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captive in the clouds
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captive in the clouds
(this is not an RP, this is a short story i am making! It is long, but that is just the style i write in)

High heeled shoes click with a confidence on the marbled floor of a swanky high rise of condos in Chicago Illinois. These steps signal the end of the day for a defense attorney named Ms. Shelby MacNamera. She is a five foot and ten inch goddess with sun kissed flesh, a pretty face, and golden hair. She's done well at her firm MacNamera/Cross that she co-owns and it shows. She has all the money she could ever want, the destination vacations she could afford, and the luxuries, but still no family.

The elevator dings and she gets off on the top floor, thirty six floors up to her penthouse with a rooftop lap pool and hot tub. She bypasses the steps to her rooftop She leans against the cream colored wall for a moment as she groans audibly, fist clenched tightly around her keys. She is nearly eight months pregnant and another Braxton hix contraction tightens her bulging bump. As it subsides she quickly unlocks her door to take off her shoes. Ah, freedom from those and work, it was Friday night! Being quite the introvert she had no plans except for light shopping, here in Chicago she had no family to expect a visit from.

Being as she was single and no neighbor could see her without binoculars (and who does that?) she begun disrobing almost immediately, her keys are hung and her shoes neatly (but awkwardly) put away. She unbuttons her blazer and the coat falls back from the pressure it'd been holding. It was comical but angered Shelby as her two buttons to her blouse immediately unbuttoned from her big bump. She continues unbuttoning and removing until she stood topless in her kitchen, breasts normally a full C spilling from a double D bra as she opens the fridge to chug milk from her half gallon, it was the worst heart burn ever, again. Milk pours from both sides of her full lips, down her swollen breasts and drips on her bump. Gasping she puts it back, wipes her mouth and continues toward her master bedroom, her pants and panties drop as she turns the water onto her big tiled shower. Steam billows as she steps into the water, moaning quietly as the beads of water hit her. She lathers in rich soaps and shampoos her finely done nails scratching at her scalp and cleaning her. Her big belly presses against the glass, enjoying the cool feeling. The alien inside of her jumbles and jiggles tauntingly and she rubs the sore spot he'd been kicking in between the downward slope of her expanded torso.

The water comes to a stop and she steps out, grabs a soft rob after she towel dries and puts it on. Once more the monstrous belly she has pops from the untied rob and she ties it underneath her big belly. Rubbing a lavish oil over her beach ball of a belly till it shined she walks out of the bathroom, forgetting completely she had forgotten to lock her door.

It is while she is in the shower he sneaks in. Clad in dark blue jeans and a polo, an average joe was let in by the door man who didn't think twice. He is over six feet, muscular, with dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes. His name is Mike, a once successful lawyer, but now just a bar tender at a local pub. In his back pocket is a rolled up news paper, one of a successful lawyer, pregnant and adopting the child out to her partner in law, someone who wanted a family. It was all over liberal news of how generous the woman was, it just wasn't her time. It infuriated Mike, it infuriated him because it was his. Quietly he stepped along the hallway, listening to the shower in the distance. Heavy in his right hand is a small pistol, his intentions to use it are slim, but he didn't know if dear Shelby would need convincing.

The shower stops and so does he, mid step. From the mirror in the bathroom he can see her blurred body but it is obvious in the mirror that she is fat with his child. His face goes red with anger and unknowingly, a huge erection pushes at the fabric of his jeans. He stands in silence, his eyes wide as she walks from the bathroom and into the master bedroom. The patter of her feet on the wood stop suddenly and she screams, the glass bottle dropping from her manicured fingers and shattering, slick oil everywhere. The pungent scent of oils rolls to his nostrils as he charges her, his steps are steady in his work boots and her bare feet slip and slide. Her thick thigh hits the wood with a sickeningly loud slap and a piece of glace sinks into the meat of her leg. She screams, crawling and slipping in the oils. He goes down to one knee as he gets to her, she is slick all over and she slips to and from his grasp several times before his big hands lock around her wrists like a pitbull's grips. "Shelby, stop fighting me!" He shouts over her uncontrollable sobbing and for a moment she quiets, but rips a hand free and punches him in the face. His lip feels warm and suddenly he can feel the warm ooze down his chin, and he wrestles himself on top of her, shards of glass sticking out of his arms.

