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Belly Expansion's (past and present)
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RE: Belly Expansion's (past and present)
(January 3, 2018 1:32 pm)ttfioa Wrote:  Hey...could you describe the scene in Jailangkung? I found the movie but I don't see any pregnant scenes

The scene starts from 50 min mark where one of the girl is shown talking to her comatose dad, before the dad suddenly grabs her hand and 'transferred' an evil spirit to her. The girl is shown later on, sleeping after reaching her house. She gets a nightmare in which she is raped by some kind of a monster. In the morning after, she shows symptoms of morning sickness and later on checks her belly (which is covered by a loose dress) and sees her belly has swollen up and by that time she looks 4-6 months pregnant but due to the lack of professionalism, she doesn't show after that scene (nice bare belly scene at 52 mins mark for a couple seconds though). The next pregnancy content is after she's being moved to an ambulance. She looks on term and ready to give birth by then. Again, the scene isn't superb, and the expansion is off-screen but that's the best I could offer for now.
January 4, 2018 12:05 am
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Pregnant Cam Girls

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