Is you, isn’t it?” she asked me. I was still bewildered.
I confessed that I didn’t recall who she was, and she just laughed.

“I’m Mrs. Jakovs. It’s okay if you don’t remember me, sweetie. It’s been SO long”. She said, with a wide smile, looking at me with her bright eyes.

It all makes sense now, but back then, I didn’t believe in coincidences. There she was, Mrs. Jakovs, still beautiful. I couldn’t believe 15 years have passed.

She invited to join me in the sofa, and catch up a bit. I don’t remember much of what we talked about (mostly about my career, my life in the big city, etc).
So close to her, I could see her winkles and bags in her eyes. Her hair was a bit unkempt, but healthy.
Her collarbone, exposed, was adorned with moles. I don’t think I ever noticed them before.
And I guessed the years make a woman’s body harder to maintain, I thought, since I could see a bit of her fat belly in that dress. Nothing’s forever after all.

Like Mrs. Jakovs marriage.

I asked her about Mr. Jakovs, and though she didn’t stop smiling, her face got slightly grimmer. She told me he passed away a few months ago. Car accident, it was so sudden he was pronounced dead on the scene.

It felt like an hour, but we must’ve stayed silent for like seconds. Then my mom entered the room, exchanged a few words with Mrs. Jakovs, and told me to dig up some dirt in the garden.
My mom was getting older, so I really didn’t mind to do all that on my own.
She stayed talking to Mrs. Jakovs while I left for the garden.

After some work, I cut myself and go to the bathroom to patch myself up. When I return, mom and Mrs. Jakovs were in the garden, sitting on the grass.
I kept working, but every once in a while I looked at them. I looked at Mrs. Jakovs…

She looked like a sculpture, pristine and emanating beauty all around her. Caressing her bare leg, while talking to mom.
I don’t know if I was sweating more because of work or because of her.

Then something happened.
She glanced at me.
Looking at me while I looked at her. That moment felt like an eternity. Suddenly she didn’t look like a 40 something year old widow, but like a young 20 something with a full life ahead of her.
And at that moment I felt conflicted, I felt alive, I felt tainted.

We stopped glancing at each other. It was like a second, but it felt like more than it was acceptable.
I finished my work and quietly went to take a shower.

One cold shower, I was making my way into the kitchen to grab a bite. In the hallway, I almost bumped into mom and Mrs. Jakovs as they were saying goodbye.

I quickly apologized, trying my best to keep my cool while being so close to Mrs. Javoks.
I think I stuttered when I took a good look at her.
Since she was mostly sitting during her visit here, I thought she just looked fat on her baggy dress.

She wasn’t fat.

She was pregnant.

She must have figured my thought pattern, because next thing she dropped a short laughter and told me she was expecting, while caressing her growing abdomen showing even more her round figure.
I only managed to say congratulations and then I excused myself.

A 40 year old pregnant widow. I thought I had it bad. How foolish I was.

And yet…

That was what it was meant to be.


Model's name: Erica J (AKA Barbola, Isabela). She's from
I used to have a big collection of her years ago (along with Shawna, and Nancy from preg-nancy). Now I'm lucky if I find a whole set of her.

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RE: Hazel - 194676    RE: Hazel - 194677    RE: Hazel - 194678    RE: Hazel - 194679   
December 31, 2016 1:18 am
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RE: Hazel
This is really good, can't wait for the next chapters Smile
December 31, 2016 3:47 am
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RE: Hazel
I love older women who are pregnant, can't wait for the next part Smile
December 31, 2016 7:30 pm
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RE: Hazel
Me too, I love an old still fertile woman.

Anyway, sorry for the delay guys. WHOAH 1,150's views? I know some of them most be quick looks and missclicks, but damn...
I've run into some writer's block coupled with the pitfalls of writing on a second language. But don't despair, I intend to finish this, finish my other story which already has 2 chapters (since I got writer's block with this particular story, which turned me to write another one).
And sorry for the hack writing, after reading some stories on this site, I think I don't put much effort into writing like the rest of you... but then again, I don't really want to (I'll just fap to it anyway).

Well, on to the next chapter!



“Do you think we… have a future together?”

“You’re a great guy… But I…”

“I just don’t… my feelings, they are…”

I’ve never been a light sleeper.
During those twilight hours, my memories tend to blossom like they don’t during wake hours.
Sometimes they’re good memories.