She wrestles him with no real hope of getting away, throwing a couple punches and slapping at him where she can but with him on her hips and her baby pressing into her chest she is winded within ten minutes. Her crying softens to whimpers of fear as she shuts her eyes tightly, wishing for this to all be a bad dream. Her leg is bleeding and her head throbs from where she'd hit the wooden flooring. With a moan her baby gives a sharp kick to her ribs. Everyone was fighting her now. "Just leave I won't tell the police, just leave me be!" She begs of the man, her fists balled tightly in his grasp.

He wrestles to his feet fearfully, knowing he pressed hard on her belly and chest to lift himself. He moans as his eyebrow stings from where she'd punched him a second time and he spits blood on the floor. Hoisting her up, he pins her to the wall, breathing into her bare shoulder, heavy, and hard. His one hand is above her shoulder, keeping her from turning away, and his other is pressed to her bare belly. "Why ain't I good enough?" His Georgia drawl is distant but she recognizes it and sniffs. She clasps her hands together before slapping his face. "This! All of this!" Her sobbing begins again but she rests her head on his chest, punching it weakly as she sobs hard into him. How could this happen to her? "Now you wait a minute," he says, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her. "I treated you good girl, I took care of you and I said I would now!"

He pulls her, his strong arms flexing as he scoops her up, her struggling minimal, and he takes her to the edge of her fancy jetted tub. As he walks away, he stoops to pick up his gun and looks at her, making eye contact, and smiles sadly. Why did he have to resort to this, why couldn't she love HIM? He pulls open two drawers before he finds gauze and grabs a wash cloth, dampens it and walks over to her. She lets him, her hands both protectively on her baby bump, her breathing hitched and shallow as she cried and whimpered from the pain in her body and from him having just plucked a huge piece of embedded glass from her naked thigh. He is kneeling, between her thick hips and his chest is resting against her belly as she rests her chin on his forehead for a moment and everything felt fine, but it obviously wasn't.

With dainty hands she picks up the wash cloth and dabs it to his bleeding eyebrow and then his bleeding lip, grazing her thumb along it, almost wanting to kiss him. His dedication, his lingering accent even though he hadn't been home for ten years, and his hurt eyes. She moans softly and drops the wash cloth as a small cramp slithers up her belly and she hunches. She breathed out her mouth and looked at him, he'd moved away, rocked back on his heels and watching from a crouched position. For the first time she saw fear. She shook her head at him and shut her green eyes again, wishing him away, but he was there when she openned them. Arching her back she moved one hand to her side, moaning softly, and he stood, towering over her and turning on the knob to the tub. She may have just showered, but her leftover mascara had run down her eyes and small rivulets of blood trailed down her legs and onto the floor. Wordlessly he helped slide her into the deep pool and as the steamy water began to fill she arched her back deeply to the cold tub. As he realized she wouldn't be moving for a minute, he wordlessly got up, walked out of the bathroom, and put the gun in the back of his pants. He returned with a bucket of water and grabbed her small garbage can. Glass clanged as he tossed it in the garbage and then he poured the soapy water on the floor and then threw a couple towels down, rung them up, and set them back down. You couldn't even tell there'd been an oil slick. He looks over at her and consciously feels himself grow again, his member throbs as he sees her running her hand down her neck and resting over her erect nipple, she was moving slowly and he didn't know if she was just cleaning herself again or being deliberate. He groans and rolls his neck, acting like he was just sore to, and tosses the towels in the corner.

He kneels down at the tub, the water now off and rests his elbows on the edge. A half smirk is on his face as she smiles shyly and tries to roll to the other side of the tub, he hadn't seen her pregnant and in person, she now realized that the shock of the news paper and his simple math lead him to believe what she knew, that the baby was his. She clears her throat and blots her red eyes with the back of her hand and picks up the wash cloth she'd used. It smelled of the body wash she used and he leaned his bruised face into her hand, half expecting her to punch him again but she didn't, she just cleaned the blood that'd kept seeping from his wounds. "What do I do?" He pleaded. "I messed up Shelby, I don't know what to do now." He looked afraid, and he should be. He'd broken and enter, assaulted her, and it didn't look good, not at all. He moaned into her hand and she rubbed her thumb across his lower lip. "I can forget it happened if you don't hurt me. What were you gunna do? Shoot me?" He shook his head into her hand and rubbed his forehead, the buzz he got the nerve to pull this stunt from was wearing off and he was sober as a judge. "No. I..didn't know how to make you listen. I can't trust you to keep this secret, I don't want to go to prison.."

