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Design (minor change)
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Design (minor change)
We're testing a slightly altered design. If you spot a serious issue with the design in terms of appearance or function, please post here. We're aware that some elements of the old template are duplicated in areas.

This change, which again is minor, is a step in the direction of a responsive CSS design. Over the next week most icons will be replaced with phone/tablet friendly icons (larger - spaced - easier to touch) among other things.

Also, general feedback would be appreciated. The site statistics (picture count) will return.
October 12, 2016 5:56 am
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RE: Design (minor change)
I am LOVING the Search function. Thank you!!

--- Always be respectful to pregnant women. Don't post pervy sexually-charged comments in the heat of the moment. They may be beautiful and sexy, but they're also people. Always remember that. ---
October 12, 2016 9:00 pm
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