They are not.

I woke up early, and took every effort to go to the community gym. Just before the sun comes up, the gym is empty, none one around. I can be by myself, hear my heart and my breathing and keep them under control.
I’ve got to keep my life under control.

I went back home and got a call for an interview at the local plaza, just an hour by car. I told mom the news. I don’t recall why, I wasn’t very optimistic about, but I just knew I had to.
Just then my mom received a phone call.
It was Mrs. Jakovs.
After some small talk, she told me to do Mrs. Jakovs a favor and help her with some stuff in her home.
She lived next door, so after a quick shower I got there.

I rang her doorbell, and after a few seconds the door was opened.

RE: Hazel - 198218   

If yesterday wasn’t obvious, today she sure looked pregnant.
She was wearing a tight shirt that made no attempt to disguise her 8-9 month belly.
She was glowing, even with her casual look, she look more stunning than most women her age… hell, even my age.
Smiling, she asked me to come in.

She asked me how was my day, in her usual motherly tone. Made me feel like no time had passed since…
I replied accordingly and asked what she needed of me. I think she was taken aback due to my sudden abruptness, but she kept smiling and lead me into the studio.
There were like a dozen sealed up boxes there, filled with lots of household objects. She explained me that she was in the process of moving, and she needed to have those boxes in her garage, and since she couldn’t carry heavy weight (more than she’s already carrying) she needed help from someone else.

While I was carrying the boxes, she suddenly let out a small moan as her face contorted in discomfort.
“Is there something wrong? Should I…?”
She just gestured that it was okay. “It’s okay, this is his active hour” she said smiling, letting out a short exhalation.
I couldn’t help but imagine that she was going to raise that child alone.

RE: Hazel - 198220   

She took a sit. Her already round belly looked rounder in that position, even her belly bottom was visible against the fabric of her shirt.
“Do you want to feel him kicking?” she asked, putting her hand in her belly.
She must’ve sensed my shyness, because the next minute she grabbed my hand and put it in her belly.
“There!” she said.

There was a beauty in this.
All the pain of being a widow, swept away by the joy of being a mother again.

“I don’t feel anything” I said. Other than my hand (still being held by her) pressed against her hard swollen belly. But her skin felt soft, malleable in her ever expansion.
I glanced at her, trying to tell her I should get back to…

A kick!

I’ve never felt a pregnant belly before. This woman was carrying a baby. She held a miracle inside her womb.
I looked at her again.
I looked at the most beautiful woman I ever lay eyes upon.
Her hazel eyes, so serene.
I saw her pain, and she saw mine.

RE: Hazel - 198219   

The baby kicked again, this time stronger. His mother let out another quiet moan.
“Alright, settle down, little guy” said his mother, caressing her tummy.

RE: Hazel - 198221   

I kept taking the boxes into the garage. With some difficulty, she got up and announced that she was going to take a bath, holding her large belly. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to move around like that…

RE: Hazel - 198222   

By the time I finished up it was already late. Mrs. Jakovs was waiting for me in the kitchen.
She changed her outfit; apparently this was her night gown. She was wearing a long skirt and an orange shirt that left her lower belly exposed.
“I made you some hot cocoa. You and Jeffy used to love it” said Mrs. Jakovs in her usual tone of humor, although, a bit nostalgic.
“Thank you, ma’am” I said, eagerly accepting the sweet chocolate drink.

RE: Hazel - 198223   

“You’re welcome, sweetie. And please, call me Erica. You’re a grown-up now” she said letting out a small laugh.
“I don’t think I’ll ever call you that, Mrs. Jakovs. But I’ll try…” I said smiling, taking a sit nearby the table.

RE: Hazel - 198224   

“You kids used to pull all-nighters back then“
“Did not!”

RE: Hazel - 198225   

“Yes you did” she paused, smiling “But I never told your folks. Boys will be boys, let them have their fun!”

She looked down onto her belly, caressing it. There was a silence. I even stopped drinking cocoa.

“Mrs. Jako- Erica… are you alright?” I asked.
For a moment it looked like she wasn’t there, then, as if broken from a spell, she told it was nothing and let out a sigh.

I got up and went to her. As a kid, she was taller than me and looked so strong. Now, she’s smaller and looked fragile.
I put my hand on her shoulder.
“Erica, I just want you to know that me and my family are here for you. Whatever you need, no matter how insignificant, just ask and we’ll be here. I’ll be here for you”
She looked at me, smiling but with sorrow in her eyes.
“Thank you, honey” she told me, kissing me in the cheek.
“I… it’s been a difficult year” she said sitting down.