She grasped his free hand and instead of holding it rested it on her belly. He could feel the gentle twirls and bump from inside and looked at her confused. He rubbed for a moment, his finger tracing, seeing that it followed. Her hand slid off her slick belly and rested at her side in the water, letting him feel for the first time. He didn't go much lower than her belly button to see if it could follow as he saw her back arch slightly and worried he'd pressed to hard. He was glad he was kneeling against the tub, she couldn't see that he was hard. "You can feel all the way down." He followed her fingers to just above her trimmed sex and rested it there until she sat up slightly and his hand moved lower, he moved it like he'd been burned and then watched as she spread her thick thighs further apart, the jets whirling at her flesh and making the water frothy. His breathing hitched and he looked at her, her sculpted brow arched and shyly smirking at him. Chemistry fizzled and popped and the tension was thick. His hand dipped lower again, sliding down the bulge of her tanned belly and rubbing against her pussy lips, he was breathing deep and uneven.

Her legs pulled apart, letting the warm waters mix into her vagina as his hand slid into the gap and she moaned loudly. She hadn't had sex with anyone since getting pregnant and she had wanted and needed, many long nights went frustrated and quiet. She was already panting like a bitch in heat and whimpering again as his finger started to work into her tight hole, then rubbing gently against her clit, driving her crazy, legs restless and trying to find comfort on the ledges of the tub. Her hips thrust as he thrust in only one finger, she imagined him stretching her and had to ball her hands into fists, her nails biting into her palm. Her hips bucked one time before she tried sitting up, but of course it was far from sexy and graceful. She was crazed and urgent with need now, she needed her captor, her lover. She clawed at his shirt, eventually getting Mike to pull it off and grabbing at his chest that was red with welts from her clawing at him earlier, she was more gentle now, but more urgent. "Get in." She told him.

Shirtless and panting now himself, he kicked off his boots, and as he stood her eyes locked to his hips, erect and obvious was his huge cock pressed against his jeans. It made her pussy seize up. She gets to a kneeling position in the tub, water rolling off her fat belly as his pants drop and his girthy nine inch dick flops out. She giggles as he ambles into the tub and slides his legs on either side of her, she climbs over them and he sinks deeper into the water, he was obviously nervous now as she pushes down on his shoulders, her belly resting heavy on him. The tip of his dick rested on the outside of her lips. He let out the first gasp as she wiggled down his member, she was slow and he let her take his time, he was working on simple times tables just to keep from cumming, as slow as she was going. She was slippery and slid over top of him with soft moans, for a moment she stopped easing herself down and it was when his hips bucked somewhat involuntarily and she moaned deeply, arching her back as he filled the rest of her hole. "Oh, oh god." She said, grasping hard on his shoulders.

Mike panted hard as his hips went up, groaning loud as he felt her fit him like a key hole, tight around his member. He could feel her clenching and it made him roll his head back on his shoulders, he pushed his hips up again to hear the same moan, and raised his hands up to rub her belly before grabbing her ass. He grabbed tight and pulled her body down hard on his, making her moan louder than before, she leaned her heavy stomach hard on him to reach his lips and bit him, making out wasn’t exactly easy from this position and he bit at her, his teeth clicking. It made her groan as she raised her hands to her throbbing breasts, squeezing the darkening nipples as she rubbed. She dare not try and touch her own clit, she knows she'd cum hard, and she needed to enjoy this, before the chaos started again. She pants softly, "Please, harder. Please." She is nearly begging, but as hard as he tries he knows their angles are off, and he lifts her to her feet, her knees weak from being on the verge of ecstasy.

