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First Day in San Natalia
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First Day in San Natalia
I'm posting this story here because it is a great story. I am wondering if it would be the first in a series, since even a second day in San Natalia would be pretty interesting.


First Day in San Natalia
by birth-enthusiast

“Sorry, is this Ms. Blake’s office?” Tess asked, pointing at a door.

The pregnant janitor nodded and pushed her cart away. Tess stared at her growing belly in awe. Since her arrival in San Natalia, she had seen at least 40 pregnant women, including the janitor.

She had seen a gang of pregnant teens walking home from school. She had also seen a pregnant woman publicly having sex in a restaurant. It shouldn’t be a surprise, though. San Natalia had been the country’s biggest SBR for 10 years.

In the country, a “Specialized Breeding Region” (SBR) is a city where every fertile citizen is a Breeder. Every female under 35 years old is expected to give birth to at least 4 children. All those babies will be taken by the government and raised in another regions. After meeting the child quota, a woman can “retire”, and she is free to keep her subsequent children. Those who are sterile or unable to meet the quota will be moved into another region, usually the Nursing Region or the Educational Forces.

Now back to Tess. She chose to move to San Natalia because the city provided free healthcare and a lot of money for volunteers from other regions. She was 24 years old, which means she had 11 more years to breed. She wasn’t extremely pretty, but with her red hair and blue eyes she looked lovely. Her breasts were full B-cups, matching her slender body and round buttocks. Her hips were quite wide – childbearing hips, as they said. She wasn’t a virgin, but she hadn’t had much experience neither.

Her supervisor, she had been told, was a 30 year old woman named Jean Blake. Blake was somehow famous for her calm look that didn’t match her fiery temperament. In an SBR, a supervisor’s duty is to make sure that Breeders stay fertile and can meet their quota.

Taking a deep breath, Tess knocked on Jean’s door.

No answer. Tess hesitantly knocked again.

A few moments later, a beautiful woman opened the door. Her long, black hair was tied in a messy bun. She had red eyeglasses framing her face. Her D-cups breasts barely fit inside her sheer white blouse. The blouse’s lower half was unbuttoned, showing her extremely large belly. She didn’t wear anything else. She was swearing and panting while rubbing her shaved, wet pussy. Her slim, white fingers made its way in and out her vagina, covered in lubricating juices.

“Are you alright, Ms. Blake?” the concerned Tess asked, closing the door behind her.

“I’m in labor,” Ms. Blake answered, as calm as she could. “My fourth time.”

Tess was quite shocked. “You’re giving birth in your office?”

Ms. Blake rolled her eyes. “People can copulate and… OUUUUUUHH!! …deliver wherever they want… In an SBR…” Her contractions had returned.

“Listen… Tess, right? Hmmff, ahh… As you can see, there’s no time for a proper introduction. Just get me the towels… Hurry!”

Tess ran and grabbed a few towels that Blake had conveniently stacked on her desk. Meanwhile, the woman in labor took her blouse off and stood up leaning on the wall. Blake’s contractions had came harder and faster.

“OOOOOOOHHHH!!” Blake yelled, spreading her legs. Tess turned to face her. She couldn’t help to stare at Blake’s swollen breasts. The tender skin were white and soft, with erect brown nipples that leaked sweet droplets of milk. “Come here, Tess,” the supervisor called.

“My labor is going really fast,” she mumbled, vigorously rubbing her aching dome. She then wiped her dripping nipples with her thumb. “I think the baby is close. Check it, Tess… AAAHH!! AAAAAUUUUHHH!!!!!” she screamed.

“How?!” Tess asked, panicked.

“Use your fingers to feel the baby,” Blake grunted as she spread her legs wider apart. Tess carefully slid a finger between Blake’s parted labia. Her finger found its way into the moist opening, then gently dug in. She was surprised that she could feel the baby’s head stretching the poor mother’s insides, slowly and painfully making its way out of the birth canal, still covered in its sac. “It’s right there,” Tess said, “I can feel its sac.”

With a little help from Tess, Blake bent over her desk, legs spread apart. Her breasts were squeezed between her weight and the desk, excreting white drops of milk. Suddenly, her water broke, running down her sweaty legs. Tess watched as Blake’s contraction came stronger and faster and her wet labia slowly dilated. “Tell me when the baby’s close so I can push,” Blake instructed. She softly rocked her pelvis back and forth to the rhythm of the contractions. Slowly but surely her vulva began to pry open, like a blossoming flower, to accomodate the baby’s big head.

A good 15 minutes had passed. The baby continued to push its way out of the birth canal. Blake ran her sweaty hands between her thighs, feeling a large bulge where her vagina was. “Tess,” she signaled, “how far am I? Am I fully dilated?”

“Y-yes,” Tess stuttered. She couldn’t imagine the pain that her superior is being through. How could she be so calm?

Tess fingered Blake again. This time the baby was right there, just before the vaginal opening. “Alright, it’s right there, I can almost… Oh! There, I can see it!”

On the huge bulge between Blake’s thighs, the peak of the baby’s head peeked out between Blake’s stretched labia. The bulge and the labia moved and twitched as another great contraction hit Blake. “Huff huff huff… UUUUUURRRGGHH!!! AAAAAAAIIIIHHHH!!” she panted and pushed.

Nothing happened. “Come on… Come on…” the raven haired beauty moaned. She lowered her hips. Now in a half squatting half standing position, hands gripping the edge of her desk tightly, she prepared herself.