She told me that her sister lived with the first months after the death of her husband. Just weeks after he passed away, she found out she was carrying her late husband’s child within her.
Her sister helped her keep herself together, but after a while, Erica told her to leave since she could take care of herself now, and that she didn’t wanted to held her up for so long.

“Why didn’t you moved before? Or moved in with your sister for a while?” I asked.
She placed her hand on her belly.
“I want him to be born here. On his father’s house. The house that saw his brother grow up happily” she answered.

She and Mr. Jakovs thought that if they ever had another kid, he would be born in the bathtub of this house.

She placed her hand on mine and asked why I came back here.
I told her about Isa.
About my last job.
It got late.
By now, the hot cocoa was beyond warm, so after giving her my number I bid her a good night.
She hugged me, pressing her round belly against me, her head on my chest, her smell embriagating me.

I went back home. I wanted to kiss her, feel her soft lips against mine. Take care of her, make her feel happy.
But at the same time, I wanted to get out of there, leave the town and never come back. I was so ashamed.

It was going to be a long night.

Now that I know how to insert pictures into the actual post, I can tell the story in an even better way.
January 13, 2017 1:56 am
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RE: Hazel
This story is great. Fantastic use of pic inclusion with text.
January 22, 2017 5:45 pm
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RE: Hazel
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy and sick. Here's a little something, even though it doesn't have anything to do (or does it?) with the current story.


RE: Hazel - 210270   
Steve: You look nothing like in your picture…
Alice: What do you mean? (Alice gets her cellphone out and pulls out her plentyofrisk profile) Isn’t that me?
Steve: …
RE: Hazel - 210272   
Alice: Brunette? Check. Perfect skin? Check. Eyes that you can get lost into? Check…
Steve: Yeah but…
Alice: … And a dashing smile which never fails to brighten the mood (smiles) see?
Steve: …
RE: Hazel - 210271   
Alice: (Slides her hand on the table and caresses Steve’s fingers) So, lover… what’s gotten into you?
Steve: (Folds his arms) Look Alice, first off… you’re one to talk.
Alice: (Bewildered) What do you mean?
Steve: That’s not a recent photo.
Alice: Oh yeah? What about this one? I took it for you yesterday when you wanted a pic from work (Shows Steve the photo on her cellphone).
RE: Hazel - 210273   
Steve: That’s cropped.
Alice: So what?
Steve: Really? Unbelievable!
Alice: (Laughing) What?
Steve: (Points at her giant belly)
Alice: Ooooh, that… yeah, it’s just a small pregnancy. Silly me, right?
Steve: Sm- Small pregnancy?! For Pete’s sake, you’re huge!
Alice: Huge?! Why, that’s no way to call a lady! You could at least show some courtesy.
Steve: And you could’ve at least told me you were expecting twins!
Alice: (To herself) It’s actually one in there…
Steve: (Gets up) That’s it, I’m leaving.
RE: Hazel - 210274   
Alice: No no no no, please stay! I can… ahem, I can make it worth your… (lifts her dress reviling her panties) while.
Steve: (Repulsed) That’s disgusting. I’m leaving.
RE: Hazel - 210275   
Alice: (Pleading) No please, I really need this, you don’t know how long I’ve been without a man, please. My hormones are crazy, my pussy is aching and these breasts are just too damn sore, come on Steve, please!
Steve: (Leaving) Don’t call me again.
Alice: (Exasperated) Aww shit…
Steve: (Outside Alice’s apartment) Aww shit… (Knocks on her door).
RE: Hazel - 210276   
Alice: (Opens door) Changed your mind, stud?
Steve: (Repulsed) I… left my car keys on the table.
RE: Hazel - 210277   
Alice: (Disappointed) Oh, I… (Walks towards the table and grabs some keys) Are these your keys?
Steve: (Sighning) Yes…
Alice: (Akwardly gives him his keys) Can I at least get a-
Steve: (Closes door in mid sentence)
Alice: …kiss?

Will Alice ever get her urges satisfied? find out next time in The Amazing Misadventures of Alice!


The model is Alicia Silver, don't really know much about her, but I recommend her ample behind.
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March 12, 2017 2:00 am
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