He walks his goddess to the white linens of the bed and pushes her down on it, she heaves out a hard breath as she lays back a moment, winded from moving so quickly, as he reaches down to kiss her she scoots backwards to the pillows and he follows relentlessly. He lays on her arm and opens the bottom of her nightstand on a whim, and out comes one of his old ties, he laughs into her swollen breasts and sucks hard, making her free hand rake roughly through his sandy and short hair. He man handles the arm he'd just laid on and ties it to the poster of the bed, in shock she'd left those in her nightstand, and then does the same until her arms are tied back and only her legs are free. He gets up then, winking at her, ands he is stunned and begins to struggle, for a moment feeling betrayed and tricked. It is only a moment later he'd grabbed more of her oils, and poured a thick glob down her swollen stomach. Her back arches deeply, pushing her belly into his hand and he rubs, hard enough to make the little one within twirl and bop against his hands and her insides, for a few moments he can't tell if she is moaning from him or the baby, and he doesn't ask. He works his way down her belly and her thighs, rubbing as he does, down her calves and to her dainty feet. He rubs and she moans, spreading her legs wide, it felt nice but she was craving something else.

Panting hard, he crawls between her legs, fighting them off as they try to coil around his hips and he pushes them down and parts them, his face dips below her mountainous belly and his tongue goes to her swollen clit. She's as ripe as a peach and almost dripping wet at this point. His tongue darting between her lips draws gasps and loud moans, she can't help her legs moving to get comfortable as her pussy bucks against his mouth and chin. He sticks his thumb deep in her as he sucks her clit, feeling her begin to tense.

She is bucking wildly and straining at the ties, nervous giggles go in the air as does the creaking of the posts of her bed. She is panting and breathless from him sucking her clit and instantly feels longing as he pulls away. As he climbs over her, her legs wrap around him and her belly pushes hard against his muscular physique, she is biting into his shoulder and sucking at his neck, shaking her arm to free it with no luck. "I'm gunna make you come so hard girl, you don't know." She'd almost gotten off four times already and was nearly exhausted, it was sudden but satisfyingly filling as his whole cock slides deep into her. He is in the crook of her neck, biting tenderly as he thrusts his manhood deep into her, grasping at her shoulder with one hand and her ass the other, angling her in deep, he switches her up, legs bent and upward, going in hard as one hand rests on her belly for a moment. She is screaming she is almost there and it is what is making him throb with anticipation.

Fireworks might as well have gone off in her pussy as her clit explodes with pleasure. She is bucking wildly and panting, her breathing hitched and uneven as she tightens around his waist so he can't get away from her and his thrusts become short, but harder. She moans hard as another wave of pleasure racks her body, tits bouncing and her belly tight, every muscle in her body contracted, prepared for the orgasm of her life. She was helpless as she came again, again, and finally one last thrust and she can feel him explode in her, and he pulls out, panting, and on his knees. On the bed there is so much fluid he is worried her water had broken, but she moans again and loosens her grip, limply her arms hang and he crawls over her to untie her hands. Immediately they reach for his broad shoulders and she clings hard. "What was that?" She asks, bewildered.

He chuckles, a hand tracing down her belly and to her pussy. Immediately she is bucking and moaning, slippery wet and her nails sink into his shoulders. "Please, please, I can't!" She pants hard. He rolls to her side and off the bed, his hips bumping against her vanity as he pushed it against the closed door, and looked at her. Not sure what else to do, he didn't trust her yet. "Can I lay with you Shelbs?" He asks through panting lips, his hand running over his chest.

Wordlessly she nods her head, her hair wet against the pillows as she watches him. He knows she can't lift the vanity hardly at all at her regular capacity, let alone so pregnant. Putting shoes on was hard enough. She moves to one side of the bed and wiggles under the covers, her hand resting on her pussy, hot enough to boil water and she throws her head back and laughs as he slides in next to her. Her bump keeps her from laying over top of him and he turns to his side, forehead to hers and she flattens to her back, belly sticking straight up and the covers pooling around it, leaving it slick from the lotions and gleaming in the moonlight. His hand searches eagerly over her tender breasts, fingering her nipples as she moans again and curls her toes. He stops and lets his hand roam to her belly button that was about to pop out any day and pushes it in softly, fingering that as well and she brings a hand to his and makes him rub the lower part of her belly where she felt the most pressure. "There." She instructed more than suggested and closed her eyes. He falls asleep next to her, the kicks eventually subsiding to movements of the unborn getting comfortable.

(this will be a short series taking her up to delivery and birth. Feel free to tell me what you think!)
December 27, 2016 2:54 am
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