Another painful contraction. “Hffhffhh… AAAAAAHH!! AAAHH!!” she screamed, as the baby descended lower into her birth canal. “It’s coming out!” Tess informed.

But the passage was too narrow for the baby’s enormous head, and it began to slide back in. “NO NO NOOOO!!” Blake cried. The baby was considerably bigger than her previous births, making it much harder to push out. “I need to change my position,” she whispered.

“Here, squat here,” Tess said, laying a towel under the expectant mother. Blake squatted slowly, feeling a sudden change of pressure in her pelvic area as gravity helped the baby descend. She took a few minutes to breathe in and out, readying herself.

The waves of contractions naturally expelled the head out little by little. Now a tiny patch of the baby’s hair could be seen. But it’s still a long way to go, Blake thought. She had almost given up.

“C'mon, Ms. Blake! You’re very close! It can’t be long now!”

“Hhh… Tess… I don’t think…”

“Don’t give up, Ms. Blake!”

“But it’s… It's massive…”

“I know, but you’re in a very good position now. You can get this baby out.”


“Good, good. Now take a breath… Get ready for the next push…”

“Hufff… Hfff hff hfff….. UUUUUNNNGGGHHH!!! AAAAUUUHH!!”

Blake’s vulva was fiercely burning with each contraction. She hesitantly touched her vagina to feel the baby’s head, gasping when her finger brushed the baby’s hair. “Guide the baby, Tess. Put your hands around the head…”

Tess did what she was told. She wiped the bulging vagina with a towel before slowly parting the thin tissue with her hands. “AH AH OOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!” Blake yelled. “Contracting… Ooohh!!” she gently pushed.

Her vagina was red and stretched around the baby’s giant head. “OHH OWWWW!! It’s crowning! It’s coming!” she screamed. “SHIT!! It burns!”

Blake panted to ease the pain. “AAAAAUUUUHHH!!” she pushed again. The baby’s head was surely coming out now. It was enormous. "I can see the forehead, Miss Blake! It won’t be long now!“ Tess gleefully yelled.

Gathering her strength, the birthing woman took a deep breath. She really couldn’t stand it anymore. The baby has to come out. Right now.

"Get the fuck out, you gigantic thing,” she grunted as another contraction hit. Blake tried to push. “FUUUUUUUCCK!!” she screamed. She pushed again. “The eyes! No, the nose!” Tess yelled happily.

Then, with a gentle help from Tess’ hands, the rest of the baby’s head slipped out without any push. A gush of fluid spilled out of Blake’s pussy. “OH!! OH GOD!!” Blake screamed. “It’s rotating! OOOHH!!” she moaned.

Blake felt the head with her hands. The baby’s head was massive. It was like giving birth to a 3 month old infant. She estimated the baby to weight over 5 kg.

“Check the cord,” the older woman commanded.

“No cord loop, Miss Blake. You can push as soon as you’re ready.”

Blake was now too tired to squat. She laid down on her back, her hands clutching her thighs and spreading them apart. The contractions seemed to be easing now, Blake thought, so let’s finish this.

Another contraction. “FUUUUCK!” Blake swore as the baby’s large shoulders painfully made its way out of the birth canal. “NNNNGGHHH!!!” she pushed.

“Come on, Miss Blake! One more push!”


“A bit more!”

Blake lifted her hips up a bit, then pushed as hard as she could. “NAAAHHHH!!!!” she screamed.

The baby’s body was now dangling halfway out, dripping with birth fluid. Tess wanted to pull it out, but Blake told her otherwise. “No, let me finish this,” she panted. She lifted her hips higher, still with the baby half-stuck in her pussy.

“Last… Hfff… Push… HYAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

The baby’s slippery body slipped out of Blake’s burning pussy, followed by a rush of amniotic fluid. Tess caught it and immediately wrapped it with a towel. “It’s a boy, Miss Blake!” she exclaimed. Blake collapsed on the floor, panting and writhing in pain and pleasure.

The cries of the baby filled the room. Blake sat up, brought her baby to her left breast, and breastfed him. She moaned softly as the baby’s suckling motion stimulated her breasts and eased her childbirth pain. Milk began dripping from her other breast too.

“You’ve done great, Tess,” Blake smiled.

“Thanks, Ma'am. You did amazing as well.”

Blake’s smile disappeared. “Now, Tess, let’s talk business. You only have less than 4 months from your arrival to get pregnant, or the government will think you’re infertile and transfer you to another region. I want you to start having sex with any male Breeder you like, Tess. Heck, go and fuck a cutie on a bus. Go fuck your waiter. Go fuck your mailman. They’re all Breeders, and they will be more than glad to knock you up. Understand?”

Tess nodded. She understood that it was her duty to breed now, and she didn’t want to disappoint her supervisor. But having sex with anyone she can fuck? Her mind began to wander…

Tess couldn’t wait to start breeding.
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RE: First Day in San Natalia
good one! please continue this! Smile
January 2, 2017 12:01 am
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RE: First Day in San Natalia
thumbs up please continue it
January 2, 2017 11:44 pm
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RE: First Day in San Natalia
Damn, this is just like a story idea I had
January 3, 2017 3:07 am
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RE: First Day in San Natalia
“I’m in labor,” Ms. Blake answered, as calm as she could. “My fourth time.”

Holy shit, that got me HARD.


(Seriously, great job. Keep up the good work, you already got me hooked).
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January 13, 2017 1:23 am
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